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September 2003

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Bush Action Figure

John Powers

A fellow Vietnam Veteran sent this ad to me a couple of days ago.

The ad is for an action figure to be released soon commemorating george bush's landing on the USS Abraham Lincoln.

George Bush, a deserter, is dressed heroically in a flight suit and the figure is to be distributed under the heading of "Elite Forces."

It would be my hope that you could help publicize an effort to get others to write in complaining about the inappropriatness of this toy.

Below is the letter I have sent to the advertiser.


As a Vietnam Veteran I need to tell you that I am deeply offended by your plan to wrap george bush in a military uniform and issue an action figure under the guise of "Elite Forces".

I will remind you that in the period that mr bush was of the age to serve in the military he first opted to hide in the National Guard while utilizing his family influence to bypass others who scored much higher than himself and gain a commission.

Having done this, as our young men, my friends, were dying in Vietnam, this coward could not even find it in himself to do that little bit and, according to all legal definitions, deserted his duties, a crime punishable by execution in time of war.

This being said he has consistently lied about his service or, at best, refused to comment.

Even more offensive is the blurb that you use in describing the toy and suggesting that he actually flew the plane to the aircraft carrier (where, incidentally, he made a few thousand men and women who had been parted from their families for too long wait for the sole purpose of getting a photo shoot for his upcoming election hopes.).

Then, take into consideration that this coward sent thousands of our servicemen and women into the heat of battle under false, contrived and misrepresented pretenses and had the nerve to goad the enemy by saying "bring 'em on" while he jets safely and in the lap of luxury back and forth between Washington and his two vacation spots.

I am stunned and enraged that any sane and feeling person could consider placing this product on the market except as some gruesome sick joke or as an insult to the men and women who have served our military honourably since the birth of our country.

Where is the action figure for John Kelly or Robert Dole or others who did, truly earn the right to be called "hero"?

I demand you reconsider this decision.


Elite Force Aviator: George W. Bush - U.S. President and Naval Aviator - 12" Action Figure

Pre-order: Available 09/15/03


Price: $39.99

Usually ships 1-3 business days after the available date.

Age: 14+ years

Item Number: 123116



BBI proudly introduces the latest issue in its Elite Force series of authentic military 12- inch figures, President George W. Bush in naval aviator flight uniform. Exacting in detail and fully equipped with authentic gear, this limited-edition action figure is a meticulous 1:6 scale recreation of the Commander-in-Chief's appearance during his historic Aircraft Carrier landing. On May 1, 2003, President Bush landed on the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) in the Pacific Ocean, and officially declared the end to major combat in Iraq. While at the controls of an S-3B Viking aircraft from the "Blue Sea Wolves" of Sea Control Squadron Three Five (VS-35), designated "Navy 1," he overflew the carrier before handing it over to the pilot for landing. Attired in full naval aviator flight equipment, the President then took the salute on the deck of the carrier.

This fully poseable figure features a realistic head sculpt, fully detailed cloth flight suit, helmet with oxygen mask, survival vest, g-pants, parachute harness and much more. The realism and exacting attention to detail demanded by today's 12-inch action figure enthusiast are met and exceeded with this action figure. This incredibly detailed figure is a fitting addition to the collection of those interested in U.S. history, military memorabilia and toy action figures. Actual figure may vary slightly from item shown.

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