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Beast of the Month - July 1997

U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino, High Priest, Temple of Set


"I yam an anti-Christ..."

John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) of The Sex Pistols, "Anarchy in the UK"


Ah, let's see... Rupert Murdoch. Pol Pot. McDonalds. The Spice Girls.

So much beastly behavior, so little time to choose from for "Beast of the Month". Could it be that much of this nefarious action is actually being inspired by the prize, that in essence people are going out of their way to be loathsome in hopes of bringing home the BOTM trophy? You have to wonder if THAT was what was going through Mike Tyson's warped head when he did his Las Vegas geek act. (Although, considering his stint in a federal pen, as well as the fact he went on his ear-biting binge with 33 seconds left in the third round, one has to wonder if the whole thing was a CIA/Illuminati mind kontrol experiment.)

Sorry, Iron Mike: your pathetic performance in the ring has already gotten enough recognition, and is worthy of no title. And though there was clearly much competition this month, the Beast of the Month is truly a deserving fellow: Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino.

Mr. Aquino is, as Jonathan Vankin puts it with major understatement in Conspiracies, Cover-ups, and Crimes, "an odd bird with thought-provoking connections." A former member of the Church of Satan, he even freaked out Anton LaVey so much that he wisely booted his ass out. That was hardly a setback for Aquino, who formed his more secretive (and more disturbingly serious) Temple of Set soon after. Perhaps what disturbed LaVey so much was Aquino's fixation on Nazism, an obsession so great that he carried out a black magic ceremony at Wewelsburg Castle, which Himmler was using as a home base for a planned mystical order. Aquino soon became part of conspiracy lore when he became the center of a child molestation investigation at a military day care center at San Francisco's Presidio (which is now, suspiciously enough, run by former KGB-man and current NWO cheerleader Mikhail Gorbachev.)

Officially, the investigation failed to turn up any evidence that he or his "Temple" was involved in child molestation, and he sued the city for defamation of character. The reality is the investigation turned up lots of evidence, and there is little doubt of his guilt by many who have actually looked into it. So then, why were no charges filed against him?

To answer that question, another question has to be asked: what the hell is a Satanic priest doing at a military base in the first place, to even be accused of the crimes alleged? Despite Pentagon denials of him even being in the Army when the Presidio scandal hit, it turns out that Mr. Aquino had Top Secret security clearance, and had been a psychological warfare specialist for military intelligence at least since the time of the Vietnam War. In fact, he was co-author of a report titled "From PSYOP to Mindwar: The Psychology of Victory", which advocates the usage of Electromagnetic fields, ionized air, and ELF waves to control mass populations. Of course, this is but a hint of his influence: according to The Franklin Coverup, by John DeCamp, he is one of the masterminds of Project Monarch, a mind kontrol operation that involves satanic cults and brainwashing of children. In fact, it is very likely that whatever was going on at Presidio is precisely linked to this operation.

Much of this information was first investigated by the ground-breaking "Conspiracy Queen" Mae Brussell, who soon afterwards developed a rather nasty and fast-growing case of cancer. There are many who believe that it is no coincidence, and that her death was hardly from "natural causes".

Under this context, it appears that Mr. Aquino is the beneficiary of being well-connected in the military-industrial komplex, and that the lack of prosecution for child molestation (and other crimes) has more to do with his importance in classified projects than a lack of guilt.

Of course, all of this is 15-year old news. Although you will sometimes see the freakish-looking Aquino from time to time on some sleazy television talk show, he has tried to avoid the limelight since, and has done such a good job, many have assumed he was part of history. But like most other pests, Aquino is hard to get rid of. He is a common presence on many internet groups, spending so much time posting and sermonizing that it's amazing he has any time to molest children. And it is his dealings involving the internet that gives the diabolical Aquino his prize.

On Feb. 19, Aquino filed a lawsuit against internet service provider ElectriCiti over "libelous messages" sent by a user identified as "Curio". Aquino charged that ElectriCiti breached its duty to him and to other customers by failing to cut off the anonymous user and allowing that person to continue posting "libelous material". The "libelous" material, incidentally, is accusing Aquino of being guilty in the Presidio scandal, which turns out to be rather well backed up. The suit asks for $100,000 in emotional distress damages and $150,000 in punitive damages.

Michael and his wife Lilith claim that they are now victims. Supposedly, they have had bricks thrown through the windows of their home, "and have been the target of nastiness," ever since, said James Graeb, the couple's attorney. "Curio has stalked the Aquinos, made threats of physical violence against them," he went on to say. Curio has even supposedly sent the Aquinos messages saying "I've driven by your house and I'm going to get you." The couple's address was posted on the Internet with a message that "indicated they are just targets for vigilante justice," the lawsuit said. The company "has a duty to ensure that its services are not (used) to further hate campaigns and to assist a mentally unstable individual to continue his or her vendetta against other persons using the Internet." After the messages first appeared, the Aquinos filed a written complaint with ElectriCiti, Graeb said. The company initially tried to help but backed down after a user, suspected of being Curio, objected to being identified. "The Aquinos want to get a restraining order to prevent further harassment. To do so they have to identify Curio," Graeb said.

Of course, never mind that all the accusations against Curio are absurd. There are few things more foolish that to threaten a man with connections to military intelligence. Knowing that fact, Curio is rather wise in objecting to being identified, as then truly threatening actions can most certainly be carried out.

On the 13th of June (Friday the 13th), the lawsuit against ElectriCiti, was dismissed with "leave to amend." As Curio has since noted, "Apparently, Aquino wants to continue to lash out blindly and punish someone, anyone, since he can't get to me. He also tried to 'seal' the proceedings but the motion was denied. What is Aquino trying to hide now?" Good question.

In any case, the threat of lawsuit still hangs over ElectriCiti, and remains as an icy chill over any who dare let individuals try to expose the darkest corruption within our system. Almost as disturbing as this attack on free speech is the cowardly silence of the korporate media on the issue. This is, after all, arguably the strongest attack of the First Amendment in 1997. Perhaps it is due to lack of courage to come to terms with the ugly underbelly of government mind kontrol operations involving children. With some outlets, however, this is the continued dishonesty that makes them nothing more than a mouthpiece for the korporate industrial state. And for the korporate industrial state, free speech is a luxury only worthy of protection when it involves other korporate organs.

There is a sick irony that this was the first California case since passage of the federal Communications Decency Act in which an Internet service provider is sued over alleged libelous messages sent by a user. It will not be the last, but this should put to rest the fraudulent claim that the CDA was passed to "protect children" and "preserve family values." Perhaps that is the bright side of Aquino's campaign of silence. In any case, Mr. Aquino, psychological warfare expert, child abuser, devil worshipper, and free speech threat, is certainly a monstrous fellow worthy of this award with his atrocious actions.

In any case, we salute you, Michael Aquino, as Beast of the Month. Congratulations, and keep up the great work, Mike!!!



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Conspiracies, Cover-ups, and Crimes, Jonathan Vankin


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