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April 1999

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Beast of the Month - April 1999

William Cohen, U.S. Secretary of Defense


"I yam an anti-Christ..."

John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) of The Sex Pistols, "Anarchy in the UK"

"Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!"

Album title by Megadeth

In January 1999, President Bill Klinton proposed to increase the Pentagon budget an additional $112 billion over six years, the largest peacetime increase in military spending beside the peak of the Reagan era 15 years ago, including more than $10 billion in new funds to develop a national missile system (a rather ironic return of Star Wars just as Episode One fever is beginning to catch.) Coincidentally, during the entire Peckergate circus, whenever the heat got too hot around Slick Willie's neck, another bombing mission or military panic occurred. This has led many (including those at The Konformist) to point out the cynically obvious truth of reality mirroring the film Wag The Dog. But who's really wagging who? As has been previously pointed out, Linda Tripp was an "operations assistant" at Delta Force in Fort Bragg, North Carolina and an "administrative assistant" at U.S. Army Intelligence headquarters, so there is reason to suspect that Klinton, whatever his many faults are, was in some way "set up" in the Lewinsky affair much like Nixon was with Watergate. (That the Pentagon would view him and Tricky Dick as "threats" worthy of setting up in the first place speaks volumes about how much power and control it has over our political system.) In any case, it isn't too out there to suggest Peckergate was a blackmail attempt by the military-industrial komplex (Mikkies for short) to keep the commander-in-chief in line, then offer him an out if he'd sign on to their whole program.

What exactly is the whole program of the Mikkies? That's a good question, one that perhaps William Cohen, the Secretary of Defense (and thus symbolically the leader of the US military after El Presidente himself) and our April 1999 Beast of the Month, doesn't even know the answer to. Still, it is an important question as the war in Kosovo rages on. As the $112 billion increase suggests, however, one part of it is to control a greater sum of the national economy, which they currently vacuum from over a quarter trillion dollars. This besides the fact that even the excuse of a cold war doesn't exist. No matter: in his six-year defense plan, Clinton wants the yearly purchase for new weapons to increase from $49 billion for fiscal 1999 to $75.1 billion in 2005. To justify such absurd expenditures, bogeyman must be manufactured, and last month a biggie was found: China, who it is alleged is engaging in spying for nuclear secrets against the US. Never mind that spying is a given between countries, or that the real China scandal is how the American business establishment is chumming up with the Evil Empire of the Orient (as is Slick Willie himself, particularly through dubious fundraisng courtesy of the Lippo group) because of the huge potential profits, human rights be damned, or that the Chinese government, for all its viciousness, is no threat to the American people (though it certainly is to the people of China and their neighbors.) Despite all this, the sudden "discovery" of a Chinese spying scandal managed to create more support for defense spending, and (by a vote of 97-3) the Senate voted build a national missile defense "as soon as technologically possible."

If merely siphoning money from people's paychecks was the worst of the Mikkies' deeds, they would merely be another typical power-hungry institution. Unfortunately, money doesn't seem to be all that the Pentagon is interested. Consider the following:

* Numerous recent reports across the country of mysterious web-like contrails following planes - identified as Air Force crafts because of their type - that cause sickness in people. Though there is certainly a bit of a hysteria in some of the claims (not ALL contrails are proof of devious operations) it appears true that hospital emergency rooms in some areas, including Seattle, Portland, Georgia, and Northern California, have been flooded with patients suffering the effects of such sprayings. It certainly is par for the course, who regularly have used citizens as guinea pigs for their experiments.

* The Air Force has decided to go forward with a court martial against an airman who refuses to participate in the military's mandatory anthrax vaccination. Airman 1st Class Jeff Bettendorf could face penalties ranging from six months confinement to demotion and punitive discharge for refusing to participate in the mandatory inoculation plan. The plan, created by Cohen, officially aims to immunize all troops against anthrax by 2004 or 2005, but there are serious question of long-term side effects, including the possible link between the vaccine and Gulf War Syndrome. At the Camp Pendleton Marine base near San Diego, about 20 Marines also have refused the anthrax vaccination and face possible court martial. Considering the history of using troops as guinea pigs as often as they have regular civilians (a la Agent Orange), the suspicion that Gulf War syndrome was due to vaccinations seems par for the course as well.

* Earlier this year, residents of Kingston, Texas and other Texas cities have had their towns host Army operations using live ammunition during an exercise known as Operation Last Dance. Some residents were terrified when helicopters for an elite Delta Force unit (known as the Night Stalkers, a name echoing Southern California serial killer and AC/DC fan Richard Ramirez) swooped into town from the Army Special Operations Command in Fort Bragg, North Carolina (previous stomping grounds of Linda Tripp, in case you've forgotten.) One helicopter hit a telephone pole, which started a fire and horrified residents who saw it happen. At least eight helicopters are reported to have participated in an assault exercise using live ammunition and explosives very close to innocent bystanders who were not warned of the planned action. Then last month, the Urban Warrior Advanced Warfighting Experiment in Oakland, a joint Marine and Navy exercise, took place in Oakland with the cheerful approval of Mayor Jerry Brown. Some 800 troops were involved in the $4.5 million program that included Marine landings in Monterey Bay. The purpose of the simulation was to practice training in urban areas against a deemed threat, namely the American people themselves.


Based on all the above, it certainly appears that the DOD doesn't care about the best interests of it's own troops and the American people. No surprise that in the war in Kosovo, they certainly don't care about the best interests of foreign civilians they're supposedly there to defend. The war is a mess, the logical extension of arming two sides of people with a history of being at each other's throats. The end result is manufactured murder and chaos, and the beneficiaries are the arms merchants who created the whole mess in the first place. While NATO enters the scene, creating an international furor that could eventually spiral into World War III, and begins indiscriminate bombings (all done in perfect Orwellian non-logic to "stop the killing"), there is little discussion in the korporate media about how the whole Kosovo operation as a "humanitarian" venture is a ridiculous hoax, and that if one wanted to stop tragedies like this in the future, enriching the Mikkies certainly doesn't punish those behind the tragedy in the first place.

Of course, not all of this has William Cohen's fingerprints on it. He is, after all, merely a figurehead, a man whose job is to announce the official party line. But Cohen has done his job well, and he certainly hasn't rocked the boat. We at The Konformist like to give credit where credit is due: and for being the perfect frontman for the Pentagon as it increases its power and sphere of influence (enriching the Mikkie establishment it serves in the process), there's no man who deserves more for the success of the DOD in consolidating power than he.

In any case, we salute William Cohen as Beast of the Month. Congratulations, and keep up the great work, Billy!!!




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