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October 2001

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Beast of the Month - October 2001

The Shrub Military-Industrial Police State, American Terrorist Network

"I yam an anti-Christ..."

John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) of The Sex Pistols, "Anarchy in the UK"

"Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.''

"president" George W. Bush


Ah, it seems like it was only yesterday that the biggest outrage in the world was Gary Condit and his lies surrounding the disappearance of Chandra Levy.

Since the day of infamy on September 11, 2001, conspiracy theories have been rampant about what happened in the terror attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon by hijacked planes. (Gee, imagine that?) There's been many questions asked, but the biggest of all, of course, is "Who done it?" While the chorus of the korporate media has focused almost completely on lone nut evil madman Osama bin Laden - or, perhaps, that other evil crazy Muslim monster Saddam Hussein - in their own officially sanctioned conspiracy theory, there have been numerous alternative theories presented in the underground press: Israel and Mossad, China and the PLA, Russia and the KGB, MI6 and the Royal Crown, and, of course, the always nominated Illuminati.

Still, one theory seemed to stick out as a popular choice, and indeed its popularity is an obvious one: the idea that this was an inside job. Specifically, the theory (or theories, as there is more than one strain) posit that the 911 attacks involved US intelligence agents and military people who wanted to let the attacks happen for cynical and amoral (or immoral) reasons. Some believe that they were even the masterminds of the operation, and not merely passive supporters. Whether it be a Pearl Harbor (which was known about beforehand by many US military leaders) or Reichstag (which appears to have been staged by the Nazis themselves), this secret network, so the theory goes, is linked to the BushMob, and some allege includes Dubya himself.

For once, the official viewpoint of The Konformist editorial board is in rejection of the most anti-Shrub konspiracy, as much as we detest the sorry excuse for a man. Of course, that's partly why we reject the more extreme version: the look on Shrub's face after he was alerted of the attacks was the face of true cowardly fear and self-concern. As good of a liar Bush is, he couldn't have faked being so scared for his own life and political future as he showed in those first hours. In fact, his behavior was so lacking in any virtue, the White House had to lie and claim that the White House and Air Force One were targeted in order to cover for his courage deficiency. (Little surprise there: like father, like son, and George I was a wimp, after all.)

One thing is pretty clear: whether or not Team Bush was behind in any way the 911 tragedy, as luck would have it, they are the main beneficiaries. Actually, luck has little to do with it, as such a reaction to such a terrible event could've been easily predicted. So much so, it almost makes you wonder. And that is why what we dub the Shrub Military-Industrial Police State is The Konformist Beast of the Month. Whatever enemy lurks from without, from within the gates is something that is perhaps even more frightening. And with a "defense" budget of $345 billion (plus another $40 billion for emergency funds) it is the richest and most heavily armed network of terror - which, let's face it, is precisely what all that weaponry is for - the world has ever known. All without even having to win an election. With such a nebulous group of Beasts in our midst, it is important to identify who they are and what they stand for.

Let's start with "PRESIDENT" GEORGE W. BUSH, the top winner in the 911 sweepstakes. Rather than pointing out what a terrible job he is doing in an office he never won, pundits, in a predictably cowardly display of false patriotism, have tried to compare his embarrassing speeches to the words of Winston Churchill.

Of course, it isn't just in mere political survival that Shrub has won out. The bloated defense contractors (with increased expenditures) and oil companies (who stand to gain big time from a Caspian Sea pipeline) are the big winners of the sweepstakes as well, groups which he and his puppet master, RICHARD "DONKEY DICK" CHENEY, so happily serve. (So of course, are the airlines, who, in a reverse of the supposed "free market" economics supposedly supported by Team Bush, are receiving a $15 billion boondoggle - along with $10 billion in guaranteed loans - while they layoff 100,000 workers, none of whom benefit from the massive government welfare bailout.) Meanwhile, the heat is off their self-destructive economic policy, which had left the US economy doomed to a major recession and effectively sabotaged in less than eight months the entire budget surplus that, had it been managed wisely, could have slowly but surely eliminated the entire public debt. Instead, the cynical tax breaks for those who need it least promoted by Shrub and Treasury Department Secretary PAUL O'NEILL is no longer a point of criticism.

Oh yeah, did we already mention defense spending? Star Wars missile defense (despite being unable to stop the WTC-Pentagon attacks) is practically a done deal, with all the destabilizing ramifications of heating up bad blood with Russia and China. Along the way, what practically amounts to a blank check has been sent to Secretary of Defense DONALD RUMSFIELD and his armchair chickenhawk Deputy Secretary PAUL WOLFOWITZ.

Then there's Secretary of State COLIN POWELL and National Security Adviser CONDOLEEZA RICE, who continue their Uncle and Auntie Tom ways of pursuing a foreign policy that combines the worst of nationalism (rampant militarism and lack of concern of other nation's opinions while simultaneously pushing for Star Wars and walking away from Kyoto) and globalism (encouraging international agreements that place corporate profits above the rights of people and sovereign nations.) Meanwhile, they lead the finger-wagging against "supporters of terrorism," an ironic charge considering the current Bush Administration, much less modern US history. In particular are three men of note, all who have as dirty ties as any to Ronald Reagan's creepy and illegal terrorist-backing foreign policy: JOHN D. NEGROPONTE, who spent the eighties as Honduras Ambassador denying terrorism in Latin American under US-backed death squads (perversely, he was confirmed unaminously as US Ambassador to the United Nations, only three days after the 911 terrorist attack); OTTO REICH, State Department's one-time head of the Office of Public Diplomacy, which ran an illegal, covert domestic propaganda effort against Nicaragua's Sandinista government, nominated by Shrub for the post of Assistant Secretary of State for Latin America; and perhaps most outrageously repulsive of all, ELLIOT ABRAMS, Assistant Secretary of State under Ronald Reagan and one of the main architects of the Iran-Contra scandal, who specialized in massacre denial and lying to Congress: absurdly, he is currently the National Security Council Senior Director for Democracy, Human Rights and International Operations.

If Team Bush merely swindled money from the public to finance the Military-Industrial Komplex and support a reactionary foreign policy of terror, it would be offensive enough, but instead, it has gone forward in a brash attack on constitutional liberties. Attorney General JOHN ASHCROFT and FBI Director ROBERT S. MUELLER III have pushed for a series of law changes that violate basic civil liberties and broaden the already frightening level of power to the federal police state. Most notable include expanded usage of Orwellian surveillance programs such as Echelon and Carnivore, along with increased authorization of wire taps, break-ins of house and the detainment of alleged suspects. Meanwhile, they have helped create the office of Homeland Security, whose director, TOM RIDGE, had good practice violating civil rights as Governor of Pennsylvania.

Where is the Senate, the supposed arm of cautious wisdom in the US legislature, in response to this overt attack on fundamental liberties? Unsurprising, they are joining the stampede with glee. Most notable is the complicity of arch-reactionary TRENT LOTT, the Senate Minority Leader, and supposed "moderate" Majority Leader TOM DASCHLE, who, in a sign of unity and bipartisanship, have joined forces to back the destructive economic and "anti-terror" plans of Team Bush. Of course, such bipartisanship against the American public has been a staple over the last eight years of Utah Senator ORRIN HATCH and California's DIANE FEINSTEIN, who have backed nearly every piece of legislation attacking civil liberties. (No surprise then the "Combating Terrorism Act of 2001" was their handwork once again, which catered to nearly every request on Ashcroft-Mueller's wish list.)

With the executive branch under coup, the legislature under eager servants, and the Supreme Court unwilling to do its job (as their Dred Scott-like decisions of the past year clearly shows) the only possible hope would be the so-called Fourth Estate, the mass media. This seems to be an even greater lost cause. Whether it is to please an administration that seems intent (under FCC Chairman MICHAEL POWELL, Colin's toad-like son) on selling out public airwaves to gigantic korporations at an even more obscene level achieved by Slick Willie, or merely ideological support to a war which benefits oligopolistic titans, big media has celebrated phony patriotism in a rush to cheerlead both big business and big government. The examples are too many to cite, but the telling fact is the unity of the top US media sources in selling the same message. Whether it be CNN under new Chairman WALTER ISAACSON in promoting Team Shrub propaganda (just as it became Bush Sr.'s mouthpiece during the Gulf War), or Fox News under ROGER AILES, who (following his work as a Nixon-Reagan-Bush hatchet man) has continued to spread the right-wing ideology favored by his boss Rupert Murdoch, the message of the country's biggest news sources has been practically the same. And, as Isaacson has openly courted Lott, Tom DeLay and other right-wing leaders and contemplated hiring Rush Limbaugh to counter The O'Reilly Factor, the similaritites between the two top news networks seems to be turning even greater despite the supposedly "liberal" and "conservative" spins they give.

Where are things heading? It doesn't look good. The actions of the White House, Pentagon, State Department, DOJ, FBI, Senate and Korporate Media should be expected, but ultimately the greatest culprit of the Shrub Military-Industrial Police State is the public itself. Authority only does what it can get away with. While sniveling in complacemency and fear as the BushMob stole an election, the American public had clearly set the bar low. Whether or not Team Bush was behind the 911 terror or not, the stage was set for what has followed. If this is a Reichstag, they appear to be ready to make the most of it. And as Americans cheer it on, they seem almost eager to seal their potential doom.

In any case, we salute the Shrub Military-Industrial Police State (and its supporters) as Beast of the Month. Congratulations, and keep up the great work, dudes!!!


Note: This list was compiled on October 1, 2001. On October 11, the FBI released its own list of the 22 "Most Wanted Terrorists"of the world.

On October 7, 2001, the United States launched first strike attacks against Afghanistan, for their refusal to surrender Osama bin Laden. No evidence has yet been supplied to Afghanistan or the world public showing his supposed guilt.

On October 26, 2001, George W. Bush signed the so-called "U.S.A. Patriot Act" into law (passed in the Senate 98-1), fulfilling the complete desires of Ashcroft and his Administration.


To be continued?


The Shrub Military-Industrial Police State

Top Twenty Terror Network Members


"president" George W. Bush

Richard "Donkey Dick" Cheney

Paul O'Neill

Donald Rumsfield

Paul Wolfowitz

Colin Powell

Condoleezza Rice

John D. Negroponte

Otto Reich

Elliott Abrams

John Ashcroft

Robert S. Mueller III

Tom Ridge

Trent Lott

Tom Daschle

Orrin Hatch

Diane Feinstein

Michael Powell

Walter Isaacson

Roger Ailes


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