The Konformist

July 2001

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And he's back in:

Konformist Komix


That's right, koming soon, Konformist Komix, issue # 1, starring Kirby the Konspiracy Boy and his Kabal of friends!


Koming soon, issue # 1 of Konformist Komix:

"Votescam in Konformist Kounty"


Kirby the Konspiracy Boy finds himself at ground zero for the biggest election fraud scandal of our generation.

Donald MkDubya espouses the promotion of big business and "family values," stances which coincidentally he benefits from. His supposed opponent, Smokey the Bore, allegedly espouses the values of environmental concern.

In the middle of the maelstrom is the diabolical Otto Crattick, the head of the local Konformist Kounty FBI Bureau.

Both MkDubya and Smokey have made overtures to Otto Crattick to help them "win" the election. Having bargained for a better deal with MkDubya, Otto Crattick decides to side with him, much to the chagrin of Smokey.

Otto Crattick solicits the aid of the Bunburglar for his scheme, an ex-felon turned respected citizen and software mogul. The Bunburglar provides Otto Crattick with a secret software program that will help rig win the election, called "RIGTHEELECTION.EXE," which is distributed to election kommissioners throughout the land.


The election takes place. In an extremely tight race, MkDubya appears to have a dubious lead over Smokey, which MkDubya protege Malibu Kate tries to quickly certify.

The Smokey the Bore's camp demands a recount and a revote. They call for an impartial investigation by the FBI.

In a panic, MkDubya behaves like he has already won the election. His cake-makeup covered faced begins breaking out with boils.

Kirby smells something, and with his friends, begins to investigate. How will it turn out? You'll have to wait and see, via the first issue of Konformist Komix!!

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