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KON4M 99
July 1999

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The Konformist Konspiracy Girl of the Month

Brittany O'Connell

The Konformist proudly presents as our Konformist Konspiracy Girl Brittany O'Connell, who also has her own website, Brittany O'

My Personal Biography

Here's everything you would ever want to know about me, my life, and my career.

Name: Brittany O'Connell

Website: Brittany O'



Weight: 98 lbs.


Hair: Red

Eyes: Hazel

Dress Size: 3

Shoe size: 6

Birthdate: 12/6

Favorite Konspiracy: I don't know if it qualifies as a konspiracy, but I'm a real X-Files fan, and I really like stories about vampires and succubi. Succubi are demon women who have sex with men at night while they sleep. I sort of consider myself a succubi, in that my lovemaking drains everything from the man I'm with, though of course, he gets to keep his soul. ;)

I was born in Panorama City,CA and moved to Phoenix, AZ before I was 5 years old.

Most of my childhood was spent in an all girls school with ice skating and gymnastics keeping me busy after school. My parents wanted to make sure I was kept away from any distractions and therefore could concentrate most of time on my school work. They wanted the best possible education for me. I graduated at 17 with honors and went off the college. The plan was for me to go to junior college for two years and then off to University of Arizona for six years to receive my Ph.D in Astrophysics. Well, After a few months I completely hit burnout, I was tired of school and needed to expand my mind in other areas. Also during this time of my life I met my future husband. I decided to answer an ad for exotic dancers. Even though I was a shy person socially (still am to this day) I had a mean exhibitionist streak in me that I needed to let out. I got work at a club that had private room dancing. The men you danced for were allowed to get "comfortable" (jack-off) with themselves while you danced. I really liked watching those men stroke themselves into an orgasm while I dance nude for them. At the club I worked in they had closed circuit television and showed XXX videos all day long. It looked like a lot of fun to be in one. I think my first interest was peaked when I found my parent's porno collection at age 14, however. After getting married in Vegas at the age of nineteen, my husband was 28, I was off to start my career in adult videos.

Before I knew it I was on my first porn set. I was nervous and it showed! The crew were taking bets on when I would "toss my cookies", but as soon as the cameras were rolling I was over it. It was an eye opening experience and I knew I had found my calling. Both my exhibitionist side and the part of me that wanted to explore every aspect of my sexuality were being satisfied. I was soon getting a lot of work and doing a lot of things I had always fantasized about like anal and group sex. I soon gained a reputation as not only a good actress but a girl with no limits on what a director wanted sexually. It got me leading roles in big budget movies as well as over 14 nominations for awards at the annual AVN awards.

After my second year in the "biz" I hit the road to feature dance all over the U.S. and Canada. I spent over a year on the road and took a some time off after coming home. After a lot of soul searching I felt the need to make some changes in my life. In the beginning of my marriage had a very supportive husband who I thought was concerned with what was best for me but after three years I wised up and got a divorce. Much of my life up until this time was spent either working, arguing and making up with him,or doing drugs. Yes, I know I should never have done them but hind sight is 20-20 and I think in some ways I wanted to explore everything. I also think in a lot of ways my ex-husband was bringing me down instead of wanting to see me succeed. My divorce was a rather messy affair, he didn't like the fact that he was losing his meal ticket.

The next step was to get my personal life back in to order and move on to more practical things such as getting my fan club in order and functioning properly. I did as I said I would do and came up with my quarterly newsletter (Brittany's Fanzine) and got it out to everyone who joined my fan club. The response knocked me on my feet. From there my soul searching continued. Starting my own video production company came about. This was something I always kept in the back of my mind. I wanted to take some of my unfulfilled fantasies and bring them to life. While making my fan club and video production company a reality I discovered the internet. The more I seen of it the more I wanted to learn about it. After getting information through books, fans, and the internet itself (Asia Carrera's website was a great inspiration) I published my own site. It was crude and primative but it came from my heart. My fans loved it, but we all wanted more from it. Not wanting for a company to take it over, I hired a professional designer to produce a new and more advanced site where you can download photos and videos. I also wanted my own chat room and a way so fans can purchase my video productions and collectables directly from the site. I still wanted my personal touch so I update and maintain it myself.

With all the time I've spent in the adult entertainment industry you'd think that I would be burned out on sex, not so. Starting out a new life and phase in my career gave me a new sense of independence. There are still some things I'd like to try. Which now brings you up to date in my life. Running my fan and club and production company is truly turning out to be very rewarding and fulfilling.

Brittany and our Konspiracy Girl, Rachel Warren.

Q & A


Favorite swear-word?



Favorite drug (may or may not be an actual drug/narcotic)?

The drug that your body releases after an orgasm


Favorite porn-star (male and/or female, past co-star or not)?

Tom Byron, Shayla Levoux, Rick O'Shea, Kylie Ireland.


Favorite director (XXX-Rated, worked with in past or not)?

Michael Zen, John Leslie.


If not adult-entertainment, what job/profession would you most like to do?

???don't know??? Adult entertainment seems to be my calling.


Laid-back Surfer-Dude or Intense Intellectual Guy?

Laid Back Intellectual Surfer Dude...He has to be a lot of other things as well.


Favorite sexual position?

Doggie Style


Least favorite sexual activity?

Don't have one.


Who would you most like to fuck but haven't (can be anybody on earth or not, dead or alive, past or present, historical character, mythical character, known only to you)?

Jack Nicholson


Favorite movie you've been in?

Don't have one. I have had a great time at just about every movie set I've been on.


Party till dawn or quiet night at home with lover?

Both. I live my life in moderation so I can do either. Just depends on when and where is the right time.


Dominant or Submissive?

Dom with girls, sub with my man.


Biggest Turn-On (may or may not be of a sexual nature)?

Watching other people fuck.


Biggest Turn-Off (may or may not be of a sexual nature)?

Got a whole list, wanna see it?


Nastiest (Wildest) Sexual Fantasy?

Taking an inexperienced girl and teaching her all I can about sex. I would keep her as my personal plaything.


Nastiest (Wildest) Sexual Experience?

Got a list of those too. Top 3 would be the time:

Being taught the pain and pleasure of S&M

Going to a swing club and having sex with numerous people I didn't know.

Having sex on the beach and having some couples walk up on me and my partner.


Does size matter?

It all comes down to how you use it.


What question would you have liked to be asked but weren't (perhaps ever), then answer that question?

"Want my winning lottery ticket?" Hell yes!


Current interests and future plans?

Continue running my fan club, video production company, website, and just LIVE!


How do I get into the adult business?

Well I would suggest you go over to the website of the newsgroup Rec.Arts.Movies.Erotica and take a look at their FAQ. It has loads of information about that and other adult industry topics.

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