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KON4M 99
September 1999

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The Konformist Konspiracy Girl of the Month

Candy Apples

The Konformist proudly presents as our Konformist Konspiracy Girl Candy Apples, who also has her own website,

Candy is set to break the world gang bang record in October. We salute her for her impressive achievement.

Favorite Konspiracy: The attempt to ban Deep Throat in the early 70's. They even jailed Harry Reems (an actor in the film) for it. That was an important battle for free speech. I wouldn't have my job right now if it wasn't for people like him.


First Live Internet Gang Bang to be Held on October 9th

The World Record Breaking Event Will Be Held in Los Angeles with Some 2,000 Participants

by Associated Press

AP, September 27, 1999, a Virtual Dreams Company, in affiliation with Heatwave Entertainment, will be hosting a world breaking gang bang event to be broadcast live via the Internet on Saturday, October 9, 1999. The event is scheduled to surpass the current world record of 620 with nearly 2,000 all-amateur participants having sex with one woman. The carnival atmosphere includes a DJ, Live Bands and a Skateboarding Ramp. The grand finale is the highly anticipated live Internet marriage ceremony of the star, porn sensation Candy Apples, and her fiancee, who will be the final gang bang participant. New participants, both male and female and of all sexual orientations, are welcome to join in by calling 818-980-5961 or sending an e-mail to A record number of dwarfs, geeks, kink enthusiasts and fetish freaks have already registered. All Participants must adhere to the following requirements:

-- Participants must be at least 18 years old.

-- Participants will be tested for Aids as well as other sexually transmitted diseases, prior to the event, at the expense of and Heatwave.

-- The use of condoms is mandatory and is provided at the expense of and Heatwave.

-- Participants must have a valid photo ID

About is a Virtual Dreams Company and specializes in live and recorded Internet sex fetishes. Virtual Dreams was one of the original purveyors of online live chat video sex.

About Heatwave Entertainment

Heatwave Entertainment specializes in video productions of sexual fetishes & extreme gang bangs.

(818) 772-9590

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