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KON4M 99
January 1999

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The Konformist Konspiracy Girl of the Month

Rachel Warren

The Konformist proudly presents as our first Konformist Konspiracy Girl Rachel Warren, who no longer has her own website, which means this is one of the few places left you can find her lovely face and body graced.

Height: 5' 2"

Weight: 107

Measurements: 34B-25-34

Shoe Size: 6 1/2

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Hazel

Birthdate: 12/13

FAVORITE FOOD: Exotic Fruits


FAVORITE MUSIC: Alternative, New Age and certain country (have you seen the new country chics? Then you would know why :) )

FAVORITE VACATION: Hedonism II , Vegas, The Keys, California

MEN: Tall, dark hair,trim,well dressed, not stuck on himself and knows how to be a gentleman

WOMAN: Petite, nice breasts, awesome lips to kiss, good legs and a tight stomach and one who dresses trendy or sexy

FAVORITE POSITION: From behind....whether its a man, or a woman with a ''toy''

FAVORITE MOVIES: Scarlet Letter, Shawshank Redemption, Basic Instinct, There's Something About Mary

CLOTHES: Short skirts, sheer tops basically anything that turns a head ;)

SHOES: High platform type heels

FANTASY: To be seduced by a room full off beautiful girls that are complete strangers

TURN OFFS: People who dont take care of themselves, cocky attitudes, selfish and mean people

TURN ONS: Sensual body motion, Curves on women, Lips , Nice structured jaw lines on men

HOBBIES: Working out, reading, going out clubbing, shopping, hiking, sunning, strip clubs, ...and of course!

FAVORITE KONSPIRACY: My favorite... hmmm. Well, I do actually have a few that I truly believe...

1. Flight 800: There is no way they do not know what happened there... With all the technology today there is definitely a cover up to the facts.

2. JFK plot : Oldy but goody...

3. Roswell: I truly believe they found something that night... It is amazing how after that the advances in technology made a giant leap.

Here's a little more you know about me than what is in my bio.......

I am your typical girl you may see on the street, but with a little wild side :). I travel a lot.During the day I hold down a regular job, but when my free time permits I luv to take trips, go out dancing, boating on nice days, head to the shore and basically have a good time.

One great vacation spot I like is ..Hedo II in Jamaica, you all should try it sometime. running around with the sexiest of outfits(or nude), dancing till the morning, sunning naked, hitting on all the sexy girls, plus tons more.

Whenever the chance arises I luv to pose for pictures, whether it is for my site or for something commercial. It always gets me excited to dress up in sexy clothes and ''play'' for the camera.

A few years back I was a Gallery magazines "Girl Next Door". It was a blast to do. Since I was a little girl sneaking peaks at girl magazines, I wanted when I grew up to be in one. It was exciting to go to the store and see myself in one finally. Definitely was a fantasy fulfilled..

Other fantasy's I luv to fulfill is to spend time with exotic, erotic and sensual people. Ones that are down to earth but have that have a ''wild streak'' also. It is so exciting to go on a dance floor and get wild and show off in front of the crowd. Especially when it is with an attractive girl. I'm sure you can imagine the looks we get when we start getting half naked and ignoring there is any one there.

I work out a lot to keep in shape. Going to the gym is an exhilarating experience for yourself. All that hard work I hope pays off .

I do dance occasionally in clubs whenever the chance arises. Its fun to get people excited just by the movements of a nude body. Although its not a full time thing for me, it is definitely time consuming and hard work. So whenever you are in a club, please show your appreciation for whoever is on stage.

Anything else ya want know, just ask :) XXXOO Rachel

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