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KON4M 99
April 1999

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Sherman H. Skolnick

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By Sherman H. Skolnick

Producer/Moderator, Public Access Cable TV Program "Broadsides"

Since 1963, Founder/Chairman, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts


Bill Clinton thinks he is home free --- but have we heard from the U.S. Military? A group of admirals and generals have vowed for several years now to arrest their Commander-in-Chief. If they are arrested for mutiny, they intend to defend themselves under the Military Code authorizing them to arrest Clinton for treason and bribery.

The Red Chinese and ethnic Chinese own Clinton --- they have bought him with hundreds of millions of dollars of dope money laundered through the Chicago markets disguised as soybeans and currency deals. They started their penetration of the U.S. by setting up in Arkansas. Reportedly worth billions of dollars from illicit trafficking in guns and dope, Western Arkansas, site of shipments for CIA of gun-smuggling and narcotics.

It apparently was a starting point for the huge money flow from Mena to the "bond daddies" in Little Rock, from there reportedly through the Garfield Ridge Trust & Savings Bank of Chicago, owned in part by Congressman Dan Rostenkowski, now an ex-lawmaker and Hillary Clinton's brothers. From there, the illicit cash flow was laundered through the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and Chicago Board Options Exchange.

In appreciation of the millions of dollars the Red Chinese gave Clinton, for political campaigns and more, Clinton turned over to the head of the Red Chinese Secret Police, Wang Jun, U.S. financial, industrial and military secrets. Some in the U.S. military know all about this. [Clinton White House intern Mary Caitrin Mahoney knew, and was murdered in a Starbucks coffee shop, in D.C., July, 1997.]

But: Wang Jun is Kenneth W. Starr's private law client, so the so-called independent watchdog pretend to jump on Clinton on only minor matters.

Repeated efforts by the small group of highly patriotic admirals and generals to neutralize Clinton have been snuffed out. On April 17, 1995, a planeload of such military brass was murdered hen their plane blew up, sabotaged, near Alexander City, Alabama. [Was it a mere coincidence, that two days later was the Oklahoma City bombings (more than one device was used)? Some contend there was prior U.S. knowledge. Clinton used the bombings to condemn his critics and to restore his popularity following the 1994 mid-term election debacle.]

Then the head of Naval Operations, Admiral Jeremy Boorda, was assassinated in his office. [Was he for or against the coup plotters?] By a strange tradition, the U.S. Navy is supposed to arrange the arrest of the Commander-in-Chief, when required by instances of his treason or bribery.

Assisting these flag officers was William Colby, former Director of Central Intelligence, murdered and disguised as a boating accident. The head of the Alaska Military District, and head of the Early Warning System, was murdered in his sabotaged airplane.

Despite the repeated assassinations of these patriotic flag officers, trying to cure a profound evil in the U.S. central government, there are still those left who have pledged their lives and their sacred honor to end the Commander-in-Chief's treachery in aiding sworn enemies of the United States.


Like an Italian opera, will it end with all the players dead?

Stayed tuned.

Sherman Skolnick Sounds Off!!!

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