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KON4M 99
April 1999

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Sherman H. Skolnick

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By Sherman H. Skolnick

Producer/Moderator, Public Access Cable TV Program "Broadsides"

Since 1963, Founder/Chairman, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts

The Clinton White House has commanded the FBI and the American CIA to carry out a series of dirty tricks against the Serbian community in the U.S. The largest concentration of Serbian-Americans, that is, U.S. citizens of Serb descent, and Serbian resident aliens, that is, Serbians with green cards, are in Chicago. Numbering some 400,000 Serbs, they are the mandated target of the counter-intelligence operations of the two U.S. agencies jointly with other federal agencies.

To strangle outspoken U.S. Serb criticism of the Clinton war policies, the FBI and the CIA have revived [as if they ever stopped it] their covert activities of the 1960s and 1970s. During those years when the FBI was either slow or somehow resistant to counter-attacking the Civil Rights and Anti-Vietnam War movements, the CIA jumped into doing otherwise forbidden DOMESTIC U.S. "black" operations.

In later years, some in CIA claimed they had no choice; that the FBI, they say, was not sufficiently skilled in covert operations. But also later, some FBI operatives disputed that, pointing to the bloody tricks the Bureau successfully and secretly carried out against union organizers and other labor movements over a period of many decades. Framing up labor activists on false charges of bombing and violence was and is a long-time FBI specialty.

The FBI victimizing of U.S. Serbs including those with green cards has not been sufficient to suit the Clinton White House. Mysteriously, some such Serbs have disappeared. Has the FBI, jointly with the Immigrations and Naturalization Service, INS, whisked them away--to deport them? Or, to send them in a concealed manner, to detention camps, such as offshore Alaska?

The FBI and INS surely know how to deal with loudmouths. Based on evidence heard in his court, a federal judge in California rightfully labeled them, from the bench, as being "The American Gestapo". Shortly thereafter, the FBI and INS made a strenuous effort to frame up the judge, a Latino. The Judge, however, was lucky and beat the false criminal charges. Other members of targeted minorities have not been so lucky.

From harassing and grabbing Serbs with green cards, the FBI has stepped up to demonizing Serbian-Americans in general. The Bureau planted details making it seem that certain major Serb church officials, such as in the Chicago area, and in the U.S., urged their parishioners to murder U.S. soldiers in the U.S. as a reprisal for the U.S. murder of Serb civilians in Serbia by missile and bomb attacks on schools, hospitals, and private apartment buildings.

Some owned and operated local TV stations of ABC, the "Mickey Mouse" network, ran the FBI item implying it was true. Media watchers point to the situation wherein 1988-1989, the spy agencies, such as CIA. switched their secret subsidy from CBS News to ABC News. The clandestine funding over the years he financed the news networks to have sizable staffs in world capitols not otherwise justified by the amount of news per day sent back from such places. As a result, CBS closed a number of their overseas bureaus laying off highly skilled operatives, posing as reporters, who were in the business of sucking up intelligence data to funnel to the American CIA as well as to FBI's little known Division Five, domestic and foreign based counter-intelligence.

For years since 1988, leading the ABC News parade of "spooks" with CIA disinformation and CIA operatives falsely described in talk show segments as "think tank" consultants, has been Ted Koppel and his "Nightline" Program. Koppel, a Canadian, has a heavy intelligence agency background.

So, what is the next dirty trick by the spy-riddled monopoly press? Stay tuned.

Sherman Skolnick Sounds Off!!!

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