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KON4M 99
April 1999

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Sherman H. Skolnick

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War on U.S. Soil?

By Sherman H. Skolnick

Producer/Moderator, Public Access Cable TV Program "Broadsides"

Since 1963, Founder/Chairman, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts

According to European news sources, NATO covert teams have, on the ground, infiltrated Serbia and their province Kosovo. By electronic means, they are identifying and marking targets, called laser painting, for NATO warplanes and missiles. Included are the super-secret groups, such as U.S. Delta Forces, Great Britain's SAS, and teams linked to Germany's counter-intelligence. [Germany? That puts a scare into those old enough to remember German troops butchering Serbs in World War 2]. Some of the spy teams, with oxygen masks, have been dropped from very high-flying planes, in special parachutes, designed to open up only at lower levels, for concealment. The American CIA station chief and his team, during so-called "peace time", have long since surveilled possible targets in Serbia. So, NATO warplanes knew, for example, where to bomb the residence of Serb strongman Slobodan Milosevic.[Lucky for him, he was not home. Did the CIA warn him? Remember, in 1989, they created him and are using his appeal to nationalism, "Serbia for the Serbians!", as a way to attack nationhood and sovereignty, for the New World Disorder.]

Not yet mentioned in the American mass media, the FBI and the CIA, together with the National Security Agency, NSA, and the National Reconnaissance Office, the NRO, have reportedly tracked Serb commando teams who have infiltrated the United States from various sides. Such as across our north and south borders, the FBI asserts. They have entered, says the CIA, posing as tourists from some other country. The spy-riddled U.S. monopoly press, with their talking head assets of FBI, CIA, etc., so far do not say a single word about the Serb commando units reportedly now on U.S. soil. So Joe Six-Pack who relies on the evening can of news, is oblivious of what is going on, as usual.

If it is "fair" for U.S. teams to secret finger, on the ground, targets in Serbia---well, it should be "fair" for Serb commando units to inflict havoc on U.S. soil, bomb buildings, such as housing top officials. Maybe the U.S. Secret Political Police, CIA, FBI, et al., want the Serb secret units TO BE IN THE UNITED STATES. Why? Some claim bringing the New World Disorder requires suspending the U.S. Constitution, and the President, declaring himself endless DICTATOR invoking secret edicts, long since signed by him, for MARTIAL LAW. [I once gave a speech on Martial Law to several university classes in Political Science. Guess how they spelled the topic in a big ad in the school paper? "Skolnick is coming to speak on MARSHALL LAW" said their ad.]

Is this a perfect set up for what we prefer to call Clinton, the Rockefeller stooge? Remember our exclusive story: Bill Clinton, unlike other presidents, keeps his medical records secret. As obtained by hackers, the records show Clinton, from an early age suffers from split personality syndrome. In a crisis, he forgets who he is. Certainly his handlers and controllers are going to make use of this to the detriment of the American people and the downfall of the American organic law, the U.S. Constitution. So maybe the FBI and the CIA WANT Serb commando units to blow up a few choice buildings and such on U.S. soil, to instigate monopoly press screaming headlines: TERRORISTS IN U.S. CAUSE HAVOC. Stay tuned.

Sherman Skolnick Sounds Off!!!

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