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KON4M 99
June 1999

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Sherman H. Skolnick

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Red Chinese Blackmailing Clinton?

By Sherman H. Skolnick

Producer/Moderator, Public Access Cable TV Program "Broadsides"

Since 1963, Founder/Chairman, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts

William Rockefeller Clinton has been painted into a secret police trick corner. Where he can easily be dealt with by an espionage laser beam, as if he were not, as he has been, a darling of the American CIA and an illegitimate offspring of the Rockefeller family.

Didn't Bill learn survival? from his first handler and controller, the CIA Station Chief in London? While attending Oxford College in England, Bill was groomed as an agent provocateur/spy, posing as a peacenik with a cover as an alleged "draft dodger". The purpose? For Bill, with crony Strobe Talbott, pretending to be a "Marxist", to infiltrate the Eastern Bloc, to obtain, for the CIA, for example, the secret transcript of Krushchev lambasting the old-line Stalinists, perhaps a first crack in the Moscow government.

And Clinton spied on the Communist Party apparatus in Czechoslovakia when staying at a party boss's house in Prague. The son of the apparatchik went to school with Bill. Like others who knew too much about Bill, his fellow student was snuffed out later. He somehow fell off a roof one night --- in Turkey.

According to some accounts, the Red Chinese deny having STOLEN U.S. top nuclear secrets. What may or may not be humorous, the Red Chinese have a very nice technical point I deal with later. The media pundits hope to boost their ratings teasing us with detail from the Cox Report. Some say the Report, however, is partly a whitewash and that Cong. Christopher Cox failed to call key witnesses.

Hey, is it just a coincidence that about the same time so-called "INDEPENDENT" Counsel Kenneth W. Starr is making his exit? Starr's PRIVATE law client is Wang Jun, the reputed head of the Red Chinese Secret Police. Get this overlap: from time to time Wang Jun has met with Clinton in the White House and Clinton reportedly gave him U.S. industrial, financial, and MILITARY secrets. And a White House intern who knew too much about this, Mary Caitlin Mahoney was murdered, July, 1997, in a District of Columbia Starbucks Coffee Shop. The FBI says a "lone assassin" did her in. Oh yeah. Wang Jun also heads up the Chinese government firm that makes and markets AK-47 sub-machineguns. They reportedly got caught trying to ship a load of AK-47s to U.S. inner-city narco-terrorist street gangs. Are the Chinese trying to foment shoot-em-ups with big city police, a way of weakening the government structure in the U.S.?

AND: notice this --- Starr is also an UNREGISTERED foreign lobbyist for the Red Chinese government, an offense for which the Clinton Justice Department can send Starr to prison. No wonder Starr merely accused Clinton of relatively minor matters, sex tales that amused many Americans. The way the key U.S. Senators were blackmailed into turning Clinton loose from impeachment charges was not so amusing.

Foreign intelligence sources are snickering over reports that the Red Chinese claim they have clandestine audio tapes, still pictures, and YES, even undercover video, showing secret agents of the President/Commander-in-Chief receiving suitcases loaded with money, in return for the U.S. top nuclear secrets including a copy of the super-secret computer data on nuclear testing. The Chinese, so say these sources, are asserting that they BOUGHT such items, fair and square, from Clinton's emissaries. If there is a problem in this type of "routine" business transaction, say the sources quoting Chinese officials, well, "Let the Americans attend to their end of White House business ethics".

Wow! What Americans perceive as treachery and espionage the Chinese identify as "business ethics" in a C.O.D. deal. And who are suspected of being Clinton's secret luggage receivers? Here are a few reportedly to consider:

For a long time, RAHM EMANUEL was Clinton White House Senior Advisor and top campaign fund-raiser using apparently strong-arm tactics or even blackmail. In a PBS-outlet program, broadcast in Chicago on WTTW-TV, Channel 11, Rahm Emanuel, on-camera, showed how influential he was with Clinton that Rahm's desk was the closest to the Oval Office. Intelligence sources contend Rahm Emanuel, in effect, is and has been the reputed Deputy Chief, for NORTH AMERICA, of Israeli Intelligence, the Mossad [The Institute]. And why do some contend that Monica Lewinsky, her parents, and others surrounding Clinton in the sex episode, dealt with a Nazi-like specialty, luring someone into a sex "honey pot" and that these are all reportedly Israeli intelligence assets?

AND, the Mossad has had unholy arrangements with the Red Chinese on nuclear secrets, contradicted by the fact that the Red Chinese have supplied Silkworm Missiles to sworn enemies of Israel. After supposedly leaving the Clinton White House, Rahm Emanuel has become a bigshot on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, which has reportedly laundered billions of dollars, for Clinton and his handlers and controllers, including Red Chinese and ethnic Chinese [Indonesia] illicit funds from dope trafficking from S.W. China into the U.S., through Chicago, of "China White", high purity heroin. Also illicit funds from the harvesting of human body parts, on a just-when-needed basis from political prisoners, condemned to death when the hearts, liver, lungs, kidneys, etc., are needed by greedy U.S. hospitals. {As a producer/moderator of a public access Cable TV Show in Chicago, I am planning a one-hour show on this dirty, bloody business. By the way, the political prisoners are beheaded so as not to damage the body parts. Prominent doctors and hospitals are in this rotten traffic, bought and sold like parts of a car.]

Rahm Emanuel is no stranger apparently to murder. His father reportedly was part of the assassination team in 1948, that slaughtered UN Official, Count Bernadotte, during the Palestine Partition controversy.

Another suspected receiver reportedly of Chinese "business" money suitcases is Clinton White House honcho Samuel "Sandy" Berger.

Troubling development: Assassination researchers are starting a file in view of the above labeled "Clinton-Target". Stay tuned.

Sherman Skolnick Sounds Off!!!

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