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KON4M 99
June 1999

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Sherman H. Skolnick

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By Sherman H. Skolnick

Producer/Moderator, Public Access Cable TV Program "Broadsides"

Since 1963, Founder/Chairman, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts

Once in a while an anti-establishment type, like me, throws a brick that somehow falls too close to a kindred spirit who rightfully feels offended. I wrote a story about the Serbs and their concealed long-range missiles left to them by their former patron the former Soviet Union. About a week after my piece was on Internet I read a somewhat similar one by Joseph Farah.

I wrote an item about "Establishment Swipes My Story". Farah felt offended, that I was supposedly accusing him of plagiarism. In any case, my brick was not intended for him. On my non-commercial, public access Cable TV Program, in Chicago since 1991, I have often railed against the mass media anchor faces, what I call the blond haired dummies that read everything from an idiot machine. That could not possibly include Farah. His recent story, on, "The War on Your Pocketbook" is a masterpiece of why the U.S. should not be involved in Serbia. If I had the power and authority to send gold medals, I would send him one. Farah and his wisdom should somehow be displayed on nationwide regular TV Shows, of course, not possible in the way the monopoly press operates.

Farah: I like the bricks YOU throw. Keep it up. I hope you get paid for what you do. As a political activist since 1958, I do not get paid for what I do. Somehow, I have survived. In the past, my anti-court corruption, anti-espionage agency bricks have scored the bull's-eye. How do I know? Those who I have eventually demolished have, in their final moments, from their bribe-built, spy-riddled underground silos sent back at me, poisonous missiles targeting me with the label, "That paranoid cripple in a wheelchair in Chicago".

Many of the crooked judges I have fingered over the years have by now died, convicted, imprisoned bribe-takers. Numerous media assets of CIA and FBI I have identified over the years scream epithets against me. Cynics claim, however, that truth-tellers are never really rewarded.

Sherman Skolnick Sounds Off!!!

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