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October 1998

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"Broadsides" Cable TV

Sherman Skolnick Productions

9800 S. Oblesby

Chicago, Illinois 60617-4870

(773) 375-5741


Some background data:

Since 1963, Mr. Skolnick has been founder/chairman of a public interest group, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, researching and disclosing certain instances of judicial corruption and political murders. Updates of the group's work are on HOTLINE NEWS, a 5-minute recorded phone message, changed several times per week: (773) 731-1100 (a regular phone call); Mr. Skolnick has been editor of that since 1971. Since 1991, he has been a regular participant, now moderator, of a popular, public access Cable TV Show, called "Broadsides", in Chicago and suburbs. The program, on most every Monday evening, 9PM, for one hour, is available to some 400,000 households in the city, on Channel 21 Cable. His comments appear on the Internet, on several websites, as well as several new-groups, such as: alt.current-events, clinton.whitewater. In 1973 Mr. Skolnick wrote a book, "The Secret History of Airplane Sabotage." It was stopped and suppressed in the publication cycle.

A few highlights of the work of the Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts:

--- caused the disclosure of the biggest judicial bribery scandal in US history, the collapse of the Illinois Supreme Court, 1969.

--- investigation of sabotaged Watergate plane crash in Chicago, 1972-1973. 12 Watergate figures perished including Dorothy Hunt, wife of Watergate burglar, E. Howard Hunt. Skolnick assisted Sweden's TV Network with a 90-minute documentary on the crash.

--- one of the first to publicly comment on the Vice President Spiro Agnew bribery mess, resulting in his downfall, 1973.

--- investigation and disclosures causing the jailing, for bribery, of the highest level sitting federal judge in American history, Federal Appeals Judge Otto Kerner, Jr., of the 7th Circuit, US Court of Appeals, 1973.

--- touching off "Operation Greylord", in which 20 local judges and 40 lawyers sent to prison for bribery, 1983-1993.

--- divulging the bribery by Bank of Credit and Commerce International, of 25% of both houses of Congress, 28 US Senators and 108 members of the House. Believed to have caused the great number of retirements, resignations, and quitting, "for personal reasons", 1995-1996.

--- unearthed detail of US military efforts to arrest Commander-in-Chief Bill Clinton for treason and sedition. The attempted coup was snuffed out, April 17, 1995, with the top military brass murdered by way of a sabotaged plane crash, killing all onboard, near Alexander City, Alabama. If they had lived and were court martialed for mutiny, they were prepared to defend themselves charging Clinton with treason and sedition.

--- In 1991, Skolnick was the only journalist to attend an important hearing in the federal appeals court in Chicago. The blockbuster case, ignored by the mainstream press, involved an Italian bank, Banca Nazionale Dalavoro, Chicago branch, owned in part by the Vatican, seeking to prevent release to the House Banking Committee of certain bank records. Those records, as confirmed by Skolnick's interviews after the hearing with hearing participants, involved billions of dollars of Persian Gulf oil kickbacks shared by Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein with his secret joint private business venture partner George Herbert Walker Bush, at the time of the hearing, US President. No one in Congress has dared discuss these details of the Chicago branches of BNL and BCCI --- not even the then-chairman Gonzalez of the House Banking Committee, an intervening litigant in the case. Skolnick's story about the hearing and the case appeared in one sizeable newspaper and he has discussed it on several radio talk shows.

Sherman Skolnick Sounds Off!!!

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