The Konformist

Volume 1
May 1998

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John Alexander:

Remote Viewer or Remote Kontroller?

Robert Sterling


In the field of Pentagon Parapsychology, there is perhaps no more of an impressive figure than Colonel John Alexander, who is often referred to by the code name Penguin. Sure, maybe Major Ed Dames gets more name recognition due to his shameless self-promotion on the Art Bell program, but it is Alexander who is the true mastermind.

Alexander, who was born in New York in 1937, was a Commander of Green Berets Special Forces in Vietnam, leading Cambodian mercenaries behind enemy lines and taking part in (among other klandestine activitites) Operation Phoenix. (Among his degrees is one in the field of 'thanatology', or the study of death.) In 1983, he trained VP Al Gore in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He currently holds the post of Director of "Non-lethal Weapons" Department in the Los Alamos National Laboratories.

In 1983, he formed the Jedi Project, a DOD operation in the study and development of parasciences. His Pentagon psi-work has included the uses of remote viewing, psychic warfare, psychotronic and mind-control projects with military/security applications. Along the way, he formed PSI-TECH, the company which now uses Dames as a quite eager mouthpiece.

It was with this background knowledge that I went to see Colonel Alexander speak for five hours on May 2nd at the California Institute of Human Science. The Institute's Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Jerry R. Livesay, was quite thrilled by my interest in the event, not even flinching when I explained that The Konformist was a "conspiracy" rag on the internet. Far from it, Dr. Livesay arranged for free passes to the event, which normally cost $45 and is worth every penny (note to those out there: one advantage of running your own successful internet magazine is getting free stuff.)

Dr. Livesay, it turns out, is a tall, handsome, and enthusiastic man who, if only he kept his hair slicked back, would be a perfect stunt double for Miami Heat coach Pat Riley. I got the feeling as I spoke to Dr. Livesay that, like myself, he had read the Anthony Robbins books Unlimited Power and Awaken The Giant Within. I also got the feeling that, unlike myself, he actually decided to apply what he had read and learned. The CIHS is an impressive research center, and though many would equate Alexander's consultant work with the center as proof of it being a sinister komplex, I may note that another consultant is Michio Kushi, the chief proponent of the macrobiotic diet in North America. The CIHS, it seems, is a diverse research institute that covers the whole gamut of new-age and alternative sciences, making it more of a New Age think-tank than a propaganda unit for the Military-Industrial Komplex (though, considering the MIKi's influence on the "New Age" movement, one could argue that the distinction is a minor one.)

Though I arrived at the event predictably late (accompanied by my friend Kathy Kasten), I was looking forward to the event eagerly, not the least of reasons the opportunity to meet the enigmatic Blue Resonant Human. Blue had previously given me a description of himself, and as I sat down, I couldn't help noticing the guy in front of me matched the description pretty damn well. Still, what are the odds of me just happening to pick the seat behind Blue? The question was answered when the same fellow later rambled a lucid query involving interspecies communications with dolphins, the usage of Scientologists in psi-tests, a brief mention of Jacques Vallee's Morning of the Magicians, and a comparison of all the DOD parascience work to the Pandora's Box opened by the destruction in Hiroshima. I turned to Kathy, and we both immediately knew that this was indeed THE BLUE.

But now, I am getting ahead of myself, for the real focus on the day was not of Pat Riley look-alikes or unmasking mysterious individuals, but the presentation by Alexander. Alexander, who has a book titled Future War: The Non-Lethal Factor to be released later this year by St. Martins Press, was not the most charismatic fellow, but he made up for it in such densely packed information that was sometimes too much to pick up. According to Alexander, despite the arrogant claims of para-debunker Martin Gardner, and despite the sometimes fishy activity of Uri Geller and his ilk, parapsychology is indeed a real science, and one that is usually overly scrupulous in following scientific protocol. For example, when it comes to following the double-blind method (a research procedure involving both the researchers and the subjects to ensure scientific purity in test results), the field of parapsychology followed the protocol in 23 out of 27 experiments (or 85 %) examined in one study of various scientific disciplines. It's closest competitor was psychology, which did it in 7 of 143 (or less than 5%.)

Among the points of interest to the crowd - who seemed to break into two camps, Yuppie spiritualists or Star Trek convention types (I'm not sure which camp I fit into) - were Area 51, the U. S. government and UFOs, the field of "Non-Lethal Weapons", Zero Point Energy, Near Death Experiences, the commonality of NDE and UFO abductions, and Remote Viewing. As Alexander was hyped as the head of the real life X-Files, the crowd reflected the promotion. Alexander passed out some interesting nuggets of info, among them:

- The usage of Remote Viewing to explore the Soviet Biological Weapons Facilities as well as to aid in drug enforcement.

- Psychoaudiotronic technology tests are taking place in Capistrano.

- The rings around Jupiter had been viewed by para-superstar Ingo Swann before they were actually discovered and viewed by NASA telescopes.

- Swann would also regularly report sun spots on our sun eleven minutes before anyone could view them - the exact time it takes light from the sun to reach the earth. This would mean that psi-ability can transmit instantly, faster than the speed of light.

- The investigation of cattle mutilations in places such at Utah or New Mexico.

- Pictures of some of the more interesting examples of crop circles, which certainly don't appear to be caused by drunken hillbilly farmers.

- There were between 7 to 10 thousand civilian deaths in Somalia, and how the usage of "Non-Lethal Technologies" may reduce that number in the future.


One of the more interesting stories involved an experiment with cells from his mouth. After providing samples, Alexander gave a speech 300 feet away that was so important, it had his nerves all in knots. As he gave the speech, the sample from his mouth reacted violently, showing a definite link between humans and their tissues, even after they have seperated. This, of course, got my mind spinning over gross experiments involving bodily fluids and excretions, but I'll save the details for a scientific committee.

Of a more philosophical note, Alexander believes that psi-ability is natural in man, but has been bred out of us by society. He claims one of the biggest problems in Remote Viewing is what is termed "analytic overload", where the viewer begins taking the raw data impressions of the information he/she is receiving and tries to put it together in a way that makes sense to him or her - in other words, tries to "connect the dots." When this happens, the RVer is recommended to take an Analytic Overload Break.

This was certainly shown in my test run on Remote Viewing a picture. I first saw four circles, metal and some sort of mechanical motor. I saw some sort of liquid, water and/or oil of some sort. I saw something round and flashes of light, and sensed turmoil and violence involved. I began picturing an oil platform with a fire nearby, South East of the United States, a scene of a some sort of revolt.

What it actually turned out to be was a Swiss Army Knife and a bottle of Eau De Toilette, with the slogan "Be Prepared".

In retrospect, the four circles were there, made by the Swiss Cross appearing on the knife and bottle. The knife was made out of metal, and did have a bunch of mechanical uses. The Eau De Toilette, made of alcohol, was a liquid that was not water nor oil. And there was a flash of light in the picture, and the knife and slogan certainly cued my emotional response. All the pieces were there, but when I played a fun game of dot-connecting, it all came out wrong. Let this be a lesson to all you dot-connectors.

To peak his discussion, Alexander discussed the ultimate X-Files subject: UFOs. Alexander stated the government is telling the truth about UFOs, it really doesn't know what the hell is going on. Among the more noted cases touched on were the 11-17-96 JAL Alaska sighting, the Gulf Breeze in Florida, sitings in France, Brazil, and the USSR, and another November 1996 sighting in Belgium. Perhaps the most interesting encounter was the Cash-Landrum case, where one of the witnesses received 2nd degree burns as a side-affect, indicating it wasn't ball lightning. Of course, the witnesses also saw military helicopters around the UFO, indicating that the UFO had more to do with the military than lizard aliens. Alexander stated that both Project Blue Book and the Condon Report, two of the more famous government "investigations" in the phenomena, were basically accurate on the main conclusion, that the phenomena presented no threat to national security. In the end, Alexander stated, "Whether they (alien UFOs) exist or not - that doesn't matter. We dont know. That DOES matter."

During the break and afterwards, I spoke to the unmasked Blue, to whom I promised not to reveal his secrets in exchange for him sparing my life. I even learned the secret behind the phrase "Blue Resonant Human", though my lips are sealed on the truth.

Blue, it seemed, kept gushing about how Alexander, far from being the "Darth Vader of Black Ops", was actually a wonderful guy. As for myself, I am not so sure, and wonder if perhaps Blue may be suffering a bit from analytic overload. Certainly, Alexander didn't show any dark skeletons, and he didn't slip up and say, "Okay, I'm pure evil." But what was as important as what he said was what he DIDN'T say. For example, he discussed Soviet biological warfare capabilities (oh, those evil Russians!), but neglected to mention ours. There was a continual slant of statements this way, which basically turned the event into a fairly sly example of disinformation and propaganda.

Perhaps the most telling event was when Kathy, in perhaps an assaultive tone, asked Alexander on break if they were testing non-lethal technologies on humans. Of course not, he replied, that is illegal. So was the human radiation experiments, Kathy replied quickly. There was a look of confusion on Alexander's face as he said, "Radiation experiments? What radiation experiments?"

Maybe Alexander failed to read the 1994 Time cover story about the subject, or the many reports on this subject. Needless to say, radiation experiments on unwitting human experiments is even acknowledged by the propaganda units in the korporate media. Could a high-ranking Pentagon man who has worked for the CIA truly not know about this mainstream fact? Of course not, which is why, a few seconds after his statement, he blurted out, "Well, yes, that may have happened, but now it's swung the other way."

Sure it has: after all, so many people (namely, zero) have been punished for their involvement in the experiments, the military has learned it's lesson. Excuse me for viewing the Pentagon as Lucy Van Pelt with a football, but unlike Charlie Brown, I'm not falling for the same lie again.

The general impression I'm left of Alexander is of an intelligent fellow who couldn't tell the truth on some things even if he wanted to. In a lot of ways, he reminded me of a female CIA agent (no, it wasn't Gloria Steinem or Julia Child) who I ate with and discussed politics earlier this year. This person was so practiced at lying that I soon realized you could usually figure out what the truth was - because it was opposite of what she was saying. Of course, I listened on, and while I argued a little, I basically just listened as she yelled about how everything I believed was wrong. The reasons I listened were twofold: one, I liked this lady, and didn't want to cause a fight over something as silly as politics, and two, she was paying the bill for the meal. Sometimes it is wise to clam up.

And, considering my bill to Alexander was gratis, I will leave my criticism at no more, and say that I hope to hear from him again, and wish his book a lot of success, and if he ever wants to take me out to dinner, I'd happily accept.


To find out more about the CIHS:


California Institute for Human Science

Graduate School and Research Center

701 Garden View Court

Encinitas, California 92024

Phone: (760) 634-1771

Fax: (760) 634-1772




Thanks to John Alexander and Jerry Livesay for their time, information, and support.

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