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KON4M 99
April 1999

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Anarchist Perspective on the Shootings

Thanks to Adam Parfrey ( for the following.

"They Shot All The White Hats"

Preppy Bastards Die In Colorado

April 20, 1999

Littleton, Colorado -- At least twenty five preppie bastards are dead today after two youth lived out the gothic fantasy of killing the outside world. Youths tossings pipe bombs and shooting pig preppie bastards stormed Columbine High School, shooting more than forty disgustingly good American citizens.

"They shot all the white hats," one student was quoted as saying on television.

Anarchists holding a school shooting party in Gaithersburg, Maryland, broke out in laughter at the comment as the Homegrown song "She's Anti-", a song about a young girl who comes to school and massacres preppies, blared in the background.

"Huh-huh. It's kinda funny I guess" one of the revelers told ANS, "If I were ever really fucked up, I'd do it too."

Anarchists have said its better for revolutionary youth to target police than fellow students, but stated that they understood the anger that motivated the attack.


A late breaking report said the shooters had "found God in themselves" and that they weren't involved in any extracirricular activities. An even later breaking report says the students did *not* day in a shootout with SWAT, but that they committed suicide.


Minorities Were *NOT* Targeted By School Shooters CNN Making Up Lies To Promote Liberal Agenda

April 20, 1999

Littleton, Colorado -- The report that the students in Colorado have targeted minorities has been made up by CNN out of whole cloth. Students in Colorado targeted white hats and preppies. All the injured students so far are *white* white hats. Don't believe the hype!

In addition, the UAP is *not* a racist organization or a neo-nazi organization.

If the students involved turn out to be UAP activists, they will not be the first UAP activists to be involved in a high-profile murder. UAP activist Janes DeCosta was convicted of murder in a 1995 attack on Sheppard Pratt Hospital where bombs were detonated and a psychiatric worker was killed.


Full Statement of UAP PR Coordinator Bill White On Colorado School Shooting

April 20, 1999

We seen today in Colorado another explosion of rage against the indoctrination machine that has taken over our public school system. Today I salute two young men who had the courage to strike back against the system, even if their strike back was somewhat misguided in its aims.

To understand the Colorado attack, we have to understand the hell that has become life for those students who reject the petty bourgeois ideals of the American capitalist system. These students, who are ruthlessly attacked, beaten, bullied and harassed by the minions of that system, and who are under constant threat and pressure to abandon those ideals they know to be true and conform, have little recourse. There is no ballot for young people, there is only the bullet. So it can be of no surprise today that students have struck back with bullets and not through ineffective non-violent "civil disobedience."

In a world where the US government can murder thousands in Serbia and Iraq without condemnation from their puppet media organs, it is strange to hear condemnation of these young men in Colorado. If the US government shoots and bombs refugees in Albania, its "collateral damage"; well, from that perspective, let's the dead in Colorado collateral damage from the war against our pig society.

What saddens me most in Colorado is not that someone got shot; people are shot every day, and the people who were shot in Colorado are not particularly blessed people. What saddens me is that the people who were shot were not the most deserving. What saddens me is that the message being sent has been dulled by the choice of target. Had this shooting occurred outside a police station, or outside the NATO conference, or outside the White House, it would have been much more effective.

I understand the anger students feel against the preppy bastard "white hats". I understand the hatred of drone society and drone culture. I understand feeling that one cannot live within drone society, and I understand the feeling that suicide is one's only viable option. Before any UAP supporter commits suicide, I would commend to them the kind of glorious, vengeful death seen in Colorado today.

These two students said they found God in themselves. I agree. Man is God. This revelation, that the individual, and no outside power, is in control of the individual's destiny is often a difficult load to bear. It is the duty of the anarchist movement to teach individuals that they are in power, and that they can change, and that instead of striking back randomly they should strike back with precision at the most responsible and most evil elements of our society.

I would prefer that no one had been killed today, and that the young people involved had been turned into revolutionaries rather than suicide bombers. I would prefer the 'victims' had been educated and transformed rather than brutally murdered. But there are times when brutal murder is inescapable, and it is not for me to judge the situation without full knowledge of the relations between the shooters and the 'victims.'

Let me conclude by saying that I do not oppose school shootings, that I understand the anger involved, and that I would recommend only that in the future UAP activists be more circumspect in their selection of targets.


For more anarchist news and information, contact:

Utopian Anarchist Party

Post Office Box 12244

Silver Spring, MD 20908

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