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May 1999

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GunKid on Ritalin

Ian Goddard (


One month after the school shooting in Littleton, CO, where the leader of the two dead gunmen was on the mania-inducing drug Luvox, a youth on the mania-inducing drug Ritalin went on a shooting rampage at a high school in Conyers, Georgia. [1]

Ritalin, or methylphenidate, is a stimulant that, along with methamphetamine, is classified by the DEA as a Schedule III drug. [2] Ritalin makes "overactive" kids more manageable and obedient.

However, in some cases Ritalin can induce mania and "psychotic episodes including hallucinations" that subside upon discontinuation of the drug. [3]

Research also shows that Ritalin can cause normal brains to function like schizophrenic brains. As a study published in the journal "Archives of General Psychiatry" (9/88, p.827-32) states [4]: "Methylphenidate induced a pattern of information processing dysfunction similar to that seen in schizophrenic patients... Further, the time course of the observed deficits in both schizophrenic and methyl-phenidate-induced states is strikingly compatible with the temporal mapping pattern of monoaminergic neuronal systems."

While doctor-prescribed Ritalin use increased five-fold since 1990 [5], Ritalin is also a popular drug with students as a means to get high. As an article at states [6]:

"Some swallow [Ritalin] pills, while others crush tablets into powder and snort the drug like they would cocaine. Students report abuse has become so common -- and students like the drug so much -- that fraternities are stockpiling it with the same vigilance they take to ensure they never run out of beer."

Ritalin is also popular on the "Rave scene,"[7] and research shows that its mode of action on the brain is comparable to that of cocaine, [8] which can also trigger violence in some cases.

More information on the dangers of Ritalin:


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[8] (journal) Synapse: "Comparable changes in synaptic dopamine induced by methylphenidate and by cocaine in the baboon brain." January 1999;31(1):59-66.




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