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KON4M 99
May 1999

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Laws Violated at Columbine

An attorney asked me to make a list of crimes apparently committed by the assailants at Columbine High School in Colorado. I drew up this generic list and I was surprised by how long it was. Feel free to include this info in any contact you might have with your local media.


Alan Korwin, author of Gun Laws of America, prepared this list of types of crimes committed during the high school attack in Colorado.

Premeditated murder


Attempted murder

Aggravated assault

Assault with a deadly weapon

Assault and battery


Threatening and intimidating

Conspiracy to commit felony

Conspiracy to commit misdemeanor

Aiding and abetting

Providing firearm to minor

Providing handgun to minor

Possession of firearm by minor

Possession of handgun by minor

Possession of firearm by minor without federally required permission slip from parent or guardian

Possession of NFA weapon (sawed off shotgun)

Possession of explosives

Possession of explosives by minor

Possession of explosives with malicious intent

Making of explosives

Placing of explosives

Use of explosives

Concealed carry without permit

Gun on school grounds

Another gun on school grounds

Yet another gun on school grounds

Possession of ammunition on school grounds

Obtaining guns and ammo through bogus means

Discharging firearm in city limits

Disturbing the peace

Committing a hate crime

Multiple counts of all of the above

Multiple torts (harm suffered that is subject to civil lawsuits; Colorado prohibits lawyers from soliciting clients within 30 days of an injury, out-of-state lawyers are reportedly already calling relatives for potential clients.)

And of course, aggravating circumstances and anything a reasonable Colorado prosecutor could no doubt add to this list. For instance, Colorado law includes two to six years for the parents if they allowed the boys to possess a firearm, knowing of substantial felony risk.

In the rush to enact more laws, we perhaps overlook the fact that everything criminal about this heinous attack is already totally illegal. If you want to fix the laws, it helps to know what they are. We keep such information posted at our newly beefed-up website,

It is also critical to realize that 6,000 kids brought weapons to school in 1997 (according to the Dept. of Education), in complete violation of the federal Gun-Free School Zones law -- calling for at least five years in prison -- but the kids were just sent home. One of these was Kip Kinkle, who came back the next day to commit most of the crimes listed above.

Representatives in government are well aware that we barely enforce the perfectly good laws we have. So what, you must wonder, is their motive for instantly seeking more laws? What other agenda could they possibly have, using this tragedy to stir up support?

Alan Korwin, Author

Bloomfield Press

12629 N. Tatum #440

Phoenix, AZ 85032

Fax 602-494-0679



Alan Korwin is the author of seven best-selling books on gun law,

including "Gun Laws of America--Every Federal Gun Law on the Books, with

Plain English Summaries," and state gun-law guides for AZ, CA, FL, TX,

VA. This paper is part of an ongoing series, click Position Papers on

the home page, or write or call for copies.


When you disarm your subjects

you offend them by showing that

either from cowardliness or lack of faith,

you distrust them; and either conclusion

will induce them to hate you.

Niccolo Machiavelli

"The Prince"


Only the rulers should be armed.

U.N. agenda








The Committee to Arrest Criminals

and Leave Decent People Alone.


Another idea from

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Bloomfield Press

We publish the gun laws.

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