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May 1999

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Littleton & Luvox

Part II

Ian Goddard (


ABC's Colorado affiliate KCNC NEWS4 reports (5/4/99) [1]:

"[T]he coroner has released further toxicology reports on Eric Harris, one of the two dead suspects. Specialized testing shows levels of Luvox in Harris' blood in a therapeutic range."

While doctors interviewed by The Washington Post [2] and CNN [3] claim there's no link between Luvox and aggressive behavior, the medical literature gives a different picture. Luvox is the trade name for fluvoxamine, which research shows can induce mania. A study found in the "American Journal of Psychiatry" (9/91, page 1264) concludes:

"Our observations confirm the efficacy of fluvoxamine [ Luvox ] in the treatment of depression but suggest that this drug can induce mania in some patients when it is given at normal doses." [4]

One symptom of mania can be "aggressive behavior." [5] Luvox is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). About such drugs Dr. Jodi Worrel of the Western Missouri Mental Health Center states: "Child and adolescent data suggest worsening of aggression with SSRI treatment."[6] Psychiatric-drug expert Dr. Peter Breggin states [7]:

"According to the manufacturer, Solvay, 4% of children and youth taking Luvox developed mania during short-term controlled clinical trials. Mania is a psychosis which can produce bizarre, grandiose, highly elaborated destructive plans..."

A study published in the "Journal of Clinical Psychiatry" (July 1995, pages 288-96) states about another SSRI drug similar to Luvox: "Fluoxetine-treated patients reported an increased frequency of...anger or aggression." [8] A study by researchers at the Hadassah-Hebrew University School of Medicine in Jerusalem published in the "Annals of Pharmacotherapy" concluded the following about Luvox:

"Our case series suggests that fluvoxamine may have the ability to induce or unmask manic behavior in depressed patients. Clinicians are alerted to monitor for this 'switching' effect..."[9]

In the "American Journal of Psychiatry" 9-91 study, patients suffering Luvox-induced mania were not helped by the anti-mania drug lithium, indeed it seemed to make them worse. Only when the use of Luvox stopped did the patient's mania clear. Not only Luvox causes mania. In a letter published in the "American Journal of Psychiatry" (3/90, page 372), researcher Dr. Alan Lipschitz states:

"I would like to draw your attention to a psychiatric aphorism that illuminates some mood disorder mechanisms: Every antidepressant that does not cure mania causes mania." [10]

So it seems mania is linked to many antidepressants. Eric Harris, who was said to be the leader of the two dead gunman, had been taking a mania-inducing drug and displayed aggressive and unusual behavior indicative of mania prior to his deadly shooting rampage at Columbine High school, when, as tests prove, he was on that mania-inducing drug, Luvox. (relevant _________________________________________________________

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By Jodi Worrel, Pharm.D., May 1998 Volume 3, Issue 5.


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Was the Littleton Shooting a Drug-Induced Mania?




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