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KON4M 99
June 1999

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©1999 John A. Quinn/NewsHawk, Inc.

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In what this reporter feels is some of the most bizarre, disturbing, inexplicable and chilling news yet about the Columbine High School shooting incident is news that a large NATO truck -- possible more than one -- and obviously at least some NATO troops, were reportedly present at Columbine High School within MINUTES AFTER THE SHOOTING BROKE OUT!

I ws notified by email by a TV viewer who DISTINCTLY recalls seeing the NATO vehicle while watching local TV station Fox-WFLD in Chicago shortly after the massacre began. The local station was picking up a live feed from a CNN chopper in the air above Columbine High School.

We have spoken with a station representative of WFLD and can at least verify that indeed they WERE broadcasting the feed as stated. WFLD however apparently has no video record of their own as they were rebroadcasting CNN's (live) video.

This information is EXTREMELY SIGNIFICANT, powerful evidence of what an utter lie the entire American populace is living under regarding the true, fundamental status of our nation, who's actually running it, and it's very socio/political foundations. This is literally DEVASTATING news for any of us who still believe we live in some sort of "free," sovereign democratic republic.

It has long been postulated, with some very good evidence to back it up, that the Denver area is one of the primary command, control and support hangouts for the NEW WORLD ORDER crew. Reams of evidence far to extensive to go over here give substantial weight to such statements.

This is what was reported regarding what our contact saw while watching the Columbine tragedy unfold on TV:

"I saw a NATO bomb squad from a live helicopter shot on made me wonder what they were doing there, who were the good guys and who were the bad?

OK, this is what I saw on FOX WFLD Chicago. They had a live feed coming from CNN and early on in the transmission they had a aerial view from a helicopter, at about 12:30 CST. In the parking lot right outside of the school there was what what looked like a blue moving van and in front of the truck there was a four foot blue curved shield (looking like a half of a barrel) with the letters of NATO clearly marked on this armor. Well the camera did a close up but after only a couple of seconds that feed was cut.

I am POSITIVE about what I saw on FOX WFLD Chicago within the first hour of coverage."

ANYONE who recalls seeing this while watching the CNN live camera feed from a chopper PLEASE contact NewsHawk at once!

NewsHawk has also since received further verification and corroboration that NATO military personnel were present at Columbine from people who saw such personnel with NATO body shields on CNN almost IMMEDIATELY after the massacre began--meaning they may well have been there ALREADY!!

The following supportive testimony from ( is indicative of what we've received.

"To MY AMAZEMENT I saw a dark colored outfitted person with a personal protection shield walking around and on the top of this shield it said = N A T O in white!! I said what in the hell are they doing there, 15 minutes probably into the scene?? !!! I'm guessing about the time John because this was MINUTES INTO WHEN THEY STARTED TO COVER IT LIVE (CNN or FOX)."

(This correlates time-wise with information revealed by my contact in Chicago watching live CNN footage a NATO vehicle at Columbine.-JQ)

"I was going for NBC and flipped down both CNN and FOX: they're two channels apart so hard telling."

John Whitney

The presence of NATO personnel and equipment operating ANYWHERE on American soil is utterly and extraordinarily outrageous; and a complete, total violation in every possible way of what WE BELIEVE TO BE our national sovereignty.

Furthermore, aside from these terribly serious implications just noted, the presence of NATO personnel and equipment at Columbine High so soon after the shooting began appears HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS in terms of their possible involvement in some way with the mayhem and murder itself, as this contingent was apparently literally on the scene immediately -- if not sooner.

Additionally we have noted that FBI personnel in riot gear were also on the scene at Columbine EXTREMELY QUICKLY--if you get the drift. I guess FBI riot squads and NATO vehicles and personnel just happened to be in the neighborhood of Columbine High School that morning. Okay.....

Adding additional weight to the reported presence of NATO personnel at Columbine, and even their complicity in the carnage itself is the following quote from Chris Wisher as quoted in the Boulder News on 04/21/99 in the article 'Student Massacre:' "They were just shooting everywhere," said Wisher. According to Chris the suspect who shot at them was wearing a black coat, sunglasses and a BERET. Unfortunately I did not get into specifics regarding the assailants' dress while asking him questions. The statement about the beret sounds an awful lot like he was describing a "Special Forces" type (European/NATO) military uniform.

Regrettably that channel of information seems likely to be cut off due to his parents' attitudes.

The following email from Robert Dobarganes ( contains yet further verification of military troops with NATO-like insignias on their clothing present at Columbine; AND evidence that at least SOME of the bombs and other explosive devices were NOT "backyard," or "Anarchist Cookbook" type devices, but rather very hi-tech, military-related explosives!

"Another thing I found has to do with an insignia on a supposed SWAT team member dressed in military camo age fatigues which looks like a three-point white star with points bent. This can be seen in a photo on BBC News website....

"My son had mentioned a report he had heard on a local radio station he listens, to shortly after the attack about one (or more) of the bombs having "mercury switches" which certainly must mean it was a military explosive. Sounds alot like same type used in OKC blast. This apparently never made it to Internet news or print sources."

In support of growing indications that NATO and/or other non-US military personnel were at the scene of the Columbine High School massacre are some questions put to Officer Steve Davis of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department on 4/22/99.

A reporter asked the identity of a 2-Star General on scene at the Columbine massacre shortly after it began. As this individual was reported not only in full dress but VERY CLOSE TO THE SCHOOL and CERTAINLY within any restricted perimeter set up by law enforcement, the possibility this person was US officer with a child at the school seems remote. In fact, as I saw this footage myself I can attest there was definitely a strong intimation in the reporter's question that this guy was at the very LEAST, shall we say, "notably out of place."

The reporter continued that the tape had been reviewed and the General's presence positively verified. Sheriff Davis didn't deny these facts but rather feebly and stutteringly contended he was unaware of any such person at Columbine.

If the TV crew was able zero in enough on the fellow to identify him as a 2-star general they would have EASILY been able to identify him by uniform as a "U.S." general AND of which branch of the military; and would very likely have said so.

The entire tone of the questioning here had an undertone which could best be described as very pointed, yet guarded--almost as if the reporter KNEW the repercussions of the presence of a non-US military officer on the scene immediately in such a sensitive situation was quite explosive at the least.

So it is NOW CONFIRMED that a two-star general was at Columbine High School very soon after the massacre began!

Even if it were a US military officer, that in itself is a violation of the U.S. Constitution which EXPLICITLY FORBIDS military personnel being used in domestic situations for any reason whatsoever--with the exception of a state of MARTIAL LAW!

How much more a tremendous violation of the most fundamental structure of our nation it is then to have NON-U.S.military personnel so involved! And on top of it all in such an apparently suspicious way!

This news of NATO and/or other non-U.S. military personnel active on U.S. soil--ESPECIALLY IN CONNECTION WITH such a situation in which there is INDISPUTABLE evidence of coverup and conspiracy--is truly so outrageous as to almost defy comprehension: certainly any quick and easy comprehension. There are many, many DEEPLY DISTURBING implications. The immediate presence of NATO personnel at Columbine High at the time of the massacre is highly suspicious and may, along with evidence on types of explosives at Columbine as noted above, indicate their DIRECT involvement in the tragedy. Furthermore it's undeniable that their ACTIVE presence ANYWHERE IN THIS COUNTRY is a tremendous, almost inconceivable outrage! Those political, military or other officials responsible for NATO personnel operating on American soil should be IMMEDIATELY ARRESTED, JAILED AND TRIED FOR HIGH TREASON!

Considering the obvious usurpation of the once relatively benign and purely defensive NATO and it's military machine by New World Order proponents Blair, the Royal Family [who by the way own MASSIVE amounts of property in the DENVER AREA!], Clinton and even more so GORE, along with a staggeringly long list of other traitors and sellouts; AND considering the growing indications of a devious and fundamentally malicious NATO/NWO agenda in the mushrooming Balkans World War 3 warmup, the NATO presence at, and involvement in, the slaughter at Columbine High School would seem to auger EXTRAORDINARILY NEGATIVELY for the immediate future of our country.


This information could and SHOULD lead to SERIOUS social uproar and unrest in this country.

© 1999 NewsHawk Inc.

All Rights Reserved


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