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Monday, May 03, 1999



The Littleton Massacre's Hidden Mind Control Connections

Part I

© 1999 John A. Quinn/NewsHawk, Inc.

All Rights Reserved








So now we have it. On Saturday May 1, in outright contradiction of dozens of eyewitness accounts, other evidence, news reports and in contradiction of all common sense AND of their own statements regarding the focus of their investigations for the preceding week and a half, Jefferson County law enforcement officials announced that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold "acted alone" in carrying out the murderous rampage at Littleton's Columbine High School. Two "lone gunmen." No other involvement, no conspiracy at all. Well isn't that just peachy. And blatant, bold, bald-faced lying of the first magnitude.

Strange indeed how a pronouncement of such significance on an issue of such undeniable gravity was made at a date and time whereby it received very little attention from the press: late in the day on Saturday. In fact, the actual news item did not show up on our radar screen until Sunday morning. Hmmm...

In the aftermath of the murderous rampage at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, an avalanche of mind-boggling grief and heart-wrenching tragedy will haunt the lives of many families for a long time to come, as it will haunt the memory of a nation. Colorado's Attorney General referred to the madness at Littleton as one of the most tragic days in our entire national history, a sentiment many would pretty much share. What's more, an avalanche of questions, fears and doubts on nearly everyone's part about the madness at Littleton remain fundamentally unaddressed.

However one thing stands out very clearly in the days following this horror. The news and information disseminated to the public by the investigatory agencies involved in the case through the mass media is now being manipulated extensively, and some of the most significant information mentioned in the original news reports from the scene has literally disappeared from all discussion of the events, along with those individuals OTHER THAN Harris and Klebold who were described by EYEWITNESSES as being directly involved in the murder and mayhem at Columbine.

I've been tracking the events at Littleton and subsequent numerous indications of official coverup and disinformation regarding the massacre at Columbine High School on April 20.

Such a coverup can be easily demonstrated by analysis of certain facts and information--in particular information in EARLY news reports from the scene at Columbine that day.

Proof now exists that significant information on the case is being withheld from the public. As well, extremely pertinent information has been pieced together regarding Eric Harris's past and that of his father, along with numerous other unexplained facts and circumstances regarding this tragic, horrifying and ultimately deeply sinister incident.

Very strong indications have been uncovered showing this was a covert operation utilizing a severely mind controlled subject, Eric Harris, and other more senior operatives in carrying out an incident of murder, mayhem, devastation and madness; engineered to have massive sociological impact on the psyche of the American population and also the world in general.

On behalf of those whose lives were lost and indeed on behalf of us all we must examine what really is and has been going on with the Littleton massacre and subsequent coverup.


As a coverup in the massacre at Littleton is undeniable, a good place to look for hints to the truth is in the earlier news reports from the scene of the event. All early news reports mentioned AT LEAST 3 gunmen entering the school, due to MANY, MANY eyewitness accounts of such by students and faculty.

A MAN, seemingly too old to be a student and NOT the person in a white T-shirt identified by witnesses as throwing bombs or grenades onto the roof of the school, was photographed being arrested and taken away. All mention of this person has now vanished from the news and from statements by any officials. This individual has NEVER been specifically identified or referred to again by anyone or any agency investigating this case.

In addition, the person in the white T-shirt seen throwing explosives is another individual whose actions and identity have never been satisfactorily explained either and who has also now vanished from all reports on the incident.

The coverup now in place concerning the person in the white T-shirt is that several days after the event it was put out that one of the two "lone gunmen" (funny how they never said WHICH one!!!) took off their black coats later in the day to reveal --amazingly enough--a white T-shirt. Yet Mr. White T-shirt was seen OUTSIDE throwing bombs on the school roof AT THE SAME TIME as Harris and Klebold were in their BLACK TRENCHCOATS murdering people INSIDE the school!!! Thus another apparent assailant/accomplice is explained away into nothingness.

Furthermore, there are yet other eyewitness descriptions of a gunman murdering people inside who was NOT Harris, Klebold, Mr. white T-shirt OR Mr. black-T-shirt, described as "not a student," very "ugly," with bushy eyebrows. So the UNDOCTORED news from Columbine High School showed that there were at least THREE assailants OTHER than Harris and Klebold involved in this "operation."

And what about the 60+ bombs, the numerous guns, ammunition, etc.?

All logic and reason would indicate that it would be virtually impossible for these two alone to have brought all these materials into the school undetected, so of course law enforcement officials said they were "looking" for accomplices. My guess is that law enforcement, either intentionally, or as a result of pressure, or as a result of being completely clueless due to manipulation of events by other agencies, will NEVER find any other accomplices--which evidence shows DO exist and are not ONLY "Trenchcoat Mafia" members or even students at all, but secret government MK agents.

Noteworthy also is that regardless of how many were involved other than Harris and Klebold, the 67 explosive devices found in and around Columbine High School went completely unnoticed as did the logistically complicated task of positioning these devices. Unusually unobservant personnel at the school it would seem, unless this represents further indications of "inside" complicity and involvement on the part of strategically placed operatives--one or more quite possibly staff members.

Further, why did it take law enforcement personnel nearly THREE days to enter the school building? There is a distinct possibility that in this period of time evidence could be tampered with, rearranged and tailored to contradict and invalidate critical eyewitness testimony regarding the particulars of the massacre.

On Thursday, April 30, ABC News released the results of a poll conducted the previous day. The poll had but one question: Do you think Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold acted alone at Columbine High? The results were that over 83 percent of the respondents believe Harris and Klebold did NOT act alone.

One wonders why such a poll would even be conducted!

What does it really matter what the public thinks? THE ONLY THING THAT SHOULD MATTER IS THE TRUTH AND THE FACTS! If they did not act alone and there is evidence which shows that, AS THERE IS, then get on the case! If they DID act alone, then what difference does any poll make? The fact that such a poll was even conducted clearly shows a intent on the part of the covert government and their pawns in mass media to gauge just how effective the manipulation, coverup and disinformation is working in this case.

On Saturday, May 1, the final lid was put on the coverup with the following news item: "[LITTLETON, Colorado (CNN)] -- The two students blamed for the Columbine High School massacre apparently acted alone and it is not likely others will be charged in the attack, Jefferson County District Attorney Dave Thomas said Saturday.

'There is no positive, affirmative information at this point that anyone other than Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were involved in this event,' he said, referring to the April 20 shooting and bombing spree at Columbine High School that left 15 dead."

Interesting how this statement was made the DAY AFTER the ABC News poll was released showing over 83 percent believed there were others involved. I would refer Mr. Thomas to all the eyewitness accounts and early news reports from Columbine High School to refresh his feeble memory.

There is blatant manipulation of information in the news currently being doled out to the public about the Littleton horror.

There are massive and glaring inconsistencies and oddities, loose ends and unexplained discrepancies between the EARLY reports from the scene and subsequent, "doctored" reports of the "official" story NOW being promulgated here--and they demand an immediate response from any and all official investigatory agencies involved in this case.

Principal investigators at the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department received a request for just such a response on Wednesday, April 28. The Sheriff's Department has declined to respond.

Perhaps one of the most blatant indications of official coverup is the fact that neither the verbatim transcripts of documents retrieved from Eric Harris's website, NOR the footage from Columbine High School's security cameras have been released to the public. This fact is literally screaming official coverup and disinformation: is anyone listening? Why hasn't this material been made fully public? Very likely because it would utterly disprove certain key elements of the "official" story.


Further information indicates that Eric's father Wayne could well have been more than a little involved in certain activities leading up to the massacre AND involved in the material posted on what was supposedly Eric's website. It also appears likely Wayne Harris was involved in the numerous tests of explosives described on the website.

Wayne Harris was stationed for many years at Plattsburgh Air Force Base in NY, a location with a verified 18-level underground known to be involved in mind control operations tied to MKULTRA, and other covert operations. Eric Harris was born and raised at Plattsburgh, and the family just moved to Littleton in 1996.

I reprint here a portion of an email received from an employee of an NBC affiliate TV station.

"I was lucky to download the scanned drawings and "the book" document from the AOL directory that allegedly belonged to Eric Harris. MSNBC showed the drawings and also mentioned the document which was "unreadable" due to the format in which it was saved. I saw that and immediately went to the MSNBC chat room and asked the address and one of the persons there gave it to me, so I downloaded it.

"After a while, MSNBC said that the AOL account was going to be deleted and that 'the FBI is analyzing the document which may implicate the father of Eric Harris'...

"I tried to view the document which had a .doc extension but it was unreadable in Word 97. didn't have time to check it out until Thursday, and I finally got to it. Do you have that document? It is the one that shows how to make the pipe bombs etc. The interesting fact about it is that when you read the document it appears that it was no kid who wrote it.

"I gave this information to the News department where I work. They were 'amazed' about the true nature of the letter but when they finished reading they 'threw' out the papers and didn't care a thing about it. That was the reporter who was following the story! I don't know but that is very suspicious. I sent the letter to the News Directory and I got the same result. What is happening? Are they following a pre-defined news agenda?"

This investigator has in fact come into possession of the text of the documents retrieved from Harris's website, cited above. The text itself reveals some astonishing and heretofore unpublicized information.

The drawings from the website which have been made public would indeed seem to be the work of an adolescent: in fact they contrast rather sharply with the generally proficient command of language evident in the text on the website.

The text, among it's rabid ravings and omnipresent, oppressive litany of hate and devastation, also details ongoing, extensive, thorough and methodical testing of various and sundry methods of mass murder and mayhem, and additionally makes references to a group cryptically referred to only as "DELTA" as being involved with such testing and research! There seems a distinct possibility this refers to Delta Force-related operations. There are also references to problems in carrying out certain tests due to some "war," and other references to difficulties in procuring gasoline due to an IMPENDING war (apparently a reference to something which hadn't yet happened and something thus obviously unknown to most people--except someone with ties to the [covert] government? In fact, perhaps a reference to impending military action in Kosovo and the simultaneous manipulation of gas prices in the U.S.?)

Overall I find a great number of indications in this material that this is not Eric Harris's (or not only) writing, but that of someone older. How could this guy have been carrying out the kinds of activities here without someone, certainly a PARENT, knowing what the hell was going on? And WHERE could all this testing have been done, no matter if Eric or his father were conducting it? At a government-operated training facility of some kind? There are references which could indeed indicate a link to Delta Force training programs.

Wayne Harris is also indicated in coded data at the end of the document as the author of the documents, though that could be some kind of default setting related to product registration or other files. Much more significant is the extent of the research, preparation and testing of various explosives cited in the website document.

It is a fact that Eric Harris owned and utilized his own computer for his website; Wayne Harris's computer and software wouldn't likely have been utilized in the creation of what was supposedly Eric Harris's website without the father's knowledge; and if so, that Eric would have been so extra-ordinarily careful as to leave absolutely no files, data or any other clues to such apparently continual activity for his father to find.

Of course it seems unbelievable as well that Mr. Harris could be unaware of things like bomb-making materials and sawed-off shotgun barrels lying around his son's room.

As noted, Wayne Harris was a member of the Air Force for many years stationed at New York's Plattsburgh Air Force Base. Plattsburgh has been known for some time as a site for covert operations, including "psy-ops" and other mind control-related research. Son Eric was born and raised at Plattsburgh--certainly a very likely and easy target for covert mind control operations aimed at young people. Wayne Harris could very likely have connections to other military and intelligence agencies such as Delta Force.

Wayne Harris now will not talk to investigators of the Columbine High slaughter without a grant of immunity from prosecution.

Part II

Part III


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