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Monday, May 03, 1999



The Littleton Massacre's Hidden Mind Control Connections

Part III

© 1999 John A. Quinn/NewsHawk, Inc.

All Rights Reserved



There is a significant red flag, in my opinion, in the following facts regarding Eric Harris, widely acknowledged to be the mastermind of the devastation at Columbine High, the "dominant" personality in his relationship with Dylan Klebold and it would seem at least a would-be ringleader among the Trenchcoat Mafia crew.

In my research of the covert government's various and sundry mind control operations and certain related activities, a number of military bases and facilities such as national laboratories like Oak Ridge, Sandia, Los Alamos and Brookhaven have stood out as being in many cases closely or even inextricably linked to a number of these mind control activities. The Presidio Army base in San Francisco was the scene for CIA operative Col. Aquino's psychosexual abuse mind control operation aimed at children in the base's daycare center. Vandenberg AFB in Santa Barbara County has also been named as a site for "MK" activity--much of it in the verified, documented subterranean facility there. Long Island's Montauk Air Force Station and nearby Brookhaven National Labs is of course another location for lots of mind-tweaking weirdness.

In a section of my report on the current state of the Montauk Project and related activities entitled "Phoenix Undead" which lists some known subterranean facilities where evidence shows covert "psy-ops" activity being conducted, I referred specifically to an installation beneath Plattsburgh AFB in northeastern New York State. Plattsburgh AFB has a VAST, 18-level subterranean facility.

Columbine perpetrator Eric Harris was born in Plattsburgh and spent his whole life there until his family moved to Littleton in 1996. Eric Harris's father was an Air Force pilot stationed at Plattsburgh AFB.

What's also curious here is that Plattsburgh AFB closed in 1994, was SUPPOSEDLY completely inoperative and the property due to be "recycled" for various other uses by September 1995. And yet Harris was still in Plattsburgh well after 94-95! The only thing still going on at Plattsburgh AFB after 1994 would obviously be covert activities. The peculiarities regarding the text of documents from Eric Harris's website and the likelihood that father Wayne Harris was connected to not only the documents themselves but ALSO to the activities described therein CANNOT be forgotten.

Local residents and other eyewitnesses report that the base, though somewhat deserted, was still in some level of operation in 1997 even on the "surface," AND that top-secret operations were definitely going on in the documented 18-level underground complex beneath the base. This was verified by EM/RF signal detection equipment. Aside from mind control related operations, the base at Plattsburgh has currently been verified as a site of particle accelerator/beam research and experimentation.

There are indications that in the 1960s Plattsburgh AFB was linked to the horrendous Ewen Cameron, president of the American Psychiatric Association, The Canadian Psychiatric Association AND the World Psychiatric Association, and his massive abuses in the MKULTRA (drug and neuroelectrically-based mind control) Project just over the border in Montreal. Reports indicate that this legacy continued at Plattsburgh through the 70s and beyond with electromagnetic/radio-frequency MK activities tied to some of the experimentation at Montauk.

(Mentioned also in Phoenix Undead as a location for covert operations linked to Montauk's mind control experimentation is Stewart Air Force Base in New York, in between Plattsburgh and Montauk. Military facilities at Malta, N.Y. are also strongly tied to MK operations at both Montauk and Plattsburgh.)


A girl at Columbine High School said gunman Eric Harris's "eyes were dead."

This phrase stuck out in my recollections of (early) news reports from the scene at Columbine.

Eric Harris was being treated by a psychiatrist and was on Luvox, one of a class of drugs similar to Prozac, which like Prozac has been proven a potentially deadly combination when taken my mentally or emotionally unstable people, at least in certain instances.

Interesting that Eric's psychiatrist was supposedly not only unaware of Eric's violent and blatantly antisocial tendencies but also of the many reports and studies showing the potential for disaster with Luvox and similar drugs when administered to younger people in general.

I consider psychiatry in general to be a highly suspect field, which has had extensive and irrefutable links to the CIA and other intelligence agencies throughout most of it's history; certainly in this country at least, and certainly in Nazi Germany as well.

The odious Ewen Cameron, with his inexhaustible supply of connections to the CIA, NSA and other ultra-malevolent intelligence agencies and their equally malevolent agendas, was in fact the president of all the world's major psychiatric associations.

Cameron's successor, the current president of the American Psychiatric Association, felt called upon to issue a public statement on April 30 about the fact that Eric Harris was not only being treated by a psychiatrist who was incomprehensibly ignorant of his propensity for violence but that Eric's psychiatrist had also prescribed the mind-altering drug Luvox for Eric.

The official statement said that there is "little" valid evidence (notice it did NOT say "NO" valid evidence) which proves Luvox can precipitate seriously violent outbursts. Regardless of such "official" blather, a plethora of tests and real world experiences have PROVEN that these drugs, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, can be DEADLY when administered to unstable personalities--ESPECIALLY UNSTABLE YOUNG PEOPLE!

In fact I'm fairly certain that administration of this drug (and VERY LIKELY others) was one of many programming techniques used to turn Eric Harris into a sociopathic, conscience-less, vicious killer. Additionally the administration of Luvox may very well have been implemented to serve as a "cover" in a way: that is, a convenient explanation for what most human beings would consider inconceivably brutal and inexplicable behavior.


Harris in particular appears to have been severely and extensively programmed--likely through a variety of techniques including the subliminal programming embedded in a good percentage of many video and computer games, popular music and TV/movie "entertainment". The fact that he was also under the influence of Luvox fits into the overall methodology used in crafting an mind-controlled agent who is a programmed, obedient, remorseless homicidal alternate personality.

In the report on the current state of the Montauk Project and related operations entitled Phoenix Undead it was pointed out that information from a number of sources indicates that the Denver area is a massive NWO headquarters: in particular that the streets of Denver are teaming with Montauk Boy programmees--and that vast numbers of such programmed youths, perhaps up to 10,000,00 in the United States alone, comprise some sort of mind-controlled, a NWO "sleeper" strike force if you will.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were both said to have been avid fans of the many ultra-violent video games available to young people today.

Phoenix Undead shows how there is a strong likelihood that much popular entertainment aimed at youth, especially the many computer and video games so extremely prevalent and popular with young people and teens, may in some cases be conditioning and programming the participants not only overtly through "virtually" carrying out continual acts of mindless, mindnumbing violence and mayhem, but also through subliminal commands and directives embedded in the game or entertainment itself.

Researcher and author Alex Constantine has reported that a high-ranking executive of one of the major computer/video games manufacturers is a member of a religious cult, Subud, inextricably linked to CIA mind control operations utilizing psychosexual abuse and other programming methods upon young children.

Journalist Robert Sterling of The Konformist has noted substantial indications of the intelligence-military-industrial complex's hanky-panky and clandestine involvement in various elements of the entertainment and toy industries, and numerous points of correlation between a few sure objectives of this group and such abundantly violent video games like "Mortal Kombat". Sterling also notes how the initials of "Mortal Kombat" are "MK"--as in MKULTRA.


Is Gore A Member?

As for the "Trenchcoat Mafia": the group does apparently exist though to some degree they are definitely serving as a scapegoat and lightning rod in the official version of the Columbine horror, to help divert any possible attention to the potential involvement of government-run mind control operations.

Information has come my way pegging the geographical origins of the group to the Northeastern U.S., and a number of sources indicate a link between the Trenchcoat Mafia and Neo-Nazi elements, "Satanic" cults as well as of course the heavy metal, "goth" pop culture. There is also no doubt Harris and Klebold were wearing black trenchcoats when they carried out their murderous mission.

Other less credible rumors portray the Trenchcoat Mafia as not only a Nazi-obsessed hate club but also a homosexual group, but there seems to be nothing solid which supports this contention.

A very creepy and peculiar fact has been brought to my attention. During the "official" ceremony for the murdered students on Saturday, April 24, Vice-President Al Gore and many other of the attending officials wore--guess what?--a BLACK TRENCHCOAT!!! This is absolutely true; and it's literally impossible to believe these individuals were unaware of what they were wearing and it's highly sinister inappropriateness given the situation! My own admittedly subjective impression from watching Gore live on TV that day was that I felt nauseated by something I was picking up from him and/or the proceedings in general.


Researcher Kent Steadman has found evidence which indicates that HAARP transmissions occurred right around the time of the shootings in Littleton, and also that a telltale ring pattern showing some sort of electromagnetic phenomena targeted the Denver area two days before the shooting, a phenomena which was ALSO extremely prevalent and noticeable at the time of the Jonesboro, Ark. school massacre in March, 1998.

My report Phoenix Undead cites the countless pages of documentation which PROVE that HAARP has had major mind control and "EM Warfare" agendas ever since it's earliest stages of existence. The potential to use HAARP as well as other EM/RF systems and networks to trigger mind controlled agents through specific, mood and thought-manipulating transmissions cannot POSSIBLY be denied or overlooked, and some evidence does show EM/RF transmissions and effects which correlate to the time and place of the massacre at Columbine.

The previously-noted large unidentified antenna arrays nearby Littleton and Denver at Golden, Colorado should also be considered a likely source of mind and mood altering transmissions.


As a final note of caution, notice how after literally HORDES of federally funded (and federally trained no doubt) psychiatrists and other "grief counselors" have descended on Littleton and helped to "reprogram" the witnesses and victims to "process" the incident in "appropriate" and "approved" ways, Harris and Klebold have been officially pronounced the only perpetrators involved and the story has virtually vanished from the media.

The various subliminal/psychological cultural and social manipulations and other (covert government) agendas have been accomplished.

Anybody who knows they saw more than two assailants at Columbine High is likely going to be shunted off to the side, and will be scheduled to receive an awful lot of additional, intensive "grief counseling" (i.e.: psychological manipulation from government-trained psychiatrists), along with hefty doses of a number of mind-altering pharmaceuticals, mood elevators, hypnotics, sedatives, anti-depressants and the like. And if all that stuff doesn't work and certain people just won't say they never saw anyone but Harris and Klebold, I fear they may be getting a ticket to ride--of one kind or other.


We should never forget that the children are without any doubt our future--as a culture, and as a human race. If we cannot protect them from such monumental disasters as the Columbine High massacre, and even more importantly protect them from the utterly corrupt, vicious, brutal and inhuman covert government lurking underneath the surface of the carefully contrived, staged and executed horror at Littleton, then what future do any of us have?


© 1999 John A. Quinn/NewsHawk, Inc.

All Rights Reserved

Special thanks to Ian Goddard (, Manuel Lozado, Robert Sterling ( and Kent Steadman ( for their assistance in compiling this article. They can be emailed directly for further information.

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