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KON4M 99
May 1999

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Sifting Through the Rubble

©1999 John A. Quinn/NewsHawk, Inc.

All Rights Reserved

The interview with Columbine High School student and massacre witness Chris Wisher, along with other facts uncovered regarding the horrifying tragedy at Columbine, provides proof positive that a far deeper and vastly more sinister, terrifying, and threatening reality skulks beneath the surface of that horror; profoundly more disturbing than the incomprehensibly vicious murder and mayhem itself, and how it may have first appeared.

You, me and our entire nation MUST pursue the desecration of justice, truth, innocence and what remains of our Constitution as proved by facts about the monstrosity at Littleton and the outrageous coverup being conducted in it's wake.

We must DEMAND the truth be known for the sake of our very future -- which is in fact the well-being of our children; and on behalf of the lives lost and the families shattered. The reality which operated behind the scenes of the nightmare in Littleton threatens the foundations of our existence so fundamentally that the "authorities" are attempting a coverup in the face of dozens -- perhaps HUNDREDS -- of eyewitnesses to the fact that there were a NUMBER of other participants involved in the deadly rampage at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999.

Attempting a coverup in the face of numerous photos, TV footage, and news items showing other assailants being ARRESTED at the scene of the mayhem that day, NEVER TO BE HEARD OF AGAIN.

"Authorities" have attempted to pull off this coverup in full view of literally tens of millions of people; in particular those who get their information from the mass media -- like MOST of us! Providing assistance in this primetime coverup special (on ALL the networks!) was an extraordinary performance from Mr. Al Gore; having the grace and presence of mind to make SURE to don his SUBLIMINALLY LOADED ankle-length black trenchcoat before delivering his positively reptilian laxative of a eulogy to the severely manipulated crowd and viewing audience at the "memorial" service for the slain innocents on 4/25/99.

That would be the memorial service at which the truth about Littleton -- already so gravely wounded, was supposed to be buried.

My interview with Columbine witness & student Chris Wisher proves CONCLUSIVELY and for all time that a coverup at Littleton is without any doubt whatsoever in effect.

This is what was told to me repeatedly by Columbine witness Chris Wisher and what was clearly implied by his father. Other gunmen were DEFINITELY involved; and law enforcement investigators are coercing witnesses into making their stories conform to the two "lone" gunmen theory.

I had an intensive initial conversation with Chris for about 40 minutes. He was absolutely clear and direct in his comments nor did he falter or say things differently at different times. Chris is quite intelligent and expresses himself and recounts his experiences very well.

Due to the extreme intimidation being applied to the young people from Columbine High not only by having investigators coerce them into NOT saying there were more than 2 gunmen but ALSO through the even greater intimidation of having some of the gunmen back at class, back in circulation, right "on the scene" to enforce silence, it seems an act of sure courage for Chris or anyone else to speak out about what's going on.

I have contacted him a second time to clarify some points and ask him to give my email and phone number to friends and other students who were witnesses to the terrible events and are NOT being listened to by investigators.

The most important point to consider now, which I discussed with Chris Wisher, is this. Why in the name of heaven would law enforcement and mass media attempt a coverup here? Chris said that the only thing he could think of is authorities don't want people to "panic", but we both agreed that could not POSSIBLY explain the coercion of witnesses "behind the scenes."

SO, why a coverup? Exactly the question.

I've thought of an angle such as a shooter being related or connected to someone in law enforcement, etc. The thing is, we are talking about dozens, perhaps a couple of hundred of witnesses to more than two gunmen. It seems inconceivable that even an ATTEMPT at a coverup would be made under such circumstances unless the stakes were incredibly high.

Let's keep in mind the FBI has been very involved with the investigation. Consider also that though the FBI is investigating the case they DO NOT HAVE JURISDICTION!

However for the FBI to back a cover-up or allow one to go down, obviously the orders must come from the VERY TOP OF THE CHAIN OF COMMAND.

I can't imagine the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department. trying to pull a coverup under the FBI's nose(s) and I'm pretty sure the FBI would NOT support any coverup based on a reason like that. Of course I could be mistaken.

If it was a foreign based terrorist attack, it definitely involved SOME (and that is WAY more than two) students as active participants -- which seems pretty unlikely to me.

Blackmail (to enforce silence/coverup) could also be a possibility but again I find it unlikely the FBI would be blackmailed in a case like this.

Basically I can't conceive the FBI would support (or be FORCED to support) a coverup UNLESS orders were coming down from the top, due to a really serious, heavy duty connection to some VERY upper-level and covert stuff.

However, considering the extraordinary degree of deception and gameplaying in the Orwellian hell inhabited by covert intelligence/military operatives, the FBI, at least the PARTICULAR agents assigned to this PARTICULAR case, may well be playing things completely straight and may be completely unaware of either any secret government involvement in the Columbine Massacre OR of any coverup. However they are not the primary investigating agency in this case and do NOT have jurisdiction.

The Jefferson County sheriffs are likely the ones enlisted to enact the hard core aspects of this coverup -- and if or when enough truth slips through the cracks, the plan is undoubtedly to let the local cops take the fall: chalk it up to gross incompetence and unpardonable, though "innocent" mishandling of the case in general by the woefully unprepared and generally ineffectual local cops (shades of JonBenet Ramsey!). Andy of Mayberry.

I'm SO sure.

My considered view after studying covert projects for a number of years is that The Columbine massacres and ensuing coverup stinks to high heaven of involvement and conspiracy at the HIGHEST, and more importantly the MOST POWERFUL levels of government -- far higher than any local or county/state- level involvement, corruption or connection.

That being the case, what kind of involvement and what kind of "project" could we possibly be talking about here? Massive social manipulation through utterly shocking, incomprehensible mayhem carried out by our young people. These mass murders by youngsters as a social phenomenon are absolutely unprecedented in human history. Those who carry enact scenarios such as Columbine, as well as such "operations" as the Oklahoma City bombing, numerous political assassinations and the like have been shown in nearly every case to be mind controlled "sleeper" operatives. The only type of agency which fits the bill in implementing such operations is a covert military/intelligence agency.

When you know, as I do, that our government has been involved in covert mind control research and projects for OVER 40 YEARS, then the type of involvement becomes more clear.

There is a tremendous amount of hard evidence to support these statements. The methods used to create a "Manchurian Candidate" have been in existence for a VERY LONG TIME. DRUGS (inc. Luvox, Prozac and the like) and EM/RF technologies are only some recent additions to the methods used.

There is a literal mountain of evidence proving the existence of such projects; showing how "mind controlled" agents are utilized in carrying out these "operations"; and showing these unfortunate souls are USUALLY "recruited" (ha-ha; more like kidnapped) at a VERY young age and subjected to various forms of severe, carefully designed and devastatingly effective mind manipulation techniques -- often involving elements of "ritualistic" psycho-sexual abuse, drugs, EM/RF = technologies, virtual reality programming, and the like. The result is the creation of a completely, separate, disassociated alternate personality within the targeted subject; a personality wholly and completely artificial, totally a product of what it's "masters" have made it -- a perfect, completely obedient agent, of whose existence the "host" personality is usually completely unaware.

This "alternate" personality can be the most ruthless, unfeeling, uncaring, and inhuman being one could ever conceive of. Literally a monster, a living robot, an automaton of death.

Reports indicate as many as TEN MILLION such "sleeper" agents are present in THIS COUNTRY ALONE.

Lest some think this is to be wild nonsense, be assured that there is proof positive of this; for example as a result of US Senate hearings in 1978 into some of the more infamous of these "research" projects like "MK-ULTRA". This particular massive Nazi-type violation of all human rights was conducted under the direction of the OUR CIA by Ewen Cameron in Montreal, Canada and other locations throughout the 1960s and early 70s.

There was MAJOR mind control experimenting going on; including dissolution of memory and TERMINAL sensory deprivation! This kind of evil is really pure Nazism and in fact this DR. Cameron OPENLY expressed his admiration for the methods and ruthless tactics of the Nazi butchers MANY TIMES!! What's even more incredible is that this demon was the PRESIDENT of the American Psychiatric Association., the Canadian Psychiatric Association., and the World Psychiatric Association. AND he was TOTALLY connected to the CIA and the NSA.

Based upon my knowledge of government mind control projects, the tactic utilized and the agendas these projects hope to implement, I can say with near certainty that: at least SOME of the other gunmen at Columbine were not students belonging to the "Trenchcoat Mafia." At least SOME of these murderers were senior mind control operatives on the scene of this carefully conceived and executed scenario designed to have a tremendous impact on the national psyche; there to ensure that everything went according to plan. Including the execution of Harris and Klebold.

UPDATE: 5/14/99

I have conversed further with both Chris Wisher on 5/14/99 and his father on 5/13/99.

It seems as though Chris is being a bit "his own man" as far as the interview goes. His parents are coming across as very reluctant to either talk to anyone about anything or to openly criticize or question the tactics of the Sheriff's Department.

Dad said that as far as he knows investigators haven't closed the book on the case and may thus be reluctant to say publicly where they are actually focusing, which may be true: however, such would hardly explain the coercion of witnesses in private, a point he readily agreed to when I pointed it out to him.

Chris indicated to me that he has not made his parents aware of his conversations with me and may not do so, as they are not in favor of speaking with the press, etc. Such is not the case with Chris. I did clarify a couple of points with him. The girl he knows who saw the large group (7-8 people) upstairs in trenchcoats with weapons was sure that at least some of the group WERE other students. There remains the possibility that some were not. Chris is sure that the individual he witnessed outside in black trenchcoat with a shotgun was NOT either Harris or Klebold. He also DID see both of them inside and they were not wearing masks.

I asked Chris to pass my phone number and email around to people he knows who were witnesses, whose testimony is not in line with the "official" version, which he readily agreed to do.

We ask WHY? Why would there be a coverup? Of course that is THE question. The only reason which truly makes ANY sense at all is that to some extent, in some way, there was involvement (in planning and execution) of this murder, madness and mayhem on the part of some kind of official, governmental agency at some level of government or other. Considering the incredibly shocking nature of the incident and the number of witnesses, etc. it seems inconceivable that it could be any other than an involvement by an covert, intelligence/military agency of the FEDERAL government. These groups so often used mind controlled agents to carry out their covert operations; incidents which are conceived, "designed" and "engineered" to have tremendous SUBLIMINAL and conscious psychological impact on the public; designed to shift and twist some of our most fundamental concepts of reality -- in a horrifyingly brutal way. There is MUCH evidence to show that this is fact IS a common tactic used by these subverters and despoilers of DEMOCRACY, who have hijacked our national government down the road to one world totalitarian government run by a New World Order.

As a parent I am so disturbed by not ONLY the utter monstrosity which occurred at Columbine but the blatant, flagrant manipulation and coverup going on in the aftermath.

It's absolutely UNTHINKABLE what an evil, wretched business is going on there now as indicated by the statements Chris made to me! That these students, who have had their lives shattered in an inconceivable way, are NOW being coerced by law enforcement to discard the truth, what they saw with their own eyes! I mean, is this really real? Yes -- the unbearable truth is that there IS a coverup going on, in broad daylight, in plain view upon the very blood and graves of our lost children.

Part of what makes a coverup work in such situations is the tremendous resistance and revulsion any normal human being must overcome to even focus ones attention on the terrifying facts of the Columbine mayhem, let alone the raging evil while lies behind it. It's human nature to want to avoid unpleasantness, and to accept an easy explanation when offered -- by the mind-tweaking covert government and their pawns and lackeys in mass media, rather than put any effort into seeking the truth for ourselves!

Consider well and fully the implications of what Chris Wisher has said.

I urge all in the strongest possible way to do all you can from where YOU are to change this around. FORCE the local media to open it up again. It's your children and mine whose lives and future are at stake. We must not let a coverup be implemented. With so many witnesses to the truth the efforts of all of us can prevent this.

Please spread the truth about what Chris Wisher has said to every single person you can and urge them, as I've urged you, to think about their children and all that we as a country, as a HUMAN RACE, have to lose if this kind of coverup and conspiracy is allowed to stand.

It's our children; it's our FUTURE.


©1999 John A. Quinn/NewsHawk, Inc.

All Rights Reserved




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