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April 1999

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The Littleton Conspiracy II

Virtually all of the following information has come from the AP wire. A handful of points come from The Konformist, Luke Ford, Salon Magazine, and television reports, primarily CNN.

My focus has been on similarities to the Paducah operation and the larger historic pattern.

From the AP:

In the 1950's the Pentagon ordered construction of the nation's first intercontinental missile factory in a secluded canyon here (Littleton). The factory is now owned by Lockheed-Martin where more than 10,000 employees (Littleton Population: 35,000-39,000) now build unmanned rockets and satellites for telecommunications and space exploration as well as CLASSIFIED MILITARY PROJECTS (emphasis mine).

Also in Littleton - National Digital Television Center - the research arm of the tele-communications industry.

Police Response:

* ATF and FBI presence.

* At least two hours for police to surround building and move in.

* 30 Biology students and 1 teacher waited 4 hours.

* Sheriff Jim Stone "We were way outgunned." Also "it appears to be a suicide mission."

This is as odd to me as deferring automatically to "dead" instead of "missing", "unaccounted for", or "injured" in reporting up to 25 dead originally. No autopsies had been performed yet. In fact the bodies were left overnight, adversely affecting the autopsies. (Much like the 12" of snow will affect the external evidence). Not to mention if there were other shooters how can we be sure it was suicide.

CNN cites unidentified sources as saying investigators have found a suicide note in one suspect's home. Claims the two "acted alone." "This is the way we want to go out."

All of this in light of:


(2) Sawed-off shotguns.

(1) 9mm Carbine Rifle

(1) TEC DC9 Semiautomatic pistol (modified version of banned TEC9 assault weapon)

At least (2) "fairly sophisticated" propane tank bombs (20 lbs.) At least 32 homemade timing and incendiary explosive devices plus homemade hand grenades (possibly with butane and shrapnel - BBs and nails).

Sheriff Stone: "They were going to burn the school up."

District Attorney Dave Thomas: "No one saw them carry it into the school and people did see them enter."

They were bowling with their gym classmates at 6:30 am and described as "bright and cheerful."



William Dave Sanders - teacher. Father of Alex Saunders, porn star, (like at least Syd Deuce, Kylie Ireland, Alexis Devell, Shayla Laveaux, and Juli Ashton also from Colorado). Described by the AP as "Married with AT LEAST two daughters." (mine).

Kyle Velasquez - significantly little description in AP wire report from day after which lists much more detail about all other victims - "Age unknown. Male."

Age unknown seems weird if he's a student and they know his name.

The Suspects:

Eric Harris 18 - father's a former AIR FORCE PILOT now works for unidentified "flight-safety business." He and wife considered "quiet couple" making "little effort to socialize."

Dylan Klebold: 17 - father former geophysicist. Mother raised Jewish. Great-grandson of prominent Jewish real-estate developer, philanthropist from COLUMBUS, Ohio. (mine), Leo Yassenoff. (Clinton canceled trip to Texas and dinner at COLUMBE D'or).

* Described as "nicest of guys" by some students.

* Described as "brilliant" in math and computers - "possibly best math mind in school."

One early television report said one the suspects FATHER'S was missing.

Student Makai Hall wounded nine times - "He's not the kind of person he's being portrayed as."

Crystal Woodman - "We've waited to do this our whole lives." Everytime they shot they "hollered" like they were excited.

Nick Foss - "the guys eyes were just dead."

Several students describe Klebold's sporadic and severe bouts of depression.

Both were RECENT NEWCOMERS TO THE TRENCHCOAT MAFIA and described as outsiders within an outsider group.


* Classmates said both "had made several class video projects last fall foreshadowing their spasm of violence." "They had their friends pretend to be the jocks, and they pretended to be the gunmen shooting them."

* Harris had made his own video where he bragged about his new guns.

* Investigators refusing to discuss CNN's alleged "suicide note".

* AOL profile of TCM member "Jessie" on Konformist website - eerily Sirhan notebook-like.

* Yearbook photo of some members of TCM captioned "Who says we're different. Insanity's healthy."

* Klebold's yearbook caption - "After going through many experiences in their lives, oftentimes students have regrets of past actions."

* Court officer name blacked out who found them "bright young (men) with a great deal of potential" three months ago - profiled after car break-in.

The Usual Media Suspects:

* CNN finds alleged "suicide note" saying two acted alone. Citing unidentified sources.

* CBS and Dan Rather - 48 Hours Wednesday Night - "Young Guns." That's VERY fast for getting a 60 minute TV show together. One day.

Also Saturday night special edition - "After the Tears."

* TIME MAGAZINE will be publishing e-mail from Klebold to Marilyn Manson site answering "many questions as to why Dylan Klebold was so angry at fellow classmates."

* "School never taught the truth about Humanity. They constantly feed us lies. Some of us are smart enough to recognize the lies, the others just sit blindly there absorbing useless information." Klebold.

* Typical letter to MM website (oddly, they practically made me want to check out such a cool guy.)

"Thank you very's kind of funny...when Marilyn Manson first came out...i hated his guts but i don't believe in running my mouth about something i have never experienced or listened i went to his concert and i have been a fan ever since... i love his music. " Carrie.

* CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll: 1/2 want parental accountability. 3/4 think kids should face death penalty.

* Attacks on media, movies, etc., oddly, attack the First Amendment as opposed to the usual culprit, the Second Amendment.

* German newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau - "absurd ideological justification that the owning of a weapon is a right of freedom."

Some Official Response:

Janet Reno - compares it to OK City.

FBI - subpoenas AOL.


"Perhaps now America will wake up to the dimensions of this challenge, if it could happen in a place like Littleton..." (Republican stronghold within state that's the center of the ultra-right Christian fundamentalist operations).

" build up grievances in their own minds and who are not being reached."

"Perhaps we may not fully understand. St. Paul reminds us that we all SEE THINGS IN LIFE THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY, THAT WE ONLY PARTLY UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING."

Also Clinton had grief counselors at his command standing ready to make the trip when called.

* Bill Reisman - criminologist who advised officers from several school districts that were the sites of earlier shootings: "Increasingly, the shootings are SUICIDE MISSIONS, AS WAS THE APPARENT CASE TUESDAY...Most of them believe that dying is now the solution..."YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE A LOT MORE. I WAS INVOLVED IN PEARL (Miss.) EVERYTIME THIS HAS ESCALATED, THE KIDS HAVE LEARNED FROM THE PREVIOUS ONE.'

* Justice Dept. $70 million for 600 police officers in 336 communities.

* Diane Feinstein - "It's time to break the NRA lock on Congress."

Salon Magazine ??? "The Littleton shooting conforms to a pattern: an apparently contented suburb - invariably describe as ANYTOWN USA - suddenly rocked by fatal violence. The perpetrators are outcasts or loners." (nut gunmen).


While I realize this is not necessarily earth-shaking, when coupled with Paducah, it make you wonder.



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