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May 1999

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Thursday, May 20, 1999



©1999 John A. Quinn (

NewsHawk Inc

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Seattle radio talk-show host Mike Webb and myself devoted over an hour to the many troubling inconsistencies, peculiarities, indications of coverup regarding the Columbine tragedy and possible reasons for such on his show of 5/20/99.

Webb had talked with Wisher himself prior to my conversation -- described below -- with Chris's mother on 5/19/99.

Of particular concern in what Mike Webb relayed on the air was the following statement: that Chris had told Webb during their talk that subsequent to the publication of my original interview with Chris on 5/7/99, he was questioned again by investigators, who found it desirable to "help" Chris "understand that it may have been ONLY HARRIS AND KLEBOLD" he witnessed, and that he could have been confused and disoriented by the situation!

How INTERESTING investigators made such a pointed effort to rearrange, distort and otherwise tamper with Chris's recollections AFTER publication of the interview with him! It should be noted as well that Chris's own mother stated that a GREAT NUMBER of Columbine students are aware that a MANY other perpetrators were involved in the mayhem at the school.

I can prove through phone records and my recordings that I have talked with occupants of the Wisher household on 6 different occasions. Two of these times I talked with Chris, the first time for abut 40 minutes. What Chris said is what he said. He's the witness, not me.

On 5/19/99 I talked to Chris Wisher's mother. Although a bit upset that my Internet article has generated a lot of phone inquiries to their house, she did spend about 15 minutes talking. She told me MANY of the kids from Columbine saw other people with weapons. She also told me that some of these kids just can't and won't go back to school because some of the people who were shooting are indeed there, back in school.

She confirmed every major point Chris told me. She told me that many,probably a HUNDRED or more, Columbine students witnessed other gunmenin the assault and that MANY of these will not go back to class because some of these assailants are back in school.

Unlike myself, she feels that with so many eyewitnesses to other assailants there is no way the police would be able to pull off a coverup, regardless of the reasons for doing so (we didn't really get into that). I hope she's right. I myself am not so sure, based on the most recent statements from investigators.

Mrs. Wisher also said she had personal knowledge that a female student was pressured into changing her testimony by Sheriff's Dep't. investigators.

Unfortunately I was NOT aware at the time of our conversation that HER SON had been re-contacted by investigators and subjected to THE SAME TACTICS! I doubt if she was aware of this either.

Why are the cops trying to get students to change what they're saying about what happened? She didn't have an answer to that, but I do.

Because if you put together the fact that there undeniably WERE so many other people involved, plus things like how other perpetrators GET AWAY; and get AWAY WITH IT?!, you can only come up with one logical conclusion.

That the at least SOME of the other people involved were NOT even students, but people connected to the covert (of COURSE!) government.

©1999 John A. Quinn

NewsHawk Inc

All Rights Reserved.

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