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KON4M 99
July 1999

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Thanks to Norio Hayakawa ( ) for helping me with the following.


Anthony J. Hilder

The first thing that came to mind when I heard the news about John F. Kennedy Jr.'s plane going down as he approached the airport on Martha's Vineyard, was "MURDER". Did the "Manhattan Money Mob" envision him a threat to their power base as they did his father and his uncle before their Manchurian Candidates blew them away? My guess is that they feared competition from the Kennedy charisma in the political arena.

Described as the "sexiest man in the world" by PEOPLE Magazine, the successor to Camelot was just too dammned attractive an opponent for the Establishment liberals to let live and have to eventually face in a presidential election that they "couldn't fix". Surely J.F.K. Jr. would discover who was behind the murder of his father and his brother and IT WOULD BE THEM. It only stands to reason that the Illuminati didn't consider John F. Kennedy Jr. "sacrosant". If the president and his brother Bobby weren't considered beyond their bullets in the 1960's, there's no reason to believe that Jack Jr. would not be considered an expendable target if they considered him a political threat.

One must always remember that it's "their boys" in the IGOR AGENCIES who plant the bombs, fire the shots and do "da dirty work" for the money mob. If ever they are discovered for having done the dirty deed, they're flushed like toilet paper into the cesspool of the system never to be heard from again. The banksters run this country like Murder Incorporated, and never personally carry out a hit.

When asked by one reporter at the first news conference on Martha's Vineyard concerning the mysterious disappearance of the plane, "Is this case being considered a crime scene?", Cape Island assistant District Attorney Michael Keefe sprung to the microphone and answered with an abrupt, "No!"......IT (the investigation) IN NO WAY SUGGESTS THAT THERE IS ANY INVESTIGATION OTHER THAN TO DETERMINE THE IDENTITY OF THE DECEASED". D.A. Keefe without having so much as a solitary clue as to what or whom caused the Kennedy Piper Saratoga to fall from the sky, drew the conclusion "that no crime had been committed" and that all fault laid upon mechanical failure or Kennedy's incapacity to flying his own plane which was doing quite well until it was blown out of the sky. Keefe summarily ruled out an explosion, a hit from a magnetic pulse generator of particle beam weapon. For all the district attorney knew (at that time, which was next to nothing at that time) "John John", could have been snorting some of "Clinton's Cocaine" and suddenly decided to take a suicidal dive into the drink to die.

The "only crime" that was mentioned at the conference concerning the killing of Kennedy and his female companions, was made by Captain Robert Byrd of the Massachussetts State Police, who said, "POSSESSION OF THIS EVIDENCE IS AN ARRESTABLE OFFENSE". What that meant, was that any civilian who gained possession of a plane or body part and decided to investigate on their own to determine whether the occurrence was an accident or MURDER, would be charged with a crime. I imagine that this would be especially true if their evidence did not validate the establishment's conclusions. The press has been serving us "their propaganda" spoonfed like pablum to a willing public who sucks up this swill.

Investigator James Sanders, the author of the book THE DOWNING OF TWA FLIGHT 800 has been charged with a criminal offense. His crime was to accept evidence that proved conclusively that the TWA flight took a direct hit by a missile.


The first newfeed via UPI verified that J.F.K. Jr., his beautiful bride and sister-in-law, were only 10 miles off the island and approaching the airport beacons some 13 miles away. John Jr. radioed in his location at 9:39 p.m. He made contact with the control tower informing them that he was going to drop off his sister-in-law before he took off again to his final destination. Little did he know that his next stop was to be at the bottom of the Atlantic sucking up salt water in a matter of minutes. As the news developed during the first four days, the Managed Media led Americans' mind far away from the possibility of foul play by showing hundreds of hours of stock footage from the Kennedy family archives, while carefully avoiding any information and all discussion whatsoever that was contrary to the establishment spin story which could prove that Kennedy had been murdered. Powerful personages behind the scene were directing the course of the story from day one.

The "political spin" was the only prop turning 24 hours after the handsome young piince, his wife and sister-in-law fell from Camelot into the sea for crab consumption. The Managed Media, hell bent on explaining the killing of Kennedy and his wife, created an infinite variety of computer simulations in a desperate attempt to explain away the mysterious crash in exactly the same fashion that they worked the TWA 800 story. Walt Disney's "Imagineers" have nothing on these storytellers. It was pure fiction replacing fact. To add insult to the injury, they showed countless hours of the Coast Guard, the Navy and the police divers searching hundreds of square miles for the missing plane. This was interspersed with computer graphics describing in detail what they wanted us to believe as to how the craft went down. If they had knowledge as to how the aircraft crashed, they should have had some knowledge as to where the Kennedy couple met the Grim Reaper.

Let's take a look at the facts. The Essex County Airport confirmed that J.F.K.'s plane left New Jersey at 8:45 p.m. and was flying at approximately 5600 feet travelling along the Connecticut and Rhode Island coast line to the point where he turned east towards Martha's Vineyard. He set his course to the airport's guidance beacon as do all pilots when there is not a clear visual sighting of the runway lights. There was no confusion aboard the craft. Everything was crystal clear as he spoke to the control twoer at 9:39 p.m. So why then would the next radar bleep show the plane dropping 1300 feet in 12 seconds and then disappear out of sight? Did John Jr. suddenly get an urge to commit suicide and plunge his craft into the murky waters? Or was it a sudden act of insanity that caused him to head for heaven or hell.

One fisherman who eyewitnessed the event said that he saw a bright flash in the night sky in the area where Kennedy's plane was making its approach. All of the major media ignored this valuable eyewitness. The networks squelched information forthcoming from the eyewitness but were quick to show stock footage of the Kennedy's playing football or walking on the beach. None of the networks entertained so much as the remotest possibility that the plane crash came as a result of foul play. There weren't so much as a hint of homicide.

But there's still another possibility. Engine failure! But wouldn't Kennedy have alerted the control tower, or sent out a May-Day call, had that been the case. He wasn't stupid.

Indications are, that whatever hit the plane struck like a wrecking ball upon the head of a new born baby and tore the wings from the fuselage like those of a butterfly. It's ironic that the media would make comparisons to TWA's flight 800 that went down in the same waters three years ago to the day, considering that more than 100 eyewitnesses testified that they believed that the airline took a hit from a surface to air missile. This fact was supported by video footage showing a rocket streak by in the background during a wedding ceremony. There is no question that the TWA airliner tooka direct hit from a surface to air missile.

On second thought maybe there's more to the networks discussion of TWA's Flight 800 and the Kennedy craft. There is more than first meets the eye. It was no accident then and this is no accident now.

What really should cause any thinking person to question the Kennedy killing, is that the same FAA team that labeled the missile attack upon TWA's FLIGHT 800 "ACCIDENTAL", resulting from an internal explosion, is now being brought in to investigate the caue of the Kennedy crash. Has the FAA being directed to create another cover-up? They are experts. They have experience in not telling the truth. They have a legacy of laying out the lies.

My guess is that investigators "from our side" like Rodney Stich, will uncover an overwhelming amount of evidence to prove this thesis. Our job is to plant the seeds of truth amongst the fields of deception, hoping that the Managed Media's Manure will fertilize this story giving growth to the truth and expose what I believe is more than just a hint of homicide.

If the same amount of time and money was spent uncovering Kennedy's killers, as was spent recovering Kennedy's corpse, the President and his pals might well have finished off their terms in the Big House, not the White House. But it's not too late if we work the "net".


The speculation that John F. Kennedy Jr. was going to announce that he would run against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic New York primary for the coveted New York Senate Seat will be buried with Kennedy's corpse. If there had been an election, it would have been a hands down win for the handsome New Yorker if he was pitted against Wee-Willie's carpetbagging wife. That's a given. But Kennedy funeral will put that story to rest, when they bury his campaign along with his corpse in the cold hard ground. As a consequence Hillary is left with no serious competition without so much a single vote being cast. Like John D. Rockefeller said..."COMPETITION IS A SIN".

Skeptics will be quick to say that the odds of the Kennedy aircraft being hit with a particle beam, a magnetic pulse generator or blown-up from a bomb placed in the aircraft before it disintegrated in mid-air, is no more likely than TWA's flight 800 getting hit with a surface to air missile, which happened three years ago on the very same date, in the very same area. But one can rest assured that the FAA investigators on the scene will reveal the truth and nothing but the they did with TWA's Flight 800. Would they lie?

Legitimate investigative reporters in their "RIGHT MIND" are invited to contribute their findings and extend their remarks on our Right Wing Rap Room. The IGORS, whose stories will attribute JFK Jr's early exit from earth to pilot error or mechanical failure. They are invited to post their comments and rebuttals on the IGOR INSIGHT SECTION of our website: WWW.FREEWORLDALLIANCE.COM

We are in the process of taking a survey to determine whether or not you buy into the "Establishment spin story" on the downing of JFK's aircraft, or whether you believe that Kennedy was murdered. Our first results from the poll showed that those believing that Kennedy's demise was an accident with no foul play, numbered 29%. Whereas those believing that he was murdered numbered 71%. If the latter applies, feel welcome to list the chief suspects and agencies you believe are involved.



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