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KON4M 99
July 1999

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Thanks to Greg Bishop ( ) of The Excluded Middle for forwarding the following.


JFK, Jr. Fill In the Blanks

John Shirley (

Mon, 19 Jul 1999

I wonder how long before the conspiracy theorists start in on JFK, Jr.'s demise -- they probably already have. It didn't take long for Princess Di.

Here's a form they could fill in:


JFK, Jr.'s death was actually a murder carried out by (fill in blanks)______________ because JFK, Jr. found some secret papers on __________ in his father's effects and/or because he was regarded as dangerous by_____________ because ___________ and they fabricated his death through means of ___________ but in fact he's really alive and being kept prisoner until_______________ and/or arranged for his own apparent death because he knew of the conspiracy against him by ____________ who are really part of the secret society of ____________ who ________ the Pope and are in _________ with _________ and the CIA and former members of the ________ who discovered that he had found out that UFOS are ______________ and was about to publish it in George Magazine. Another element in the conspiracy is the revenge against his father by __________ and the part played by Ted Kennedy in order to cover up his own complicity in the ____________ affair and to avoid reprisals by international drug cartel operatives working with the ___________ agencies in league with mind controlled ____________ from the _________constellation, as a direct result of World War Two era secret-science research into _____________ which was covered up by ____________ using hirelings from the _________ mob and the Asian___________ until the world's gold supply should be _________ by the international banking conspiracy which used JFK jr for a _____________ until he realized he was being used and pulled some strings in the military in order to create the apparent________ in the cold waters of the Atlantic near Martha's Vinyard.

The John-John Conspiracy

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