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KON4M 99
July 1999

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JFK Jr. Disappearance and Missing Radar Images


John Quinn (

Regarding the disappearance of John F. Kennedy's plane and all passengers: weather radar images, which have proven useful a number of times in spotting anomalous electromagnetic/radio frequency phenomena, are missing from the archives for the eastern Long Island/Martha's Vineyard area during two critical hours during which JFK Jr.'s plane apparently crashed/disappeared. This is significant due to that fact that Kennedy's plane was most likely taken down intentionally by a hostile action, most likely using an exotic weapons system. We have noted that a particle beam weapons system is in place at the New World Order's secret underground base beneath Montauk Point, RIGHT NEAR where the plane was last caught on radar, going down.

John Quinn/NewsHawk Inc.


JFK Jr. Disappearance: More Inconsistencies and Loose Ends

© 1999 NewsHawk Inc.

All Rights Reserved

News reports have mentioned that some people saw and heard an explosion in the air over the ocean south of Martha's Vineyard towards eastern Long Island, during the period of time John F. Kennedy's plane apparently "went missing".

An earlier report from about 3 PM on Saturday by Shephard Smith of FOX-TV named one of these witnesses--in fact a guest at the scheduled wedding JFK. Jr. was due to attend AND a friend of Smith's producer at Fox.

In later reports Smith no longer named this witness and referred to such accounts as "unconfirmed", which is how the rest of the media is referring to them. Don't expect these reports of an explosion over the ocean to ever be confirmed either, by the Clinton/NWO bunch. No doubt JFK Jr. was taken out.

It certainly doesn't sound as though Kennedy's plane had any standard mechanical problems--as such usually don't result in the plane igniting into a fireball visible and audible miles away!

We've received word that Kennedy had been in fact nosing around several lingering conspiracies; having just published an article in George about the Rabin assassination in Israel and about to put together an article on the attempted assassination of George Wallace in the U.S., and the socio-political forces behind the Wallace hit.

There is also an angle here of power struggles between varying families, bloodlines and factions thereof. Of course JFK Jr.'s bloodline is well-known. Indications are the Kennedys are in fact related to the Camerons--a family which has shown up repeatedly in secret society/ brotherhood circles tied to world power elements.

What is of interest here is the parents of JFK Jr.'s wife. Virtually nothing is known publicly of her father; she had been raised only by her mother. This issue could be a significant factor, especially in light of the obsession the Masons/NWO/Monarchists/Clintonistas have with bloodlines and such. There has also been some speculation Carolyn was pregnant. Shades of Princess Diana--another murdered victim of this bunch of cutthroats!

Furthermore, this tragedy occurred but one day from the 30th anniversary of the Chappaquidick incident involving Ted Kennedy. There have been strong indications for many years that incident was set up to neutralize Ted Kennedy as any kind of force to be reckoned with politically; due to the disgrace and so forth resulting from the Chappaquidick incident. It seems Mary Jo Kopechne's life was sacrificed by these murdering swine to keep Ted in line.

This aspect regarding the Chappaquidick incident should not be overlooked in regard to the latest Kennedy tragedy, knowing the proclivity of the New World Order satanists for enacting evens laden with symbolism, hidden meanings, subliminal messages, and bizarre, cultish ritualism.

Messages within messages.

Add to this package the missing weather radar tapes from late Friday night and early Saturday morning for this region and you have the overwhelming stench of a political assassination rising from the waters.

© 1999 John A. Quinn/NewsHawk Inc.

All Rights Reserved

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