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July 1999

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JFK Jr. - What Autopsy, What Pictures, What Bodies?

John Quinn (

Does Something Seem Strange About This?

Within about 24 hours of the supposed remains of JFK. Jr. his wife and sister-in-law being 'found" by Navy divers, autopsies were performed, the bodies cremated and the ashes scattered at sea.

The press was NOT allowed anywhere near any of these activities.

This REALLY does seem quite bizarre! What's the rush?

Furthermore no autopsy pictures were taken, a TRULY unusual move which is in significant conflict with longstanding, established procedure in nearly every nation in the world.

It's unusual for Catholics to cremate, but not unheard of. In this situation however, given the extraordinary speed with which the autopsies were performed and the remains then cremated and scattered at sea, I'd say the whole scenario is quite unusual and more than a little suspicious.

If these were indeed truly the remains of the occupants of Kennedy's plane, the obvious inference here regarding the above-noted circumstances is that the condition of the bodies was NOT in accordance with what their condition would be if the craft had impacted the water INTACT.

In other words, these above-noted events and circumstances would support the SUBSTANTIAL evidence from numerous sources indicating the plane was destroyed in mid-air; and is more in accordance with procedures followed when bodies of victims are in a severely lacerated, dismembered and disfigured condition; as would result from such explosive destruction of the aircraft.

The extremely brief official statement released by the Cape & Islands DA said only that the medical examiner determined all three died instantly of multiple traumatic injuries.

John Quinn/NewsHawk Inc.

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