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July 1999

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John-John Death Warnings In George

Edwin Johnston (

I hear ya on the John-John issue, which is similarly felt by the people at the World Socialist Web Site (Media sensationalism and the Kennedy crash:

However, indulge me a bit to lay out an assassination scenario.

According to William S. Burroughs in The Book of Breeething (Blue Wind Press, Berkeley, 1980) pictures have a way of controlling one's destiny:

"Question: What secret did Hassan i Sabbah learn in Egypt that enabled him to control and activate his assassins from a distance?

Answer: Energy from virus.


And what is a virus? Perhaps simply a pictorial series like Egyptian glyphs that makes itself real. Before the pictures conceived in opposition to Alamout could make themselves real the assassins struck, deriving their energy precisely from these hostile pictures. A general who planned an expedition against Alamout was killed by an old man who had worked in his garden for ten years. Caliphs, Sultans, Emirs were killed in their palaces by trusted servants."

And further on:

"This operation applies the curse formula. Recall that the death glyph is a man splitting his head with an axe. To what forms of self-destructive behavior is the target liable? Is he a fast reckless driver? Smoke too much? Eat too much? Drunk too often? Prone to loss of temper or other emotional excesses? Alternative programs can be set up and the operation computerized.


A curse is activated by hate. Mixture of sexual and hostile elements in the basic death formula.


[Potential assassins] Anyone with whom the good and soon to be lamented General comes into direct contact ... servants, friends, associates and above all sexual partners."


That said, let us look at the facts, er, pictures:

In the current (July 1999) issue of JFK, Jr.'s magazine George, there are a number of foreboding images and statements related to his coming death.

From the beginning:

page 8 Staff page - sidebar: "Move over, John Kennedy: A MYSTERY MAN takes George's helm ..."

page 9 NRA ad: Insert photo of woman aiming rifle being coached by man pointing way. Both wear headphones.

page 10 Editor's Letter: Photos of JFK, Jr. with various celebrities.

page 11 Versace ad: Two males models and one female dressed in black. (Reference Versace death conspiracy)

page 21 leaks and gossip page: Top - Photo of President Klinton dressed in black gown saluting skyward. (Reference JFK Jr.'s famous salute to his dead father and film clip of Klinton shaking JFK, Sr.'s hand.) Below - Photos of former Clinton staffer Mike McCurry looking askance at other photo of man in dark glasses on airfield in front of plane.

page 30 Time capsule (insert): Pop culture from July 1984 (when JFK was 23 years old!) shows Ghostbusters logo ("I ain't afraid of no ghost!"), Bob Woodward's book Wired on John Belushi (Reference Belushi death conspiracy) and Prince's song "When Doves Cry".

pages 42 & 43 Top Ten: Photos of three Republican congressmen with index fingers pointing upwards.

page 44 Players: Title: Warrior princess.

page 90 Best Little Mayor: (Reference JFK, Jr.'s Great Grand Daddy John F. Fitzgerald elected mayor of Boston) Pullquote reads: "... a priest said Mass over the hole." ( Reference Massachusetts: Boston, Martha's Vineyard, Woods Hole and Catholics.)

page 99 Comics: Bottom right-hand comic shows Dan Quayle with inflight magazine in pocket, titled "CRASH".


That's all I could find so far after just picking up the issue. There may be more.

And to top it all off, JFK, Jr. was facing East when his plane went down, just like the Great Sphinx in Egypt.

"Emerging through the false door on the eastern side of his tomb, the Pharaoh was instructed to set his course eastward. Lest he misunderstand, he was explicitly warned against going west: "Those who go thither, they return not!" His goal was the Duat, in the "Land of the Mountain Gods." He was to enter there "The Great House of Two ... the House of Fire"; where, during "a night of computing years," he shall be transformed into a Divine Being and ascend "to the east side of Heaven."

- Zecharia Sitchin, The Stairway to Heaven, Avon Books, 1980.

And of course, this could all be a ruse to take the public's attention away from the nationwide protests against the Pacifica Foundation's attacks of free speech.

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