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October 1999

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Mumia Abu-Jamal

September 9, 1999

"Every government is run by liars and nothing they say should be believed."

-- Journalist I.F. Stone (1907-1989)

With the recent revelation that FBI agents fired several "incendiary devices" into the flimsy, wooden home, headquarters and church of the Branch Davidian religious commune near Waco, Texas, began renewed charges that the agencies and operatives of the U.S. Government sparked the deadly conflagration that left 80 men, women and children incinerated.

For over 6 years the U.S. Justice Department said no such flammable canisters were used at any time on April 19, 1993. For over six years government officials lied, insisting that the Branch Davidians killed themselves by setting the fire in any orgy of suicidal violence.

Now, who can really say? The "incendiary devices" story was broken, not by a major U.S. newspaper, or network, but by an independent filmmaker and journalist. The national media is just following somebody else's play.

When the state attacked MOVE headquarters on May 13th, 1985, they also blamed MOVE people, saying they set their own home and headquarters aflame, incinerating themselves!

To date, almost 15 years after the police mass murder of MOVE men, women, and children (11 people), the *only* person to serve even an hour of jail was MOVE survivor Ramona Africa, "guilty" only of surviving.

Similarly, the WACO survivors have been socked into prison for exorbitant periods of time, based, at least in part, on FBI and government lies at trial.

According to at least one source, there was U.S. Army Delta Force members active at WACO. The magazine "Soldier of Fortune", as early as its August 1996 issue, reports Delta wasn't some background, observing outfit. "SOF" cites sources which claim Delta actually talked U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno into the chemical and armored assault on Mount Carmel. The magazine quotes a Department of Defense attorney saying the Delta unitmembers were "forward deployed" on the inner perimeter surrounding Mt. Carmel, adding that Delta's role in the assault was "much more advisory than observatory; active, not passive."

And now, the same government promises to, once again, "investigate" Waco. We are witnessing the birth of but another, "new and improved," whitewash.

@1999 Mumia Abu-Jamal

Murder of Mumia Scheduled

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