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KON4M 99
November 1999

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Found on the net:

"Why Waco?"


David's attempt to go to the Sheriff to have a methedrine lab closed down.

Taped conversations between APFN and Information Agents reveal that in fact a Methedrine/Drug Operations of as much as $30 million, some say $50 million a month was in fact a true drug/gun operation run by the CIA black ops while George Roden was in possession of Mt. Carmel. The cinder block area was a sealed vault accessed only via underground. This was the stash for CIA cash and drugs. Koresh and gang, in fire fight, take over Mt. Carmel from George Roden, broke into vault. Rumor is that over $17 million cash inventory. This all may be hearsay, but I have audio-video tapes. While I was in Waco Investigating, I was handed a handwritten note, from a waiter. This note said at top EYES ONLY, it confirmed the information about the methedrine lab and the volume of business. Now those in Waco, on the Pad were not very happy about D.K. messing with the operation. Nobody wants to hear about Amo Roden, but she also repeated this information to me, but I don't have that on tape. You can ask her, she is camped at the gate of Mt. Carmel and has been for all these years, but nobody has interviewed her... I took a walk with her and we talked for about a half hour. This was in Nov. 1994. We also spent that day with David's half brother, Roger. We can't expose' much more because we don't have no support and no protection. And, nobody wants to know facts and truth. Thats the way it is with a lot of folks that have detailed information. You get dead real quick.

P.S. I also have a letter from a person (handwritten) that was in jail with George Roden for several months... it confirms the above reveals additional information. George, died a few months ago in a Texas Mental Institute....


In response to the "Why Waco?" I must reiterate the obvious. In the earliest interviews conducted by Jim Marrs with the Sheriff who knew David Koresh, the triggering factor appeared to be David's attempt to go to the Sheriff to have a methedrine lab closed down.

In light of my personal knowledge that methedrine labs have been a shadow government operation in the United States resulting from a convergence of often conflicting agenda's, and typical modus operandi for this type of activity uses the technique of 'accusing the accuser' to smokescreen illicit "activities" and that the operators of this amphetamine lab were able to protect themselves from being exposed by using the strings they could pull in government to make David Koresh and the Branch Davidians at Mt. Carmel their patsy to take the heat of them is blatantly obvious.

As is typical with covert operations, one act often serves to satisfy many agenda's. The genocide of the Branch Davidians as well as the apparent assassinations of specific agents by other agents was obviously an attempt to assure no one talked (dead people don't talk). Other agenda's that were served at the time by this act was the distraction from the larger global policies of the New World Order seem immediately prior. Like the OJ Simpson Trial, the Mt. Carmal Holocaust had the focus of feeding the media frenzy with food that would not whet the American appetite for the X-Files type truths of the short lived 'Perestroika' here in the United States of America.

The gagging of prisoners in the United States by prohibiting media interviews is a further tell-tale piece of evidence that there is a story out there the government doesn't want you to know.

Of course, there are those with an apetite to kill anything they see as hippie or counterculture as well as those huddled in self defense and threatened with extermination because they were taught that they had freedom to choose how to live their own lives. What better way for a cabal engaged in corrupt global deceptions and rip-offs to take the focus off themselves than by promoting wars between factions they are bleeding to death: the old divide and conquer trip.

Indeed, the apparent criticism of the Director of the FBI, William Sessions, for his obvious awareness of global deception and subterfuge at the root criminal activities in the United States of America, was implemented artificially to assure that anyone truly aware of the conspiracy should not be allowed to act.

Before one blames the FBI, one must remember that the man in charge of the FBI was ordered by the Justice Department to keep his 'hands off' the Mount Carmel fiasco, even though he was the most knowlegeable public figure acting on behalf of American citizens to protect us from the global conspiracy.

Indeed, is William Sessions had been left in charge of the Waco Operation, you can bet your bottom dollar he would not have allowed any of the Mt. Carmel residents to have been harmed as he knew only too well that they would serve as witnesses in establishing the truth. Hence he was got out of the way so they could be murdered.

The tasty rumor that David or others among his group may or may not have been sleepers is moot. If they weren't, they had the potential. What seems certain is that the resident's of Mr. Carmel were murdered to keep them from talking. Any 'shootings' that occurred in the Mt. Carmel residence were probably mercy killings to put people burning to death in flames out of their misery. What seems certain is that the media has gone out of its way to portray a cult suicide where one obviously did not exist. The media has gone out of its way to avoid issues that would bring the murky dregs of this atrocity into the sunshine, such as the 'don't get involved' orders from the Justice Department to William Sessions. And we know the Justice Department claims this was only to prevent a 'conflict of interest' as William Sessions has ties to Waco, but we do not believe it for a moment.

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