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March 2005

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The Gurus Get All The Chicks:

A Review of "Secrets of Cult Leaders Revealed"

By Adam Gorightly

Ever dream of becoming a charismatic cult leader with a flock of female followers fawning at your feet? Well now there's an e-book by a fellow named Jack Ellis that gives you the ins and outs (no pun intended) of how to build your very own harem from the ground up, and make it a tax-deductible charity while you're at it! Of course, Ellis makes it clear that you don't necessarily need your own self styled cult to score with the chicks - but you can just the same use those time proven techniques that groovy little gurus and crazed cult leaders have used since time immemorial to get laid and grow prosperous.

In his treatise, Ellis first runs through a Who's Who of the cult leader elite, from master manipulator Chuck Manson to apocalyptic rock star David Koresh to document their notorious respective successes in the realms of sexual conquest and manipulation. L. Ron Hubbard also shows up on this list along with Kundalini sex swami Yogi Bhajan and Reverend Jim Jones of Guyana poison kool-aid fame, to name but a few.

The second half of Ellis' treatise gets into the nuts and boobs (pun intended) of how to use various NLP and seduction secrets to become a babe magnet of the highest order. Some of these strategies make sense to me while others seem a bit heavy handed for my liking, but hey if your not afraid of pretending you're the second coming of Christ, you sure won?t mind pretending to like someone when what you're really trying to do is turn them into mindless zombies who will sign over their life's savings and let you bed down their wives all in one fell swoop.

Of course, many of these techniques can be used outside of the realm of gurudom, at the work place or at home, in everyday interactions. Just think: a way to get your boss off your back or to convince your wife to have sex with you again!


Secrets of Cult Leaders Revealed is available at:

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