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September 2001

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General Strike on 911


I remember in the early days of The Konformist you were reluctant to publish material on the JFK assassination, reasoning that anyone still undecided on that one shouldn't really be visiting The Konformist. In that spirit I can't bring myself to comment on the obvious. We all watched the same thing. So, here are a few tidbits I thought you might find interesting.

The Boys from Brazil, aired on Bravo (brave) Sunday night. The Producers was the first play to reopen on Broadway.

Appropriate homage.


On 9/11/1965 -The Beatles album, "HELP!" (9-1-1 = Help!) reaches #1. It stays at #1 for 9 weeks.


On 9/11 1971 - the Attica uprising was just two day away from Governor Rockefeller's "kill them all, let God sort them out" orders. Order from chaos at any cost.

Nikita Kruschev dies of a heart attack.


On 9/11/1972 - members of the Israeli Olympic team were kidnapped and murdered by middle-eastern terrorists in, of all places, Munich, Germany.

Hmmm, vedy interestink.


On 9/11/1973 - Henry Kissinger and his good friend Augusto Pinochet, (war) criminally murdered Chile's democratically elected Commander-in-Chief. The animal rape, etc was yet to come. Don't forget Amnesty International's long-standing claim that Colonia Dignidad, the all-German "community," was in fact, a concentration camp.


On 9/11/1980 - Jimmy Carter oversaw the signing of the Camp David Agreement between Egypt and Israel.


On 9/11/1988 - Peter Tosh was shot dead in Jamaica.

Marcos was also born on this day in 1917.


I can't help but think of 4/20.


Pope Leo XIII issues "On Freemasonry" in fifteenth century.

Napoleon's birthday.

Hitler's birthday.

1914 - Militia murders 33 at Ludlow, CO. Numerous unarmed women and children. Rockefeller mines.

1933 - U.S. goes off gold standard.

1978 - Korean airliner Flight #007 shot down.


Central Park Jogger Attack.

Ruby Ridge.


Oklahoma City.



Okay, enough already with these "coincidences." I wonder what else has been going on lately. Lets see:

Lon Horiuchi, FBI sniper, Ruby Ridge assassin of unarmed woman, let off.

Federal Appeals Court rules he cannot be tried for crimes committed while performing his duty.

Janet Reno was going to Waco (unarmed women and children killed) to explain her role in Waco?! Hasn't she already done this a million times? Was someone finally going to explain what U. S. and British Special Forces were doing there?

Henry Waxman is calling for an investigation into Jack Welch, CEO of NBC's parent, G. E., apparently pressuring NBC employees to prematurely announce "W" the winner in the newsroom on election night.

A similar congressional investigation was supposed to force the administration into admitting it let Ken Lay and a few cronies draw up the energy plan.

Will "60 Minutes" continue to "investigate" Henry Kissinger's role in the illegal overthrow of Allende? Too bad no major networks investigated then.

Still haven't heard what's up with the 100-employee sexual discrimination lawsuit being brought against Morgan Stanley. I wonder if any of the plaintiffs were at the Morgan Stanley offices at the WTC.

The Argentinean "generals" are being arrested for their brutality. Remember, they were involved with Pinochet in Operation Noble Eagle, I mean Operation Condor.

Reuters reports FBI can't rule out Pennsylvania plane shot down.

When will we find out who was shorting the airline stock?

I've been wondering if you knew whether the Sr. V. P. of Raytheon who died on one of the planes crashed into the Raytheon offices in the WTC?

Now that Michael Moore has written that ABC may have videotape showing an F-16 in the background of the WTC (Matt Drudge reports the same seen on "Gamma" videotape), ABC has decided after ceaseless airings and major network airings of jumping victims, they won't be airing this tape anymore. For our sake.

Who is the mole in the White House? William Safire of the New York Times has raised this serious issue. How did the terrorists get code words and that day's schedule for Air Force One? At the strip club?

At Mr. Murder's network or it may have been CiaNN, a bodyguard of Gary Condit's was interviewed by phone a week or two before the WTC. When asked if he thought there was more to the story of Chandra and Mr. Condit (of the House Permanent Intelligence Committee) he responded to the effect 'without a doubt, just wait a couple weeks, and you'll see.' They'll probably restrict this footage also for our sake.

Convicted, though, pardoned, criminals, John Singlaub and Richard Armitage (of Air America's heroin) are heavily involved. Don't expect Oliver North (of Central America's coca) and FOX NEWS to talk too much about his friends' drug problems with all that opium in Afghanistan. I can't even bring myself to get into the oil. At least at Rupert Murder's network Ollie won't have to worry about finding a plane big enough to bring a ton of it into America. Someone else will be on that job. (By the way, the whore of Revelations rides on a "scarlet" beast. A fox is the only "scarlet" animal I can think of.)

Now that they found the passport, training video and instruction manual, and a duffel bag outside a neighbor's apartment, I'm waiting for the diaries and copies of Catcher in the Rye to turn up. When they do, remember Victor Marchetti wrote, in The Cult of Intelligence, that spies never keep journals. It would be counter to their very existence.

The German Army will be supporting us, but not with troops. Did I just say German Army?

Between this and Michael Douglas' new movie maybe we'll all start to see how easy it would be for a "small foreign faction" to kidnap a Lockheed Martin executive's daughter. Did I say Lockheed Martin?

In closing, it's true Maine, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia, California, even Florida for a while, were all "BLUE" states, but come on.


Gen. Strike

2nd Action Faction

American Resistance


P. S. I bet Howard Zinn understands the irony of the U.S.S. Teddy Roosevelt heading to Afghanistan.

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