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September 2001

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9-11: An Intuitive Perspective

Jaye C. Beldo


I had just come out of meditation on the morning of September 11th when I received a phone call from my boss. "Get over're never going to see anything like this." I threw some pants on and dashed across the hall and into his apartment. The first image I saw on the t.v. was the jetliner smashing into the World Trade Center and exploding. I fought the tendency to focus on the physicality of the event and managed to read the aura surrounding the building as it was impacted. As the flames billowed, a huge rift appeared above the structure and all this dark energy started pouring in. The aura around New York was torn wide open. Sensitized by the meditation, my clairsentient (clear seeing) abilities were quite heightened, enabling me to perceive these things. I made sure not to identify with what I saw as I do when meditating, but rather detached and focused on my heart chakra instead. While the horror unfolded before me I could feel something trying to cord my third chakra (solar plexus) and drain energy from me. It took everything I had not to get psychically sucked into the vortex created by the burning towers. It was nearly impossible not to gaze. I found myself becoming hypnotized by the horror unfolding before me.

I broke away and returned to my televisionless apartment and prepared for the work day. I vowed not to look at any mainstream media venues if I could help it. I had used this sanity preserving, avoidance technique on prior occassions such as when the Space Shuttle exploded in 1986. Avoiding the media has been one of the best strategies to help maintain a sense of a heart centered self, not to mention the fact that it enables me to thwart mind control most effectively.

I managed to get through the day quite well, until later that afternoon, when we went to one of our Jewish customer's house. I'm most fond of this customer primarily because of her warmth, humor and cynical wit. When she opened the door, I read her aura to see how she was handling the tragedy. It looked very similar to the aura surrounding the World Trade Center but on a microcosmic scale. Her aura was crazy (crazy literally means: full of cracks) and all sorts of dark energy spiraled around. She looked absolutely frayed, no doubt having watched the disaster over and over again, all day long on t.v. "You heard it hear first." She told us. "Bin Laden did it." Again I detached as best I could, feeling my stomach start to tighten up and outwardly went along with what she was saying. However, I knew that whatever she heard on t.v. could not be trusted in anyway. She had many cords in her third chakra. (for those of you who do not know what cords are, they are psychic cords or strings which attach to the etheric body. Cording is very manipulative. As an example, if someone wants to have sex with you but cannot tell you outright, they will cord your second chakra which is below the navel, in hopes that you will get the message and initiate something that will gratify the passive person doing the cording. A most helpful book which will clarify things like cords, auras and chakras is The Psychic Healing Book by Amy Wallace.)

On the night of 9-11, I went to bed early and could feel how the trauma was being pulsed through the atmosphere. I made sure to surround myself with bright colors and fell into a deep sleep. The next day, I woke up energized and high spirited, refusing to buy into the collective mind set that pervaded. I somehow managed to pierce through the pervading vibration of trauma, fear, hate and anger. All morning long at work I felt calm and relaxed. However, on the front page of the newspaper my boss pulled out of his bag at lunch, was the image of the plane hitting the tower. I looked at it, forgetting about the meditation technique of detaching and not identifying with what one sees. I felt nearly all of my positive energy drain out of me. My solar plexus tightened up and I began to feel nauseous. "God damned Muslims." My boss cursed. He had taken the bait like the legions of people who are not aware of how our psyches can be manipulated through the etheric body via the media. I simply went along with it, while knowing otherwise, chiming in with sarcastic comments like "Nuke em' all." I could see the dark swirls in his aura as well. I then realized that I had to be very careful about entertaining such thoughts since they were coming in through the torn aura of America and into my very own head. These negative memes were attempting to colonize my mind. Since then, I've been trying hard not to entertain violent, cynical thoughts but it has not been very easy at all. I just keep reminding myself to detach from the negativity swirling around. Please let me emphasize: detachment is not indifference.

I have received many phone calls from my intuitive counseling clients asking me how they should deal with the trauma of 9-11. "Turn off your t.v.s and don't read the newspapers." I have been telling them. Some called back and told me that was the best thing they could have done as it restored some resemblance of peace and sanity into their lives. I suggest the same to you as well.

Meditation has been most difficult since the attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Through the chakras located in the arches of our feet we can gain much information about what is happening to the earth. Through the feet chakras, I've been sensing the 9-11 trauma being impulsed through throughout the globe to further manipulate us on a massive scale. Most U.S. citizens are probably not aware of these kind of manipulations, especially those who do not have some kind of regular spiritual practice like yoga and meditation. It is this kind of awareness that the powers that be don't want us to have. I'm convinced that the more we fixate on the plethora of horrible images provided to us, the more psychically shut down we will become. As I got into a deeper meditative state, I paid close attention to the trauma coming up through my legs and into my first chakra, the chakra of life force, survival and past lives. I detached, breathed bright red into my groin area and relaxed. I could feel fear diminshing as I did this.

There is much sleight of hand involved in the propaganda that is proliferating itself through the military controlled media at the moment. I suggest paying attention to how your physical body, especially the solar plexus, responds to the images and the various forms of disinformation being fed us and begin to rely on this intuitive information instead of what is coming through the t.v.

Last night as I tried to fall asleep, my guardian angels came in and offered to do some healing on my crown chakra (the chakra of wisdom). Grateful for these very wise beings's help (wise enough to have learned how to excarnate once and for all from the earth plane), they seemed to be giving me some needed protection from the dark forces at large. This made it easier to see the entities taking the opportunity of entering in through America's torn aura and the aura of individuals as well, possessing people, no doubt fueling the growing hatred towards the perpetrators of the crime whoever they may be. While I was receiving this healing, negative entities tried their best to possess me. I felt bleedthrough from parallel universes of an overtly Nazified variety, universes taking advantage of the torn, collective aura of the United States. Many negative thoughts over took me even though I was aware of the etheric manipulations at hand. I successfully detached from these entities with the help of my positive guides and slept peacefully.

I only offer this intuitive perspective of 9-11 as an alternative to the highly manipulative, Corporate media blitzkrieg technique of radically impacting the collective psyche with such 'unforgettable' images of the disaster. From a karmic point of view, what happened on 9-11 is nothing new compared to previous disasters in the past such as found in Atlantis, India during the time of the Mahabharata War, or Nazi Germany. The only difference now is how we choose to respond. We can react to what has happened and fall into the mind control traps deliberately set up for us (supporting full scale war for example or whatever else George W. decides to do) or we can respond from a place of spiritual evolvement where we can see opportunities to further understand the abuses of power both within and beyond ourselves.

There is another recently published book I recommend: Catastrophobia by Barbara Hand Clowe. I once attended a talk given by this astrologer cum Pleiadian diplomat, on how the disaster of Atlantis is still alive in our cellular bodies. As she elaborated on this, I could feel the collective trauma of the sinking of Atlantis in the audience. Ever since Barbara's insightful talk, I have been most attentive to how this trauma and others like have been manipulated by the powers that be, especially through the Hollywood apparatus. Now we have before us, an excellent opportunity to study, from an etheric/spiritual perspective, how the 9-11 trauma is being used to mind, if not body and soul control the masses. We only need to overcome our personal fears and misgivings of using such perceptive abilities that I believe we all have, in order to do so.


Jaye C. Beldo contributes to the Konformist, Steamshovel Press, Disinfo.Com, ViewZone and other venues on and off line. He can be reached at Netnous@Aol.Com

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