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September 2001

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Kenn Thomas

From Biowarfare In America by the late Jim Keith (published in 1999 by the late IllumiNet Press):

"The possibility of a terrorist attack is far from simply theoretical; there are already calls from certain quarters for an attack on the US and its interests. According to a Reuters report for February 25, 1998, "Muslim militants have issued an open call for attacks on U.S. civilians and allied interests worldwide, U. S. security officials said.The calls were distributed by a coalition of Islamic groups in London and by Usama Bin Ladin, a Saudi national branded by the State Department as a 'well-known terrorists,' the officials said."

Unfortunately, although many individuals in government and the military are aware of the threat posed by terrorist groups employing biochemical weapons, there has been little done to prepare for such an eventuality, other than occasional trial runs dramatizing terrorist hits. The Army and Marine Corps have set up task forces to respond to biochemical attacks, but that is about the size of preparations that have taken place. [Steamshovel debris: Well, now they've restricted crop-dusters too.] Local authorities usually receive little in the way of responding to such a threat, and hospital personnel are often completely unaware of methods of helping victims of biowarfare attacks. Although antidotes, antibiotics, and other medical supplies should be stockpiled around the country, they are not in any significant quantity.

The situation is remarkably simple: virtually any group desiring deadly chemical or biological agents can readily obtain them. And any group in possession of this kind of weapon has the ability to bring a nation to its knees, if not destroy it entirely."

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