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April 2002

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Thanks to Kenn Thomas ( for the following.



I am forwarding this call for support to Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney who has been a courageous and almost lone voice of dissent (Reps. Kucinich (OH) and Lee (CA) being among the exceptions) against the dangerous and destabilizing course taken by President Bush in the wake of September 11. McKinney has had the audacity to raise questions that any thoughtful American would ask about the level of prior knowledge that Bush, the Pentagon and the intelligence agencies had regarding the 9-11 attack and who will benefit financially from the response to these events, including those close to Bush. She called for a full investigation into 9-11, and we should back her in this. She has been vilified in the mainstream and liberal press alike since her initial statements, calling her a "loony" and a "crazy leftist", along with "conspiracy theorist" of course. They are hoping to drive a wedge between McKinney and the Congressional Black Caucus. It is critical right now to write the Black Caucus in support of the Congresswoman and her request for full and open hearings. This missive also suggests making a financial donation to her upcoming re-election campaign.

Whatever support you can give her at this time is appreciated. McKinney helped to arrange for a panel discussion on the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and COINTELPRO at the last Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference, which had to be cancelled. The panel was meant to build support for new legislation, based on the JFK Records Act, to release the files about the King assassination and COINTELPRO. It was cancelled because of 9-11 events. Since then, Attorney General Ashcroft has worked to undermine the Freedom of Information Act and suggested renewing COINTELPRO operations by the FBI on civic and religious organizations. This makes it even more important to renew our push to free these files. McKinney will help us do that.

Please give her your support.

John Judge


From Bill Douglas:


We have a hero in the demand for inquiry into 9-11 !! A Congresswoman from Georgia has begun DEMANDING that the Bush/Bin Laden connection and the bizarre fabrications making up the official story around the 9-11, WTC attacks, be FULLY INVESTIGATED.

She has suffered much hate mail from this, and SHE NEEDS OUR SUPPORT !!

As you all know the vast resources of the Activist Kit have been provided freely. I have personally donated months of hard labor on making this information available to you all, and have expected no return for my efforts, just as you are all volunteering your efforts.

However, now I urge you to follow my lead. I AM DONATING $150 DOLLARS (US) TO Rep. McKinney TODAY! I ask that everyone who has helped distribute the Activist Kits NO MATTER WHAT COUNTRY, to send a donation to Rep. McKinney.

If each of you donated $20 (US) she would have over a $600,000.00 (US) donation. However, I am urging all of you to also network this request out to all of your networks, and to post this appeal on all the progressive and activist list serves, discussion groups,, etc. etc. as well.

IMAGINE the media attention we can bring to the 9-11 inquiry issue if Rep. McKinney suddenly got a few MILLION in donations because of our gratitude for her courage on DEMANDING INQUIRY into 9-11. Imagine the courage it would give other congresspersons to follow her lead. (if you all donated $20 and sent this appeal out to 20 people, and half of them sent $20, she would recieve a donation of $12 million US dollars.)

God bless all of you for your work. The New York Times reported this week the Senate committee voted unanimously to dramatically widen the 9-11 inquiries. This doesn't mean it's a done deal, it could still be glossed over. HOWEVER, with committed people of conscience like Rep. McKinney pushing and pushing behind the committees, WE COULD HAVE A REAL INQUIRY THAT COULD CHANGE THE ENTIRE WORLD FOR THE BETTER.

This is a miracle. Thank you all in advance for opening your hearts to this miracle and working tirelessly to spread this appeal to as many as you can "after" you mail off your own donation.

Here's a courageous person in government who deserves our support for standing up and speaking out: PLEASE SEND DONATIONS AND CARDS OF THANKS TO:


U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney

PO Box 371125

DeCatur, GA 30037



[You can contact her Washington D.C. office if you want to verify the above address, or send a thank you note, HOWEVER,DO NOT SEND DONATIONS to her D.C. office. Send donations to the above address of her campaign office.]


124 Cannon Building

Washington, DC 20515


ph 202 225 1605

fax 202 226 0691

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