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September 2001

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America as Mystery Babylon

Forty Symbolic Proofs

Brett Daniel Wills


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"The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy"

- Revelation 19:10


Picture by Fred Reifenberg


Revelation 12, 17-19


1. "A woman" - America, effeminate title

2. "fallen, fallen" - Twin Towers collapse

3. "in one hour comes to ruin" - Towers collapsed in little over an hour

4. "a city" - New York, New York

5. "world sees smoke of her burning" - media show towers burning to entire globe

6. "makes nations drunk with her trade" - Center of World Trade

7. "she held a golden cup in her hand" - Statue of Liberty, torch painted gold in 1980s

8. The woman is like Israel - America, Israel are inextricably bound together

9. "has two horns like a lamb" - Christian nation, constitutionally conservative

10. "speaks like a dragon" - Satanic nation, verbally and socially liberal

11. referred to as "great" - described as "great Satan" by Eastern Islamists

12. "glorified herself" - self-worship by worship of individuality, image

13. "lived luxuriously", "filled with riches" - America is the richest nation on earth

14. "clothed with the sun" - is armed with the greatest nuclear might

15. "with the moon under feet" - Apollo landing, only nation to conquer the moon

16. "rules over the nations of the earth" - single superpower

17. "the earth came to her aid" - international support

18. "given the wings of an eagle" - the eagle is a U.S. symbol, war effort is titled, "Operation Noble Eagle"

19. drunk with the blood of the saints" - spiritually apostate

20. "boasts, 'I am not a widow'" - brags of its goodness, yet is unrepentant

21. "in the cup that she mixed" - worship of God with worship of money

22. Three references to "a woman" - apostate church, paganism, imitates Israel

23. "has a crown of 12 stars" - alliance with and control over EU/NATO

24 God uses her enemies to burn her - international terrorism

25. seven nations, and an eighth against her - seven Islamic nations and Russia

26. "her sins reached to heaven" - leader in pornography, drugs, violence, greed

27. world mourns for her "from afar off" - nations distanced by Pacific and Atlantic oceans

28. Tower of Babel, symbol of multiethnicity - U.S., most democratized, ethnically integrated

29. Tower of Babel, symbol of one language - U.S. only multiethnic nation w/universal English

30. "come out of her, lest you share in her sins" - allure of American lifestyle, difficult to resist

31. "strong is the God who judges her" - a new era in warfare against a faceless enemy

32. "they will plunder her" - Terrorists call for the "plundering" of the U.S.

33. fourth bowl of God's wrath poured out - retaliation by U.S. employs nuclear option

34. God conveys it is Himself fighting her - Terrorists call the fight a "Holy War"

35. "the light of a lamp shall shine no more in you" - The Gospel hypocritically promoted ends

36. "music" of every kind "shall be heard no more - The U.S. is the center of all modern music

37. "the merchants of the earth mourn for her" - Stock markets and trade halt and decline

38. "The Serpent spewed.. a flood after the woman" - Thousands of terrorist cells network to destroy America through suicide bombings and biological warfare.

39. "The earth swallowed up the flood" - 68 nations commit to crack down on terrorists to aid U.S. Over 100 pledge support in fight against global terrorism, the largest coalition in history

40. "The dragon, enraged, went off to war with her offspring Christians persecuted globally by religious extremists.


Explanation of the Evidence

The Book of Revelation claims that there will be a nation in the end times which sits over the nations of the earth. It's symbol is a woman who holds up a golden cup in her hand, which she uses to make the nations drunk with the wine of her financial trading fornication. The statue of liberty comes immediately to mind. The original bronze color of the statue has turn a sickly pale green due to soot, and the torch was painted "gold" in the eighties.

On the very same page where mention of this woman, who is referred to as a spiritual harlot, is shown, just a few paragraphs further on, the same page reveals that this woman is "fallen, fallen" and goes on to mention that she is the center of world trade, and that she is also referred to "great". She is the mother of harlots, mystery Babylon. The word "mystery" implies a truth to be revealed in the latter times, "sealed up till the time of the end," and therefore cannot be interpreted in historical, traditional texts.

Go back to the book of Genesis, where Babylon is first mentioned, and we find that a "Tower" was built based on multiethnic pride, and that God struck it down. "As in the days of Noah, so shall the end be." Cut back to the present situation. We are a nation that leads the world toward global trade in preparation for a world system of democratic governance ("of one mind") and capitalism (love of money, idolatry) under multiple religions (paganism), as the leader of this trade, with the Twin Towers being the greatest symbols of that trade.

The bible says that the very beginning of the judgement of this harlot woman nation is that she is struck in one hour with fire, causing her "towers" to be "fallen, fallen," which begins the outpouring of the 5th bowl of God's wrath, leading to nations being "burned with the sun". Remember also that we are referred to in the East as the "great" Satan. The social virtues of community and non-materialism, as well as a deep fear of God, albeit a false God, is a profound condemnation against the West, which promotes Christianity yet is socially and morally bankrupt, apostate, corrupt. It is a gross hypocrisy, without equal.

The European Union, though it has expanded from 12 to 15 nations and is about to add more nations, yet has chosen to keep its unification symbol of a crown of 12 stars. Thus Europe is our crowning achievement of power, our allies, etc. The bible goes on to say that this woman has "the moon under feet". The sun is symbolic of nuclear arms, which are hydrogen explosions, the same as the processes of the sun, reaching the same measure of heat. Also, "the stars will fall from heaven." As a means of astronomical physics, that is impossible. But as a source of symbolism, it refers to nuclear war.

Lastly, God calls on Christians to come out America spiritually, lest we be corrupted by her worship of money and self. Today, Christians suffer severely from this. And God may well have to rapture us out of here in order to judge America in full. As long as we remain in it, God promises not to judge it in full, because "for the sake of ten" and even one, his "wrath is withheld" as well see in the Old Testament when prophet stood in the gap between God's anger and the apostate cities and nations.

So, we may indeed retaliate against terrorism and crush the nations that sponsor them. But until we overcome our own gross hypocritical religious nature on a national level, on a par that matches or exceeds the social virtues of the false theocracies, God has no choice but to judge us, lest he be otherwise be mocked by us and accused by the nations we endeavor to evangelize.

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