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September 2001

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Bush/Global Elite Behind Massive, Unprecedented 'Terrorist' Attacks, Analysis Reveals



-- Bush's 'Burning of the Reichstag'

-- Pentagon assault a move to demonstrate BushMob supremacy within the FedGov


Experts worldwide in numerous relevant fields have voiced similar disturbing questions regarding the horrifying attacks carried out against the United States today: questions which can logically and reasonably lead to only one inescapable conclusion. Indeed, speaker after speaker on many news programs broadcast in the aftermath of this morning's extraordinary assaults reiterated that to some degree or other, this morning's events HAD TO BE AN "INSIDE JOB."

This is certainly true -- to an extent which will boggle even the most stoic and unflappable of minds.

It was an inside job, alright -- inside, all the way to the very highest levels of the national government. Such as G.W. Bush.

Who just happened to be out of Washington D.C. today when the "terrorists" crashed one of their hijacked planes into the Pentagon.

By virtue of the extraordinary levels of organization, planning and coordination which clearly underlie this morning's horrendous assault upon the World Trade Center buildings in New York (more about the Pentagon assault momentarily); by virtue of the fact that SUPPOSEDLY "terrorist" teams WITH WEAPONS were able to board at LEAST five long-range jet flights this morning, undetected by ANY an ALL security personnel at the airports involved, and that members of each team were FULLY capable pilots with the know-how to aim large jets at specific targets; in light of the fact that APPARENTLY the intelligence agencies of the United States failed UTTERLY to get wind of this massive, obviously thoroughly planned, timed and precisely-executed military attack upon the nation; in light of the unarguable fact that "President" Bush's job approval ratings have been absolutely subterranean and are getting steadily worse, and that the global elite/New World Order so thoroughly embodied in G.W. Bush have been scheming for years on ways to burst America's bubble and put the people of this country more firmly under the heels of the globaloid "New World Order"; in light of ALL the above, there is literally and obviously no real doubt whatsoever that the incalculably vicious destruction unleashed today in this country was, in the ULTIMATE analysis, set in motion by the Bush InternationalCrime Family and the forces of global totalitarianism they are so closely allied with.

So many of the BushMob's high-priority agendas are furthered by this morning's events that it's just not possible they were not the original and primary motivators of the monstrous devastation wrought in New York City.

Very likely, working in close concert with their legions of cohorts and allies throughout the Middle East who in turn manipulate and instigate rabid anti-American sentiments among various Moslem populations, producing crazed zealots all to eager to die for their "cause", BushMob higher-ups exploited such elements, utilized their hate and anger and fomented the attacks carried out today, in furtherance of the hellish agendas of the global elite/new World Order. Such elements -- the "usual suspects" -- will no doubt be routinely accused, and massive "reprisals" of some kind will no doubt be implemented by the BushMobsters against unfortunate Moslem populations, thereby serving to increase the hatred of these people for the United States. Which is just what the global elite want.

Remember: when the federal building in Oklahoma City was bombed, the first fingers were pointed at "Moslem" terrorists. Yet Tim McVie, who surely had SOMETHING to do with that incident even if as nothing more than a patsy, was an ex-U.S. military man KNOWN to have been a subject in government mind control activities.

Very likely, considering the vast scope of the destruction unleashed today, the TRUE perpetrators will go much further this time in covering their tracks, and will have used Moslem extremists to actually carry out the suicide assaults.

Due to vast number of casualties involved in the destruction of the World Trade Center towers, the psychological impact upon the American people is likely to be very severe. It's a tried and true Machiavellian tactic: create the problem -- in this case, severe deadly attacks upon the nerve centers of the nation SUPPOSEDLY emanating from an "EXTERNAL" source, and then offer the "solution" -- possible nuclear war against supposed "foreign" perpetrators, and a massive increase in "martial law" type scenarios at home. Create a MAJOR "external" threat, and then sit back and watch the 'tribe" rally round the "leader."

Big, big win for the BushMob and global elite of the New World Order.

And what's more, the single most important location in terms of world commerce and finance was today utterly destroyed.

Look for a HUGE impact not only upon international finance and international affairs and relations but also upon the domestic economy and upon our society in general.

Start thinking about five-dollar-a-gallon gas.

And as for the hit on the Pentagon? Many of our sources have stated over the years that there exist tremendous schisms within the federal government. Anti-democratic (remember our last presidential "election?") BushMob/NWO elements are engaged in a serious struggle for dominance with other factions -- some of which actually are seeking to preserve and further democracy and human freedom. Some of these elements count among their ranks highly-placed members of the U.S. military.

The hit on the Pentagon could very well have been an additional move by the BushMob to cement and consolidate power within the highest levels of the U.S. military. You're either with us, or you're dead.

Indeed, as so many commentators and analysts have already noted, there is literally no way that what took place today in New York and Washington D.C. was NOT an inside job.

This is directly analogous to the burning of the Reichstag in Germany by Hitler: an event perpetrated by the Nazis yet blamed upon "Communists", "Jews" and so on, and used to terrorize the German people into acceding to the Nazi takeover of their nation. The BushMob, whose ties to the Nazis are vast, extensive and firmly rooted in time, is undoubtedly playing the same kind of card with today's "terrorist" attacks upon New York City and Washington


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