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October 2001

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There were NO hijackers

By Anonymous


The attack on September 11, 2000, was highly professional. The primary target was the World Trade Center (WTC), with the Pentagon [probably] only a decoy. There were NO hijackers on board on any of the four aircraft, or cell phone calls to anxious relatives. This is pure hysterical media hype.

Aircraft systems were functioning perfectly, including the IFF transponders, which were providing ATC with correct aircraft idents and telemetry. There were no mayday calls or "hijack" codes transmitted, despite the fact that the latter can be activated from four discrete locations on all of the aircraft involved. Once activated, a transponder "hijack" signal cannot be canceled inside the aircraft and can only be deactivated by ground engineers after landing.

The FAA knew this, and because there were no warnings at all, was compelled to immediately ground all four hundred aircraft in US airspace, all of which were potential flying bombs. At the same time the trigger-happy USAF was faced with an identical problem. How could it tell which potential "bombs" full of Americans it might have to shoot down next?

I don't think the USAF shot down the aircraft in Pennsylvania. Most probably it was a back-up aircraft, destroyed when it was confirmed primary and decoy targets accomplished. That said, shoot-downs could happen in the future. Your 50,000 reservists being called up include a large chunk of Air National Guard aircrew tasked with "Defending American Cities from the terrorists." Freudian slip from the White House there. How can you use Air Guard F-15 and F-16 interceptors to defend the cities from the "terrorists," if the "terrorists" are more "hijackers" already on your own airliners and already airborne en-route to their next targets.

The National Guard versions of F-15 and F-16 interceptors are both air superiority fighters designed to shoot down other aircraft. Cheney announced on TV that orders have now been issued for these aircraft to shoot down American or other airliners deviating from their flight paths. Travelling Amtrak will be a lot safer than flying.

Though I personally participated in UK in classified autoland (automatic landing) projects during the sixties, I cannot comment specifically on that because of the Official Secrets Act. However, I suggest you read the fictional story at the link cited below. Believe me when I say that what the author writes about is entirely possible, and far more beyond that. Think of radio controlled model planes and you might get close to the nature of the technology used.

Autoland is a system designed to completely control an aircraft from middle altitudes to precise touchdown on runway at a distant airport, with zero intellectual or physical input from pilots. Nowadays entire integrated aircraft systems are controlled by computers 1,000+ times more powerful than we had then.

It is 100% possible to take over the flight control computers of the 747, 757 and 767 if you have the right access codes and op frequency. The computers can also lock out radio communications including IFF transponders. Under these circumstances the pilots would be completely powerless, able only to look out of the window to see where they were being taken.

While I cannot disclose sources, I can say it was disclosed that the Pentagon [Boeing 757] CVR was "blank". CVR is in the tail section and cannot be "disabled" by a physical hijacker on board.

In the mid-nineties Lufthansa, appreciating the potentially catastrophic effect of "boffins" hijacking their Jumbos by remote control, and assisted by the Luftwaffe, stripped out the American computers and replaced them with classified German equipment. At the time I thought Lufthansa's investment extravagant and slightly paranoid. Now as I look at the video of those planes crashing into the World Trade Center, I marvel at the foresight of a few clever Germans. They at least are safe from a repeat performance of this sort, but alas, the remaining 2,000 American heavies are not.



After the strikes on the north and south World Trade Center towers, both could be seen to be completely stable. Then without warning the south WTC tower imploded vertically downwards, almost impossible after the massive west-east sheer forces imposed by the strike. Then the north tower imploded vertically as well, a scientific impossibility with the massive north-south sheer stress imposed by the strike.

Plus/minus five seconds after the first tower collapse, all cellphone contact in New York ceased, though that in Washington remained unaffected. On this, research for yourself of the web, "Source Region Electromagnetic Pulse (SREMP)." The worst effect is on extremely high frequency equipment [including cellphones]. SREMP decays over time, in simple terms like the ripples on a pond. The risk of SREMPs in war is the reason you have a nationwide very low frequency (150 KHz) emergency communications network. The cellphones don't melt. Sub-surface micro nukes of the W54 (etc) class do not produce a flash. Forget Hiroshima. It is the cellphone operating frequency that is temporarily disrupted, not the handset.



Within minutes of this event, Air Force One diverted to Offutt AFB, Nebraska, where George W. was secured in an underground bunker for more than two hours. Offutt is also home to the special "war room" Jumbos equipped to allow the US President to control WWIII from international airspace.

As for who the responsible parties may be, remember the occupants of the WTC have over the last two decades destroyed the currencies and lives of at least a dozen different nations, so the queue of "suspects" would probably stretch for miles, including a few Russians, British, French etc. Need I go on? Much more likely targets for Muslim nations would have been the UN & US State Department. The list of suspect nations with very serious grudges against occupants of WTC should [realistically] be extremely long. Why focus idiotically on a single deeply religious Arab, sitting in a tent reading the Koran and drinking a cup of mint tea?

I cannot confirm or deny US involvement. Were the factions within the US responsible for the WTC bombings, I don't believe George W. was involved. While I appreciate George W. may have a slightly higher IQ than Dan Quayle, he would never be advised of a forthcoming strike of this magnitude. When Air Force One diverted to Offutt it did so to protect and preserve the integrity of the Presidency itself, not George W. Bush personally, who is of absolutely no strategic or tactical importance to anyone.

If your political masters and lobbies had been directly involved in [or behind] the attack, a shower of punitive Tomahawk missiles and other assorted junk would have hit Kabul and Baghdad within hours of the WTC. They did not, and the former bullies in the school yard are now running round the world trying to get the weaklings to join them in "crushing terrorism". An extraordinary sight.

They have much to worry about. How long and how much do you think it takes to strip the computer flight control gear out of every modern heavy in the USA? One hiccup in the wrong direction with punitive strikes on the wrong people, and next "terrorist" targets could be Hollywood and Los Angeles, for example. Despite the tough talk, the US military and government are already being extraordinarily careful. After all, Afghanistan and Iraq are still on the map after the WTC bombing.


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