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December 2001

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Adam Parfrey




The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror by David Hoffman, published in 1998 and put out of print as the means of settling a two million dollar libel suit against Feral House from Oliver "Buck" Revell, who had just retired from the FBI as its Deputy Chief. Feral House did not carry legal insurance at time of the suit; First Amendment organizations, and PEN and ACLU "regretted" not being able to assist Feral House. Lawyers competent in publishing law required retainer fee down payment far higher than Feral House had in its bank account.

A year after Feral House was forced to settle, "Buck" Revell moved on to sue author David Hoffman and former Pentagon CID investigator Gene Wheaton, who was quoted in the OKC bombing book about Revell's connections to Oliver North and death squads. Hoffman's defense received funding by a wealthy midwest conspiracy nut, and Revell's suit was thrown out of court as baseless.

When reading the "Teflon Terrorist" chapter of Hoffman's book today, I discovered a possible reason why the ACLU refused to assist Feral House in a bogus lawsuit. One footnote recalled that the ACLU worked tirelessly on behalf of Abraham Ahmed, who the legal organization claimed was a victim of racist profiling. On the same day as bombing, Ahmed attempted to fly from Oklahoma City to Amman, Jordan, but was stopped at Heathrow Airport after American Airlines flight security notified the FBI of the Middle Easterner's suspicious behavior. Ahmed was cuffed and returned to the U.S. after his luggage was found to contain such things as two car radios (the sort used to bomb Pan Am 103), silicon, solder, shielded and unshielded wire, a timing device, a photo album with pictures of weapons and missile, and a blue jogging suit similar to that seen worn by an Arab suspect in front of the Murrah building on the morning of the blast. Perhaps prompted by ACLU's media tirade, the FBI promptly released suspect Abraham Ahmed, and President Clinton apologized to the Arab-American community.

Feral House's OKC bombing tome, praised by Gore Vidal in the September '01 issue of Vanity Fair as the best book covering the terror attack, appears to have important relevance to the September 11 tragedy.

"Teflon Terrorists" documents how McVeigh and Terry Nichols had continual contacts with known terrorist entities up to the day of the Murrah Building blast. Nichols was married to a Filipina woman, and took trips to Cebu City, Philippines (WITHOUT his wife) in late '92 and early '93 to meet with such friendly folk from the Abu Sayyaf terrorist org as Ramzi Yousef, Abdul Hakim Murad, Wali Khan Amin Shah and several others to discuss the bombing of the OKC building.

Murad was arrested in 1995 for the initial World Trade Center bombing, and after viewing the Oklahoma City Bombing on a New York jail television set, he remarked to a guard that the "Liberation Army of the Philippines" -- a group connected to Abu Sayyef, was responsible for the blast. Later, Abu Sayyaf leader Edwin Angeles corrected Murad for the record: "It was the Palestine Liberation Army and the Islamic Jihad which Murad was referring to. This army is associated with Hamas and is based in Lebanon."

After the Oklahoma City Bombing, Saudi intelligence told the FBI that Iraq had hired Pakistanis to do the Murrah Building job. Edwin Angeles is a Pakistani.

David Hoffman's now-banned book also interviews Cary Gagan, who for years trucked cocaine for PLO-affiliated Arabs while informing for the DEA. Gagan, whose written immunity is reproduced in David Hoffman's book, was freaked one day after finding that he was not trucking coke but 30 duffel bags of Ammonium Nitrate explosives from Sandex Explosives of Las Vegas, C4 plastic explosives, and a Lely farm mixer, the same mixer seen with McVeigh at the Dreamland Hotel in Junction City by witness David King. Gagan's urgent and frequent calls to the DEA, and later, the FBI, were ignored.

The Neo-Nazi Middle East Connection

Members of Elohim City, the Oklahoma-based neo-Nazi/Christian Identity operation visited and called by Tim McVeigh -- even the day before the bombing -- spoke a lot about blowing up federal buildings and killing Jews and blacks. Carol Howe, who informed on Elohim City for the ATF, told of discussions of where to buy Syntex plastic explosive and favored areas to explode it. Howe's informant reports actually became discovery evidence and appendices to the Feral House book after the ATF arrested her for compiling lists of bomb ingredients and using her phone to distribute racist information -- all undercover activities performed on behalf of her employer -- the ATF.

Carol Howe's one time boyfriend, Elohim City resident Dennis Mahon, even boasted to journalists that he was paid by Iraq for anti-Gulf War and anti-semitic mischief. But Iraq severed their ties with Mahon soon after the bombing. "The cut me off -- a month after the bombing! Bastards!"

Hatred of Jews and American government is a purpose shared by Christian Identity and Muslim fundamentalists. On April 19, 1995 the exact date the Murrah building was bombed, "Covenant, Sword and Arm of the Lord" (CSA) member Richard Wayne Snell "chuckled and laughed" as he watched television coverage of the Oklahoma City disaster, hours before his execution for murdering a black state trooper and a pawnbroker he believed was Jewish. In 1983, Snell and other CSA members were arrested for attempting to truck bomb the Murrah building.

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