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November 2000

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A Dark Conspiracy

African-American Precincts Victims of Widespread Fraud

Robert Sterling (

Editor, The Konformist

(Robalini's Note: Though this story focuses on merely the darkest allegation of voter suppression in Florida, there is widespread evidence of fraud against African-Americans under the Jeb Bush regime. That none of this evidence, much less the evidence in this article, has been investigated much nor promoted as much as the issue of "hanging chad" is a scandal in and of itself.)

In the over four and a half years time period I've ran The Konformist via email and the web, I have never come across a story this huge. What we have before us is an election scandal that makes Watergate and The October Surprise look like patty cake.

In Palm Beach County, as reported, 28,036 votes in the Presidential race have been tossed, a number nearly twice as much as the previous election. Until recently, the focus has been on the effects due to the butterfly ballot, which appears to have caused confusion and led to votes for Pat Buchanan.

What has only been uncovered now is that nearly half of those votes tossed out are in African-American precincts.

The percentage of disqualified votes countywide was seven percent, an admittedly high number. However, in two precints of Riviera Beach with African-American populates at 94 and 96 percent, the figure of disqualifications was 20%.

As confusing as the ballot may have been, these numbers of mistakes are virtually impossible.

There is an explanation: there are now reports that African-Americans have complained they were given ballots that were already marked for rival candidates.

While some may have caught the problem, it is likely that many people would not notice the problem while voting.

The implications are tremendous: a major attempt to swindle votes from African-Americans was a deciding factor in the 2000 election. We are no longer talking about "honest" fuck-ups. We're talking about a sinister conspiracy.

The Konformist will not state for sure who the culprit is, but some questions must be asked: who would benefit from suppressing African-American votes in the Presidential race? How could these votes have been tampered with and who could have done it? And, perhaps most important, why is Katherine Harris, Florida's GOP Secretary of State, so eager to end the investigation of the vote totals in Palm Beach? (She has claimed, falsely, that Tuesday at 5PM is the drop-dead date for submitting voter totals.)

The Konformist will have this full story on its website tonight. It should also be on's and's websites too. Parascope is working on this as well. Please feel free to post this, and the articles below which supply the evidence to back up everything that is stated above.


Thank you,

Robert Sterling


Update: according to an article in, half of all disqualified votes in Republican-dominated Duval County also are from the four African-American city districts of the county out of the 14 total, or 12,000 out of 27,000 total. Unlike Palm Beach, Duval County has no butterfly ballot. This is evidence that the disqualification of African-American voters is widespread. On November 15, the Miami Herald reported the same phenomenon happened in Miami-Dade County. Three different counties, the same results, and two with no "butterfly" ballot.


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November 13, 2000

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Sunday, November 12, 2000

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