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August 1998

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Logo courtesy of the JFK Assassination Collection



"They were still fighting the sexual revolution. Our starting point was that the revolution had already been won."

Bob Guccione on Playboy, in Jack Boulware's Sex American Style

JFK: The Man With Two Brains

To some, this above quote seems to have nothing to do with the JFK assassination (though considering JFK's sex-life, it may have EVERYTHING to do with it), but I use it to explain why, up until now, there has not been much stuff on the JFK assassination in The Konformist. That the JFK assassination was a conspiracy is a given in these pages: this is a battle that has been won in the public - much thanks to Oliver Stone on that - and those who still aren't sure about this one are hopelessly clueless, as far as I'm concerned.

JFK Sought END of Federal Reserve!


However, now there is a reason for us to delve into the JFK assassination, namely, a shameless tie-in to the newly released Zapruder Film (which, if you order through The Konformist link, yours truly gets some money from.) And so, we introduce to you our new theme-park to tie-in with the most-watched snuff film in history, which will soon be competing with Disney as the most-loved amusement arena in the world. Be on the lookout for "Clay Shaw & David Ferrie's Teacup Ride" and the "Multiple Oswald Log-splash".

Clay Shaw

David Ferrie - Scary looking fellow, isn't he?

In the meantime, here are some things of interest to view while we build the amusement park. We encourage you all to send in more information and ideas.


Robert Sterling

CEO, JFK-Land Family Entertainments

Special Thanks to Kenn Thomas of Steamshovel Press for his help in coming up with this.

To Order Steamshovel Press Books

To Order The Zapruder Film

The JFK Links & Resources

Barry Seal Flew JFK Assassination Getaway Plane!

From the incredible folks at Mad Cow productions, a link from CIA cocaine smuggling to the JFK hit.

JFK, The CIA... & Lambchop

Mary La Fontaine Bops Posner

Sturgis, Hunt & The 3 Tramps

"I Shot JFK!"


T. Casey Brennan: Dishwasher, Comic Book Writer, JFK Assassin.

Justice For JFK (The Morningstar Files)

Lincoln and JFK

Oswald Rocks!

The Many Faces of Lee Harvey Oswald

Jack Ruby's Dog


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