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Beast of the Year 2013: Jerry Sandusky

The votes are in, and The Konformist readers have spoken. Jerry Sandusky is your choice for the 2013 Beast of the Year - a choice that is well deserved.

If there is any lesson to be learned in this year's BOTY victory, it's this: people don't like child molestors. That succinctly explains how Sandusky won an award normally garnered by someone or something heavily inovled in control of the political or economic system. Not that political control is completely missing from the Sandusky sex abuse scandal: left uninvestigated are allegations that wealthy individuals were involved in sex abuse as well, which would explain the unusually speedy trial Sandusky faced.

Runner-Up: Justin Bieber

In the unlikely event that Sandusky can no longer fill his duties as Beast of the Year, Justin Bieber is ready to take over the crown. Rest assured the BOTY trophy is in good hands either way.

In any case, we salute you, Jerry and Justin. Congratulations, and keep up the great work, dudes!!!

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Volume 16 Beasts
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April 2013: Cardinal Keith O’Brien

March 2013: Zero Dark Thirty

February 2013: Piers Morgan

January 2013: Benjamin Netanyahu

December 2012: SuperPACs

November 2012: Todd Akin

October 2012: Innocence of Muslims

September 2012: Dan Cathy

August 2012: Justin Beiber

July 2012: Jerry Sandusky

June 2012: Nicolas Sarkozy

May 2012: Rupert Murdoch

Volume 15 Beasts
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April 2012: Joseph Kony & Kony 2012

March 2012: Terry Gou

February 2012: Chris Dodd

January 2012: Eric Holder

December 2011: Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney & Rick Santorum

November 2011: Brian Moynihan

October 2011: Peter King

September 2011: Jersey Shore

August 2011: John Lipsky

July 2011: Ken Feinberg

June 2011: Paul Ryan

May 2011: Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

Volume 14 Beasts

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April 2011: Scott Walker

March 2011: Hosni Mubarak

February 2011: The Bowl Championship Series

January 2011: Alan Simpson

December 2010: Janet Napolitano

November 2010: Teabaggers

October 2010: Pamela Geller

September 2010: Ben Roethlisberger

August 2010: Geert Wilders

July 2010: Tony Hayward

June 2010: Russell Pearce

May 2010: Obamacare

Volume 13 Beasts 

(Links coming soon)

April 2010: Akio Toyoda

March 2010: Jay Leno

February 2010: 2012

January 2010: Ben Bernanke

December 2009: Lloyd Blankfein

November 2009: Thorborn Jagland

October 2009: Billy Tauzin

September 2009: The Hills, The Jonas Brothers & Twilight

August 2009: Roberto Micheletti

July 2009: Glenn Beck

June 2009: Alex Rodriguez

May 2009: Timothy Geithner

Volume 12 Beasts

April 2009: Rick Santelli

Pseudo-populist Cable Shill

March 2009: Uwe Boll

Grade Z Movie Director

February 2009: Bernie Madoff

Ponzi Scheme Con Artist

January 2009: Rick Wagoner

CEO, General Motors

December 2008: Al From

Democratic Leadership Council Kingpin

November 2008: Sarah Palin

Republican VP Candidate

October 2008: The Wall Street $700 Billion Bailout Swindle

Gigantic Financial Scam

September 2008: Zbigniew Brzezinski

Obama Foreign Policy Guru

August 2008: Hu Jintao

Chinese President

July 2008: Barack Obama

Democratic Presidential Candidate

June 2008: Robert Gates

Defense Secretary

May 2008: Roger Clemens

Cooperstown Caliber Major League Pitcher

Volume 11 Beasts

April 2008: Henry Paulson

Treasury Secretary

March 2008: Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, John McCain, Mitt Romney & Fred Thompson

Class of '08 Loser GOP Candidates

February 2008: Mullah Omar

Taliban Leader

January 2008: Trans Fats

Deadly Food Additive

December 2007: Pervez Musharraf

Pakistan Dictator

November 2007: Nancy Pelosi

House Speaker

October 2007: Erik Prince

Chairman & CEO, Blackwater USA

September 2007: Michael Vick

NFL Quarterback

August 2007: James Inhofe

Oklahoma Senator

July 2007: The View

Annoying Daytime TV Talk Show

June 2007: Alberto Gonzales

Attorney General

May 2007: Don Imus

"Shock Jock" Radio Host

Volume 10 Beasts

April 2007: George W. Bush

Two-Time Presidential Election Loser

March 2007: Rex Tillerson

ExxonMobil CEO

February 2007: Kevin "K-Fed" Federline & Nick Lachey

Dubious Pop Singer Celebrities

January 2007: Ted Haggard

Disgraced Evangelist Preacher

December 2006: George Allen

GOP Senate Re-election Loser

November 2006: Jack Abramoff, Randy "Duke" Cunningham, Tom DeLay, Mark Foley, & the Military Commissions Act

GOP Kreepy Kongressional Korruption

October 2006: Katie Couric

CBS News Anchor

September 2006: Amir Peretz

Israeli Defense Minister

August 2006: Felipe Calderon

Losing Mexican Presidential Candidate

July 2006: Ed Whitacre


June 2006: George W. Bush's Secret Police

Constitutional Threat

May 2006:  Tom Tancredo

Immigrant-bashing Politician

Volume 9 Beasts

(Links coming soon)

April 2006: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

March 2006: Bode Miller

February 2006: Samuel Alito

January 2006: Kenneth Blackwell

December 2005: Treasongate

November 2005: John Roberts

October 2005: Hurricane Katrina

September 2005: Paris Hilton

August 2005: Gordon Brown

July 2005: John Snow

June 2005: Pope Benedict XVI

May 2005: Barry Bonds

Volume 8 Beasts

(Links coming soon)

April 2005: "Jeff Gannon"

March 2005: Ayad Allawi

February 2005: Michelle Malkin

January 2005: Yulia Tymoshenko

December 2004: Tom Daschle

November 2004: Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, Zell Miller & Sinclair Broadcasting

October 2004: Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

September 2004: Karl Rove

August 2004: Howard Kaloogian

July 2004: Kobe Bryant

June 2004: The Iraqi Quagmire

May 2004: Condoleeza Rice

Volume 7 Beasts

April 2004 - Guy Philippe

Haitian Coup Leader

March 2004 - Leslie Moonves

CBS President

February 2004 - Lee Scott

Wal-Mart CEO

January 2004 - The Hummer

Gigantic Gas-Guzzling SUV

December 2003 - Walden O'Dell

Diebold CEO

November 2003 - Tom DeLay

House Majority Leader

October 2003 - Lionel Chetwynd

DC 9/11 Writer-Producer

September 2003 - Paul Wolfowitz

Neocon Iraq War Architect

August 2003 - Uday & Qusay Hussein

Saddam's Wacky Sons

July 2003 - Ari "The Felcher" Fleischer

Shrub Press Secretary

June 2003 - Darryl Worley

Country Music Singer

May 2003 - The Right-Wing Media Whores Coalition

Orwellian Propaganda Network

Volume 6 Beasts

April 2003 - Donald "Redrum" Rumsfeld

Overtly Psychopathic Defense Secretary

March 2003 - Bumfights & Reality Television from Hell

Sleazy Appetite for Distraction Fad

February 2003 - John Ashcroft

Kreepy Orwellian Attorney General

January 2003 - Trent Lott

Moderate Republican Senator

December 2002 - Gray Davis

California Governor 

November 2002 - Tony Blair

British Prime Minister

October 2002 - Simon Cowell

Sadistically Cruel American Idol Judge

September 2002 - Enrongate

Titanic Business & Political Scandal

August 2002- Ann Coulter

Mouth-Foaming Right-Wing Bimbo

July 2002 - Jean-Marie Le Pen

Ultra-Right French Political Leader

June 2002 - Gerald Levin (AOL Time Warner), C. Michael Armstrong (AT&T), John Rigas (Adelphia), Gary Winnick (Global Crossing) & Bernie Ebbers (WorldCom)

Telecom Titans Gone Bad

May 2002 - Pedro Carmona

Failed Venezuelan Coup Leader

Volume 5 Beasts 

April 2002 - Robert Mugabe

Zimbabwe Prime Minister

March 2002 - Jacques Rogge

International Olympic Committee President

February 2002 - Domingo Cavallo

Disgraced Argentinean Financial Czar

January 2002 - Steve Ballmer

Microsoft CEO

December 2001 - General Adbul Rashid Dostum

Northern Alliance Warlord

November 2001 - Osama Bin Laden

Freedom Fighter

October 2001 - The Shrub Military-Industrial Police State

American Terrorist Network

September 2001 - Silvio Berlusconi

Fascist Italian Prime Minister

August 2001 - Richard "Donkey Dick" Cheney

vice "president" and Shrub Energy Policy Czar

July 2001- Michael Bay

Big-Budget Blowhard Director

June 2001 - Antonin Scalia

"Gang of Five" Supreme Court Mastermind

May 2001 - Christine Todd Whitman

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator

Volume 4 Beasts

April 2001 - Marc Rich

Fugitive Financier and Klinton Pardon Recipient

March 2001 - Kenneth Lay

Enron Corporation Chairman

February 2001 - William Kennard

Federal Communications Commission Chairman

January 2001 - Vladimiro Montesinos

Shadowy Peruvian Intelligence Chief

December 2000 - The George W. Bush Votescam 2000

Election Swindlers

November 2000 - Ariel Sharon

Provocative Israeli Terrorist

October 2000 - Jacques Nasser

Ford Motor Company CEO

September 2000 - George W. Bush and Al Gore

"Decision" 2000

August 2000 - Colonel James Hiett

Former "Drug War" Commander in Colombia

July 2000 - Dr. J. Craig Venter

Celera Genomics President

June 2000 - Hilary Rosen

CEO, Recording Industry Association of American (RIAA)

May 2000 - Charles Ramsey

Washington, D.C. Police Chief

Volume 3 Beasts 

April 2000 -Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire? and William J. "Pete" Knight

Mockers of Marriage

March 2000 - Joerg Haider

Austrian Fascist Politician

February 2000 - Barry McCaffrey

Drug Czar

January 2000 - Vladimir Putin

Russian Leader

December 1999 - Jim Hall

National Transportation Safety Board Chairman

November 1999 - The World Trade Organization (WTO) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Instruments of Global Control

October 1999 - Richard Rogers

FBI "Hostage Rescue" Team Head

September 1999 - Matt Hale

Hate Group Superstar

August 1999 - Mary Frances Berry

Pacifica Foundation Chair

July 1999 - Wang Jun

Chinese Kapitalist Kingpin

June 1999 - Lou Pearlman

Bubble Gum Pop Mephistopheles

May 1999 - Monsanto

Korporate Chemical Giant

Volume 2 Beasts 

April 1999 - William Cohen

U.S. Secretary of Defense

March 1999 - Rudy Giuliani

New York Mayor

February 1999 - Y2K

Millennium Bug Madness

January 1999 - Lee Raymond

Exxon Chairman and Chief Executive

December 1998 - Congressman Henry Hyde

Two-Faced GOP Leader

November 1998 - Reverend Fred Phelps

"Christian" Minister, Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas

October 1998 - Charles Hurwitz

Financial Swindler & Ecological Terrorist

September 1998 - Peckergate

Klintonian Sex Scandal

August 1998 - Rick Kaplan

CNN President

July 1998 - Richard Mellon Scaife

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Kingpin

June 1998 - President Suharto

Indonesian Genocidal Dictator

May 1998 - Jerry Springer

Trash TV Talk Show Host

Volume 1 Beasts  

April 1998 - The U. S. Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration

Government "Watchdogs"

March 1998 - Dan Rather

CBS "News" Anchorman

February 1998 - Emma, Geri, Mel B, Mel C, & Victoria

The Spice Girls

January 1998 - James Kallstrom

Chief FBI "Investigator", TWA Flight 800

December 1997 - Terrance Gainer

Illinois State Police Director

November 1997 - Jiang Zemin

Totalitarian Chinese President

October 1997 - Queen Elizabeth II

International Crime Syndicate Figurehead

September 1997 - Cassini Space Probe

NASA Mad Scientist Project

August 1997 - Jerry Ceppos

Editor, The San Jose Mercury News

July 1997 - U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino

High Priest, Temple of Set

June 1997 - Phil Knight

CEO, The Nike Corporation

May 1997 - Dr. Louis Jolyon "Jolly" West

CIA "Cult Expert" and Brainwasher


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