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Related links

First, here are the links to the sites vital to the setup of The Konformist. Please check them out, and I know you'll enjoy them.

Parascope - Something Strange Is Indeed Happening

Steamshovel Press - Kenn Thomas' site for this vital mag.

Disinformation - A great collection of wild stuff.

The Excluded Middle - Weirdness Dissected and Decoded

Feral House - The Koolest Book Publisher in the world.

Now here's some other great sites. Please email for any other great ones, as I'm trying to make this the best collection of links going.

THE ANIMATED SOFTWARE COMPANY: Visit the world's most eclectic web site

Bill Cooper

The Church of SubGenius: Hail Bob!!!

CyberSpace ORBIT

Douglas Valentine

Electric Frog Graphics


The Free American Newsmagazine

Gatewood Galbraith

Homo Sapiens Network: And Other Puzzling Evidence

Infinite Energy

JFK Lancer Productions & Publications: "Serving the research community, educating a new generation."

Lobster: The Journal of Parapolitics, Intelligence and State Research


New Dawn Magazine

Nexus Magazine


Rumor Mill News Agency

Sex in Review

Waco:The Rules of Engagement

We Hold These Truths

World of the Strange

And some more...

Altered States Website

The American Reporter

B.U.F.O.D. Space: Above and Beyond

Branton Files: UFOs/Aliens/Encounters

Dave's Dirty Rat Bastards Hunting Club

Death Of A Nation

Democracy Now

Evol Hate Hate

Freemasonry Watch

Ghost Hunters International

GLOBALISM: The Secret Agenda

Gnostic Friends Network

Greater Things

Haunted Places

The Hollow Earth & New World Order

The Hollow Earth Insider

Hondo The Magician

I.M. Slack

Illuminati Conspiracy Archive

The Insider

The Invisible College Press The Net's Newer Age Community!

PJ Comix

Ritalin Death

Rodney Stich's Defrauding America Site

Rodney Stich's Unfriendly Skies Site

SIA News


Subversive Talk

Suppressed News

True Conspiracies

U-Huh Website

Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum


Alternative AIDS Views

The Great Rock N Roll Konspiracy

The House of Blasphemy

The Illumilink


Legalize It!

The MK Kafe

Satan 33

Waco Newspage

Weird Science

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