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From Kenn Thomas:

Hoover refuses to see Elvis because Elvis "indulges in the wearing of all sorts of exotic dress" while dancing around FBI headquarters in a tutu.


Bureau May Have Had Requests From the Singer to Meet With Hoover for Informer Role

WASHINGTON, July 14, 1978 (UPI) - An internal memorandum of the Federal Bureau of Investigation shows that Elvis Presley, who died last August, once volunteered his services as an informer, it was reported today.

The Washington Post reported that the memo, obtained yesterday under the Freedom of Information Act, said that Mr. Presley considered Mr. Hoover "the greatest living American" and also thought that the "filthy and unkempt appearances and suggestive music" of the Beatles were responsible for many of the problems the United States was having with young people.

The memo was said to have been written by M. A. Jones, chief of research in the bureau's crime records division, to Assistant Director Thomas E. Bishop after Mr. Presley visited F.B.I. headquarters in December 1970.

The memo, the newspaper's account went on, said that the late singer "advised that the Smothers Brothers, Jane Fonda and other persons in the entertainment industry of their ilk have a lot to answer for in the hereafter for the way they have poisoned young minds by disparaging the United States in public statements and unsavory activities."

Presley Wanted to Meet Hoover

Mr. Presley was said to have expressed a desire to meet Mr. Hoover, but Mr. Jones wrote: "Presley's sincerity and good intentions notwithstanding, he is certainly not the type of individual whom the director would wish to meet. It is noted at the present time he is wearing his hair down to his shoulders and indulges in the wearing of all sorts of exotic dress."

Mr. Hoover, who died in May 1972, had never met Mr. Presley, but later sent him a note expressing his regrets and saying, "Your generous comments concerning this bureau and me are appreciated, and you may be sure we will keep in mind your offer to be of assistance." Mr. Jones wrote that Mr. Presley had Said he met many people in the entertainment business "whose motives and goals he is convinced are not in the best interests of this country and who seek to have him to lend his name to their questionable activities."

"In this regard," the memo said, "he volunteered to make such information available to the bureau on a confidential basis whenever it came to his attention." The memo added that Mr. Presley had said that he could be contacted "under The pseudonym of Col. Jon Burrows, 3764 Highway 51 South, Memphis, Tenn., telephone EX7-4427."

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