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October 1998

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The Great Rock N Roll Konspiracy

Welcome to the greatest collection of rock konspiracy info in the world.


Kurt & Courtney Info:

Courtney Love: Number One With A Bullet

The Slaying of a Grunge King

Love Letters


The Jim Morrison conspiracy:

Mojo Risin'


For all you Tupac fans out there:

Tupac Lives!

Is Tupac Tha Realest?

The Consortium: Tupac & the Cops: Tale of Death & Distrust, Part I

The Consortium: Tupac & the Cops: Tale of Death & Distrust, Part II


Oh yeah, Elvis is alive, too. Here are some pages devoted to his sightings and other Presley fun:

Dead Elvis Sightings

Bob Meyer's Compendium of Elvis Sightings

Elvis Spotter's Page

The Elvis Burger

Elvis & The FBI

Was Elvis a Solar Myth?


Okay, Morrison, Tupac and Elvis are alive, but Paul McCartney is another question altogether:

Paul Is Dead


Album Cover of the Year: Nominee 1

Album Cover of the Year: Nominee 2

911 "Banned" Rock Music List

Some 911 rock and roll fun!S


A little info on Alex Constantine's upcoming book of the CIA's assassination of rock stars:

Operation Chaos


Read of one of rock music's almost forgotten heroes:

Oswald Rocks!


Read about the Bon Jovi Conspiracy:

Bon Jovi: An Intuitive Perspective


Woodstock '99

What caused the riot at Woodstock '99? Mind control, mind control, mind control!

Mind Kontrol Phish Sticks

More Phishy facts.


Beatles, Rock&Roll and Mind Control: The Aquarian Conspiracy

Number nine, number nine, number nine...


Satan Rocks:



And then there's rock's favorite current whipping boy:

Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson Net

Marilyn Manson: Dead to the World


Have a Led Zep bumper sticker, go to jail...



For you Pink Floyd lovers:

Dark Side of the Moon/Wizard of Oz Synchronicity

Planet Zartakon - Dark Side of The Rainbow and Wish You Were Here's Odyssey


From the awesome Kooks Museum:

Stephen King Murdered John Lennon!!

Another Lennon assassination theory, this one a little more credible to most...

Why Bush & the CIA Had John Lennon Killed

Imagine, by John Lennon


Dinosaur rockers Metallica bites the hand that feeds them:

Metallica to Fans: "Kill 'Em All!!!"

Lars Ulrich Sucks


Why The Offspring are 100 times cooler than Metallica will ever be.


Offspring Nix Plan To Offer Free Download Of New LP


Now the real question in rock music: is Ricky Martin gay?

The Ricky Martin Koming Out of the Kloset Page


David Bowie, rock chameleon and occult symbolist:

The Occult & David Bowie


Not conspiracy related, but it is Bob Dylan stuff:

The Bob Dylan Website


No conspiracy, but these chicks are hot, and they rock:

Civet Girls


Here's a cute book for the koffee table:

The Death of Rock'n'Roll: Untimely Demises, Morbid Preoccupations and Premature Forecasts of Doom in Pop Music


Our Beast of the Year 1998 Runner-ups:

Beast of the Month - February 1998: The Spice Girls

The bubble gum pop Mephistopheles behind The Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync:

Beast of the Month - June 1999: Lou Pearlman

The CEO of the diabolical Recording Industry Association of America:

Beast of the Month - June 2000: Hilary Rosen

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