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Volume 1
April 1998

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Satan 33 


April 30, 1998 starts year 33 on the Satanic calendar, in honor of the date in 1966 when Anton LaVey started the Church of Satan. In Freemasonry, 33 is the highest degree. The day is also Walpurgisnacht, the eve of May Day, which is considered by many to be the witches Sabbath.

In honor of this event (and to show that, despite all The Konformist exposés of nasty occult deeds by the powerful, we don't think ALL Satanists are bad), here is The Konformist giving the devil its due, starting with a promo to the upcoming Anton LaVey book from Feral House. Order it through The Konformist Klearinghouse, and you will receive a 10% discount.


Coming June 1998:

Satan Speaks!

Anton Szandor LaVey

Introduction by Marilyn Manson

Anton LaVey died October 29, 1997, leaving Satan Speaks! as his last work. Like Feral House's volumes The Devil's Notebook and The Satanic Witch, Satan Speaks! reflects a lifetime of underground wisdom and mordant humor.

Founder of The Church of Satan, LaVey has been widely pegged as the wickedest man in the world. But, as LaVey wrote: "Satan demands a much harder task than signing over your soul in blood. He demands that you live your life as fully as you can, prosper by your own wits and avoid misery. You wouldn't believe what a tall order that is for most people."

About The Devil's Notebook, Mike Lee wrote in The Nose: "In a clear polemical style, the good doctor rips into a number of deserving targets ... and imparts wise-ass wisdom that, for me, is worth more than a stack of ancient grimoires."

220 pages


ISBN: 0-922915-66-0


While you're at it, check out Lucifer Is Dead, The Konformist's own little tribute to Anton at his death.


And check out these websites. Let them know that The Konformist sent you.




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