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September 1998

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April 1997

The Slaying of a Grunge King

A Profile In Konformity

A little over three years ago, on April 8, 1994, Kurt Cobain was found dead at his home in Seattle. The lead singer and guitarist for the rock band Nirvana, he was, and is, probably the most influential musical artist of the decade, almost singlehandedly creating the alternative music scene explosion that has since dominated the music industry. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" became an anthem for many, and Nevermind and In Utero are regarded by many as two of the finest albums ever made.

The official version is that it was a suicide. Others suggest murder. This is a view from one of those others.

His name is Tom Grant, and he is a private investigator in Los Angeles who was hired by Courtney Love before Kurt's death to find him. He quickly smelled something wrong in the setup.

As for his conclusions, it is best to let him describe them to you, but the case against Ms. Love is certainly suspicious. She was, after all, the spouse, which makes her the most likely suspect. She also had a history of spousal abuse, and as we know, those who beat their spouses often kill. And besides her drug problems, she had a major financial motivation to hire someone to do Cobain in.

Of course, there is an alternate possibility that Mr. Grant hints at: that it was actually a Mafia hit. The Mafia, after all, runs the music industry, and quite a few people were pissed off by his dropping out of Lolapalooza (a decision which may have cost millions). Though Lolapalooza is hyped as an "alternative" music festival, it's really a carefully crafted corporate buck machine, with the usual underworld suspects involved that come with such events. Furthermore, it appears he was planning to leave Nirvana (the real meaning of his "suicide note"), and that would've cost many even more loss from the Nirvana cash cow. Quite simply, Mr. Cobain was now more wanted dead than alive, with another rehash album every two years or so.

Well, I've said enough. Mr. Grant has studied this far better than I have, and has dug up evidence that is quite astounding. Best to let him present it himself, as this is an example of the best work you can find on the internet, proof that the web is where you can always find the most astonishing truths or possible truths. And for this, Tom Grant is a true Konformer.

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Courtney Love: Number One With A Bullet

Love Letters

The Great Rock N Roll Konspiracy

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