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Volume 1
April 1998

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Waco and the Drug Mafia

Wednesday, November 12, 1997 7:42:23 AM

Paul Watson (

Question, was there a drug connection in Waco?

I think there is a strong connection. Ken Fawcett said on the short wave show Radio Free America that he and his friends found the remains of a meth lab stored in a metal shed on the back of the Mount Carmel property. As I recall the story, when Koresh was digging the peer and beam holes for one of the new buildings, he dug up the lab and several rubber stamps with fictitious names of companies, but all had the same post office box.

He called the sheriff, who told him just to get rid of it, they knew all about it. The guess is that Roden, the past head of the Davidians, was running the meth lab. WFAA (Belo Broadcasting ABC) here in Dallas did a series of investigative reports on the Waco DA: plea bargaining down many of the drug dealers charged in his county, well below the state average. The DA sued Belo, and I have been told they settled out of court for $10 million. The drug path goes to Mena, Arkansas and Dan Lasater: the CIA and Ollie North running drugs back into Mena. It is rumored that Clinton was paid 10% of the money to look the other way. Dan Lasater, Webster Hubbell, Hillary Clinton, and the Rose law firm are all part of the Arkansas drug connection. Webster Hubbell was the White House representative at the House Waco hearings. It is said that Webster Hubbell, Vince Foster and Hillary Clinton ran the whole Waco siege from the White House. Many think Waco was behind the death of Vince Foster. Then there is the FBI director William Sessions, who was fired the day after Vince Foster died. Davidian lawyer Dick Degarrin was a law school friend of Sessions. William Sessions said on ABC Barbara Walters show that Dick called him and convinced him to come down and talk to Koresh directly to end the siege. As soon as the White House found out, he was put under "House arrest" in his office and fired and Vince Foster died all in the same couple of days. This all sounds a little to connected for me.

The Mafia Boss in Waco?

As best as I can find it was Benard Rapoport who sells all the life insurance to Teamsters Union members and is of course connected to the Chicago Mafia, Dan Rostenkowski, Hillary Clinton, Hubbell, Dan Lasater, Mochtar Riady, John Huang, the Chinese Communist and the whole Opium-China-CIA connection going back I guess to the Boxer rebellion.


Bernard Rapoport of Waco

Trent C Mulkern (

Clinton Friend Is Questioned In Federal Teamsters Probe



WASHINGTON -- Federal prosecutors and Senate investigators have questioned a Texas businessman close to President Clinton about his knowledge of possibly improper financial dealings between the Teamsters union and the Democratic Party.

Bernard Rapoport, owner of a Waco insurance company that sells policies to members of the Teamsters and other unions, told investigators that he learned from a Teamsters official and a Democratic senator of possibly improper plans to help fund Teamster President Ron Carey's re-election campaign last year. But he said he advised against the plans and didn't help Mr. Carey's campaign. Mr. Rapoport, a major contributor to the Democratic Party, was questioned Monday by Senate investigators and spoke with prosecutors in Manhattan several weeks ago about fund raising for Mr. Carey.

Federal prosecutors are investigating an alleged agreement between Democratic Party officials and fund-raisers for Mr. Carey to swap campaign contributions. The brief involvement of Mr. Rapoport in the talks between the Teamsters and the Democrats sheds more light on the once-obscure dealings between the two groups, although they apparently never resulted in any actual transactions.

Last month, three Carey associates pleaded guilty in federal court in Manhattan to fraud charges involving the Teamsters election, including charges that the attempted donation swap was part of a criminal conspiracy to defraud the Teamsters. Prosecutors continue to question a number of Democratic Party operatives.

In a recent interview, Mr. Rapoport acknowledged meeting with prosecutors but wouldn't give details. "Neither this company nor myself ever take sides in a labor election," he said Monday, "because our business is primarily with unions and our unalterable rule is we never take sides in their internal affairs." Several lawyers and government investigators described Mr. Rapoport's involvement in the matter.

Under the alleged swap agreement, Democratic officials were to persuade some of their large contributors to help Mr. Carey in exchange for Teamsters political-action committee contributions to the Democrats; prosecutors are exploring whether Mr. Rapoport may have been one such person. The Teamsters official who allegedly discussed the contribution swap with Mr. Rapoport, say lawyers and others involved in the matter, was William Hamilton, who ran the Teamsters PAC until he came under investigation by prosecutors last summer. Mr. Hamilton, whom prosecutors have depicted in court documents as a central figure in the contribution-swap scheme, and Mr. Rapoport are longtime associates through their involvement in Texas Democratic politics. Mr. Hamilton's lawyer, Bob Gage, declined to comment.

Investigators are looking into whether a Sept. 30, 1996, fund-raiser for Mr. Carey, attended by an aide to Mr. Rapoport, is linked to the swap discussions. Jules Pagano, a Washington representative of Mr. Rapoport's American Income Life Insurance Co., is listed along with Mr. Hamilton on an invitation for the $100-a-ticket Washington event.

Mr. Rapoport said he wasn't involved in the fund-raiser, adding, "If Mr. Pagano went, he went as an individual and certainly not as a representative of our company." Mr. Pagano Monday said that he agreed to be a host of the fund-raiser at the request of a former labor leader's widow and that he wasn't asked to do so by Mr. Rapoport. Mr. Pagano said he didn't contribute to Mr. Carey after he learned that under federal labor law he was ineligible to help Mr. Carey because he is an employer.

The Democratic senator with whom Mr. Rapoport allegedly discussed the swap proposal was Bob Kerrey of Nebraska, who chairs the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. As reported, the Senate Democrats' fund-raising group also discussed the contribution-swap plan with party officials. A spokesman for Mr. Kerrey said the senator remembers hearing about the proposal and wouldn't be surprised if he had mentioned it to Mr. Rapoport, whom he regards as an adviser. But the spokesman said Mr. Kerrey never took the proposal seriously, and Mr. Rapoport said Mr. Kerrey wasn't interested in pursuing the contribution swap.

Meanwhile, Mr. Carey Monday again denied involvement in the alleged fund-raising improprieties. In a speech at the National Press Club, he said it was a "few individuals" in his campaign who devised and carried out the schemes.

In another disclosure about the Teamsters probe, the Associated Press reported that an $85,000 mailing by the National Council of Senior Citizens last year, paid for by the Teamsters, benefited Mark Warner, a Democratic candidate for the Senate in Virginia. Prosecutors have alleged that this was the first step in an improper transfer of funds from Mr. Warner's campaign to Mr. Carey's effort through a direct-mail firm. The seniors group denied any wrongdoing, and a lawyer for Mr. Warner's campaign said she was unaware of any impropriety.

--Glenn Burkins contributed to this article.

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